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Let me tell you a little something about DreamWeaver.


She lives in the fairy world and is currently serving as the dreamweaver for the Blue Earl there. Yes, the Blue Earl exists and his skin is really blue. Anyways, her task is to be the mediator between the fairies and the humans. Her partner,Sesshou-moo, [not to be confused with Lord Sesshoumaru] is her knight and guard. While they were both traveling, they were attacked by a bunch of ferocious man-eating teddy bears.


She disappeared from the fairy world after that incident and since then has been spotted lurking around the chatrooms in Dokuga.


 If spotted, do approach with caution. Don't worry... she won't bite Laughing




  11/21/09 - 11:17 PM GMT: +3:00

I'm alive again. Been busy these past few months and unfortunately, the dokuga chat won't work for me so i've been cut off from everyone [real time] *sigh* I'm planning to post a fic of mine after I get it fixed. Hopefully, by the end of this month, I'd get it done and over with.


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Created On: 01/11/2010 18:26:50

I DID IT AGAIN! I'm such a bad writer. Man, I must have started six drafts for the next chapter, but each one keeps collapsing on me, 'cause I'm turning Kagome into an OC-ish character with her own personality. =o
And I really don't think Sesshoumaru would do well as a phone sex operator. But maybe I should do that next. Inspirations?
Feedback from DreamWeaver: Really? Oh lol... X3 Well, it would be kind of hard to keep Sesshoumaru in character while he does his job as a phone sex operator.That's the first time i've heard of one.. haha.. But it would really be interesting and a challenge too.. I just googled on some odd jobs and they were pretty funny... I can't tell you which ones though.. because I can't choose at all.. ^-^;; )


Created On: 11/23/2009 08:23:41

There is a third chapter of the Summoner now lol. I tried working on the fourth but I can't find the perfect beginning for it, that and facebook has addicted me >: but yeah you were one of my best beta readers and I'd be happy to have you again.


Created On: 11/02/2009 14:25:31

DreamWeaver! Howowhs. Hi. I've sinned, forgive me! Anyways, I'm back (semi-permanently?) and updating! Hopefully. I haven't abandoned 50 First Dates. But what I really came to say was "Hi! How are you?" so, hi! How are you? XP


Created On: 09/29/2009 12:27:00

Lol I Dreamweaver I missed you, but yeah i'm back. I'm bored in college and have gone back to fanfic writing, that and since Inuyasha is gonna come back in style soon maybe the fanfic community can work together to gain more readers. I plan on working on a lot of projects this fall and I was wondering if you are available to be a beta reader again?


Created On: 04/07/2009 01:14:25

Hey DW Thanks for your really sweet review on 'Mr. Taisho You Have to Put on The Big Red Suit' and I'm glad you enjoyed it. *huggles*


anna molly
Created On: 03/31/2009 03:58:26

A-a-are you the illustrious DreamWeaver-sama from FF if so...*prostrates self to ground* This lowly one is honoured to receive such a phrase!

Yea it's quite a long ways since I updated over at spark, but I'm glad ya found me.


Created On: 03/30/2009 16:58:03

Oh, but of course I accepted! A challenge like that is too cute to pass by!
I look forward to doing the clown one, too. So many variations on how to do it. =o
Thanks for the review!

Created On: 03/10/2009 11:08:04

Hey lovely lady. Yes I did do the latest of my fanart. It's actually an interpretation for a cosplay that relates to Sesshomaru....Glad you liked it ^_^

Created On: 03/09/2009 13:52:21

OOOohhh that's a puuurrrrttty avatar!
Huggles you and I hope I was the first to sign the book again!


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