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A Sea Maiden's Song by blithely blue

Chapter 1

Yup, I am committing literary suicide XP I have way too many stories going on. And what do I do? I publish another one! *throws up hands helplessly* It's like an impulse; if I got an idea, I gotta write it down and send it out to the big wide world o.O Anyhoo, there you have it, (or is it here you have it?) A Sea Maiden's Song!

This was nawt inspired by the Little Mermaid. I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides, and I got the idea from there.


"Only a mermaid's song, my lord."

He glared at the medic. "I don't believe in such tales, fool."

"They are true, my lord. And only the voice of a sea maiden could restore your arm to its full glory."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, citrine irises slanting toward the empty sleeve that hung off his left shoulder. Every child knew the wondrous tales of miracles performed by a mermaid's song. Every child knew that every morning, at dawn, a fleet of ships would set sail, armed with nets and harpoons, carrying crews determined to drag back a woman with a fish's tail in place of legs. And that every evening they returned with empty hands. "How do you know they are not mere fairy tales? No one has seen a mermaid with their eyes to this day, no?"

"No, my lord, but we have records, scrolls, telling the stories of grievously wounded sailors being healed by the soothing-"

"Very well," the Lord of the West growled, clenching his one fist. "I am not convinced, but I hereby give you leave to send the Royal Navy out into the sea in search of those... things. And you have better bring me one, too. And when you do, if it does not perform its so-called 'miracle,' I will behead it and you along with it as well."

"V-very good, my lord," breathed the medic. "I shall send out the ships at once!"

His only answer was a frigid gaze, and the frightened youkai bowed himself out, knowing that the next time he crossed the threshold he had better have a mermaid in tow, or... the back of his neck prickled.


Those of you familiar with my other stories know that they start out with snippy chapters and then get pretty long. That's what I'm planning to do with this one. So... What do you guys think? Worth favoriting and reviewing? :) The second chapter is done already, so expect quick updates; these chapters will be like oneshots for a while. 


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