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{jcomments on}{jcomments on}Just another girl lost in the realm of dreams and fantasies that is Sesshomaru and Kagome.

I can definitely appreciate a good story and talented author when I see one. If you have penned some stories of your own, give yourself a pat on your back. I know how hard it is to maintain a balance between life and fiction, to be inspired and continue to write. Especially after years and seemingly no progress or reviews.. whatever it is. I appreciate you! Please keep your passion alive for all the quiet readers out there -- your fan!

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Created On: 05/20/2020 03:38:53

Hi! Thank you so much for your review on Fixer Upper! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Created On: 04/20/2020 09:29:53

Oh wow your review on Voicemails got me so excited and happy! Thank you so much for reading, and for leaving not one but three reviews! Validation from internet strangers is truly a blessing I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and that it pulled some emotional strings, so I guess the mood I was aiming for worked - Loved reading your thoughts and reaction on my story, and really appreciate your feedback!


Created On: 12/31/2019 20:53:56

Reading your review really made my night. I'm so happy to know that you enjoyed reading it! Happy New Year!
Feedback from Niomi: Wow, thank you for replying! Sending you lots of love! Forever a fan


Created On: 08/11/2016 00:42:08

Thank you so much for your kind word and reviews of Angel! I was so happy to see your enjoyment. I love writing, but I love hearing my reader's thoughts on my work even more. I really, really hope you continue to enjoy it and thank you so much for you thoughts and compliments! I'm really happy
Feedback from Niomi: Omg, I just noticed your message. Thank you so much! No need to thank me, you’re very talented. I hope you find inspiration again! Will be waiting


Created On: 08/01/2015 10:01:53

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review and kind compliments to Life After Loss! I'm glad you're enjoying the story! ^^
And worry not, I shall keep writing. :3

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