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Hey peoples

One thing is true about me I love Sesshoumaru. Full stop period I ran into this site by accident and have been hooked ever since. I love sess/kag parrings and think that Sesshoumaru should have his own series but that is only in my head but a girl can dream.

If you read any of my fics you will always find music I will try to keep a list of the songs I use to inspire me as I writ with each story. I love the emotion that music helps me create. Sadness, longing, hapiness, lust whatever music helps guide me. But enough about that. On with more Sesshoumaru and Kagome....

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I recently re read my stories and I have decided to remove them and redue them. In my head each one had another direction and right now I think i could do better of them for me and you.... Ok to those of you who have been following my latest story "Reclaiming the Miko," I am kinda frozen but it will be updated soon. Oh and on Damaged expect that one to be overhauled soon. Thanx to everyone for they're patience and support..... 

As of right now I am stuck in the relm of sims 3 and cant get out. So I apologize for not updating continuiosly but my sim has explored the sphinx slept in it and everything. Now she is fighting a mummy lol. But as soon as my muse comes up from the sand I will be back. Once again I do apologize.



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Tsuki Hime

Created On: 04/23/2016 05:15:50

Thank you so much for your review for Her Inevitable Destiny!
I'm glad you like it.
Thank you for your support and reading my story!


Created On: 06/01/2009 17:36:22

Thank you for your review on Ultimate Sacrifice! Hahaha yes it's hard to write a story of rejection where I want to do it myself.

Miss Kagura

Created On: 05/26/2009 09:36:48

Thank you for your comment on 'Mokomoko Plus Miko!'

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