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Hi Everyone, my name is Carly Sakura Jane Romeilla (since my father has Japanese blood), others call me Sakura, or Carly. I love writing fanfictions, and Sesshomaru x Kagome is one of them. I am not YET ready to write a fanfiction because I'm quiet shy about it, not that I am disgraced by it, but I'm just afraid about my story; you know, like what if its boring or its not just too realistic and ugly to read. I'm kinda of a shy person, too shy if you must say. But don't worry, I would write when its the right time for me.

I have a great family to deal with, so if my stories update late, I'm very sorry. I would also hope that we can all be the best of friends. and I hope that when I would write my stories, I hope you will like them.{jcomments on}

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I'm not very good with Japanese spellings, so please if you know please tell me. And in my stories, I know there will be errors and wrong grammars, I hope that you would also tell me so I can change it into a correct one as quickly as possible. Thank you.

I think that will be all for now.{jcomments on}


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