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A Perplexing Fascination by blithely blue

Chapter 1

Another new story, guys! Kudos to the idea, which came from Haven Himori. She let me use it for a short story. Thanks, girl! ;D Well, anyways, here's something new for you guys to sink your teeth into it! Have fun!


"Well, this is awkward," Kagome said shakily from her position beneath Sesshomaru, who looked like he would rather be anywhere but here, crammed in a janitor's closet with a human girl.

He could feel his heart pounding, and he tried to calm it down through sheer force of will, but his blood raged through his body all the faster. He had to hold back a growl at the feeling of her warm, soft body beneath his. Beneath his...

Kagome squirmed under him. "Um, do you think he's gone now? The hall monitor?"

She had skipped class and went on the roof with a friend instead for forty-five minutes. Right when she had been coming down the stairs, having parted ways with her friend, who had gone down another staircase that was closer to his class, the hall monitor came around the corner. She was already in trouble for skipping class so much, and she knew if she was caught, she'd have to serve detention after school for who knew how long. That was when Prince Charming, walking down the hall and minding his own business, and doubtlessly having a legitimate reason to be out of class, had pounced, pushing the both of them through a seemingly random door, whisking them out of sight none too soon. And that was why they were in this extremely awkward position.

"It is better to wait, to be sure." He didn't say how her squirming had made his vision go red for a few seconds before he got it under control.

"Oh, right." The hushed conversation fell silent for a moment. "Why did you help me? I mean, what's it to you if I get caught?"

Sesshomaru wondered how to answer that one. "You were in my way."

She frowned, trying to process that. "You weren't supposed to be in the halls either?"


I hate it when he does that, she growled mentally. It can mean either yes or no or shut up right now unless you want to die, and pretty much everything in between. "Er... Thanks, then, Taisho."


Kagome's grateful expression crumpled into a scowl. "Quit saying that! I hate it when you do that!"

His bright amber eyes, practically luminescent in the darkness, which had been staring into empty space, swiveled around to glare directly into her own eyes. She jerked back, his gaze almost physical. They locked eyes in a silent battle for a full minute, neither giving in. Then Sesshomaru simply said, "Hn."

Kagome felt her lip curl back into a snarl. "You son of a biscuit!"

His eyes flashed dangerously. "Be careful what you say to me, Higurashi." Then he stiffened on top of her, a weird expression crossing his face.

She narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to make a scathing reply, but had no chance to, because at that moment the door to the janitor's closet was yanked open, blinding light flooding into the previously dim room. Kagome and Sesshomaru looked up at the two figures silhouetted in the doorway in unison, amber and cerulean eyes burning.

The intruders, a sophomore girl and junior boy, backed away slowly. "S-sorry..." Eyes wide, they spun around and made a run for it, making an escapade from the scene of what they were certain was passionate lovemaking. It did not occur to them that both of the people inside the closet were fully dressed, or that neither of them had flushed cheeks, or that they did not look like lovers.

"Great," Kagome spat. "In the next five minutes, every single blasted student will know that Sesshomaru Taisho and Kagome Higurashi were making out in a janitor's closet. And no one's going to believe the truth. Get off me!"

Sesshomaru stayed on top of her for a tad bit longer than necessary, chests pressed together, then slowly, slowly disentangled himself from her long legs. He smirked down at her. "You're welcome," he said in that dark, voice.

Kagome reddened. "Get out of here!" she yelled, springing to her feet and stomping away, just as the bell rang.

Her predictions were correct. When she sat down in her class four minutes later, the room was thick with whispers and pointed looks. The looks were comprised of everything from awed gapes to jealous stares to hateful glares, the former and latter being broadcast by females.

Kagome groaned and plunked her head down on her desk. I am so ready for this day to be over.

And halfway across the building, Sesshomaru Taisho was sitting upright, the barest ghost of a smirk playing around his lips. His sensitive ears heard every piece of gossip being thrown around the room, and he liked what he heard.

Why wouldn't he? Everything had gone perfectly according to plan, after all.


Hmm... Sesshomaru, YOU'RE SO HOT! *screams in a random fangirl moment* Haha, I have to say I enjoyed writing this chapter! What about you guys? Was this a deliciously juicy read? Well, if you like it, you know what to do! *wink*


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