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Tale Of A Youkai and His Tiny, Little Human by Niglia

A Discovery

A/N. Hello everyone! I’m so, so excited to be here, posting my first ever SessKag fanfiction, I can hardly stop myself from babbling non-stop, LOL. Okay so just so you know, English is not my mother tongue; so if there are any mistakes or wrong saying or something like that, I would really appreciate if you’d let me know. After all, you learn from your mistakes! :D Nuff said: please enjoy the reading! Yours,





Tale Of A Youkai and His Tiny, Little Human 




A Discovery



It had been a strange noise to distract him from the hunt and scare away his prey, a kind of hissing and sucking together, followed by a slight tremor of the ground and the sudden silence of the whole forest. Then, in the quiet, came a faint sound.

Sesshoumaru straightened, leaving the crouch and standing up in all his small stature: he was conflicted. His father had given him until sunset, and then he would have to return to the camp with a prize worthy of the first-born of the Great Inu No Taisho. And if at first he had intended to ignore the hum, and classify it as an unwanted distraction that would simply made him waste time and daylight, in the end he could not help but give in to his curiosity.

He had then turned around and had followed that choked echo with the same scrupulous concentration he had taken when hunting, sharpening his senses and noticing that the noise acquired volume and clarity as he forwarded in the forest. He did not know the territory – it was only the second time he set foot in the East – but the young demon was not afraid of getting lost, he was sure he would have found his father also blindfolded and with his hands tied.

This did not prevent him, however, from feeling some apprehension when the tips of his boots stood on the edge of a small clearing, which would have gone unnoticed had not been for the old well standing exactly in the middle of it. The leaves of the ivy that covered the wooden frame had acquired a golden hue at the approach of sunset, and their presence was probably a sign that the well had to be disused, or simply abandoned.

Now that he was so close, Sesshoumaru recognized that noise for what it really was: a small and desperate hiccups alternating rapid and nervous breathing, coming exactly from inside the well.

The young youkai froze, fearing a trap. He lifted his nose and took deep breaths examining the smells carried by the wind, but he did not feel anything more than the scent of the forest, the small stream that flowed downstream and the delicious fragrance of flowers, sunshine and summer hovering around the well.

It seemed that there was no danger.

Sesshoumaru stepped forward then, and the sound of the grass crunching under his feet abruptly put an end to the crying; but he stopped again when a voice, weak and frail as the chirping of a baby bird, climbed up the walls of the well until it reaches his perfect hearing.

“Is there anyone out there? … Mama… Jii-san?”

Sesshoumaru sprinted toward the structure, frowning and with the claws of a hand ready to attack if the creature revealed suspicious intentions. He cleared his throat, modulating it to resemble his father’s, and thundered.

“Are you a demon?”

“I’m a girl”, the voice answered, slightly trembling.

Sesshoumaru didn’t understand that answer, so he changed his question.

“Are you a human?”

This time the voice snorted annoyed through its tears. “I’m a little girl”, it repeated, stressing the word as if it was in itself rather exhaustive.

“Hn”, Sesshoumaru said.


Words count: 537 words.


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