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12/23/2016 04:40:05Re:Please help me find this fic!!Searching for a Fic...2972
12/18/2016 23:41:20Re:Please help me find this fic!!Searching for a Fic...2972
12/16/2016 01:49:28Re:Kagome works for SesshomaruRecommendations1997
12/03/2016 11:18:07Re:Drawing a blankSearching for a Fic...972
11/30/2016 01:38:26Re:Lost nameSearching for a Fic...1128
11/28/2016 12:29:43Re:InuYasha reincarnatedSearching for a Fic...1126
11/17/2016 16:35:46Re:Can't Remember The NameSearching for a Fic...889
11/10/2016 16:15:37Re:Don't remember muchSearching for a Fic...1159
08/27/2016 00:30:53Re:Sakimichan's Sessy - Woof!Fanart1604
08/15/2016 02:43:10Re:Searching for a FicSearching for a Fic...758
08/15/2016 02:41:52Re:please help me find fanfictionSearching for a Fic...654
08/15/2016 02:38:10Re:Searching for a FicSearching for a Fic...758
08/02/2016 15:35:01Re:looking for a fic "that's not the remote"Searching for a Fic...1348
08/01/2016 13:47:20Re:Publicly Humiliated KagomeSearching for a Fic...1258
07/13/2016 00:03:41Re:Inuyasha GoForum Games4373
07/09/2016 12:20:17Re:Looking for this story!!!!!Searching for a Fic...1455
06/24/2016 16:02:28Re:High School Reunion One-ShotSearching for a Fic...722
06/24/2016 04:10:02Re:Future Sesshoumaru bound to KagomeSearching for a Fic...1523
06/13/2016 22:38:20Re:Help with this story.Searching for a Fic...645
06/13/2016 14:29:22Help with this story.Searching for a Fic...645


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