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Covenant by Philosophy Blue


I know, I know, you guys are gonna murder me for starting another story when I'm already weighed down with so many others. But I just couldn't resist, okay? It was just sitting in my flash drive, gathering dust! So yeah, I'm posting it! I have about 6 chapters right now, so I'll try to update this about once a week, or maybe every two weeks. It depends on how the story goes. Anyways... Peace! And read! Oh, and...




a solemn agreement between two or more parties.


CH 1

The sky was a clear blue, dotted only occasionally by wisps of cloud. All was well high up...but on the ground a bloody battle raged.

The valley was filled with miko and taiyoukai fighting it out. In the center of all that chaos a bloodier and more devastating battle than the others was taking place.

A handsome silver-haired inu taiyoukai was trapped in a terrible dance of death. His partner, a beautiful miko, made up for her weaker physique with her ferocity.

"Just die, you monster!" she screamed, and hurled a ball of purification at the youkai. He growled, his golden eyes flaring red for a brief second. His youki extinguished the reiki just in time. In return, he lashed out with his sword. An orb of destructive energy stormed towards the miko, but she brought down her own, reiki-infused sword on it, and it dissipated- but not before searing away part of her hair.

Yelling, she punched out with her fist, and a mini comet of pink energy burst forth from her fingers. It streaked toward the youkai and slammed into him. He was thrown off his feet and on his back.

With a femininely wild snarl, Midoriko lunged toward him, hands infused with reiki, but Kedakai Taisho recovered quickly and hurled her away with an explosive blast of his youki.

The battle raged around them, yet they did not pay any attention to their surroundings. Two other, slightly smaller battles were going on. One was with Midoriko's youngest daughter and Kedakai's eldest son. The other was with Midoriko's eldest daughter and Kedakai's youngest son.

Kagome gasped as a youki-infused fist slammed into her stomach. Her lungs were crushed flat. She sucked in huge breaths, trying to re-inflate them as quickly as possible. She recovered, but not soon enough. Another punch to her abdomen made her fly backwards. She landed flat on her back- Her lungs were crushed yet again.

A booted foot pressed down on her throat, making it hard, no, impossible for her to breathe. She grabbed the foot with energy-filled fingers and tried to wrestle the foot off her, but it was as if it was made of stone.

Kagome growled and finally looked up into the icy eyes of Sesshomaru Taisho. "Get off me, you asshole!"

He smirked coldly. "But I was just getting comfortable." He raised his sword, Tokijin, above her head. "Shame. But as all Miko are; from filth you came, to filth you shall return." He started to bring it down hard, but his senses detected an incoming threat, and he leapt nimbly away from the arrow. He didn't have to look to see that it was Kikyo, helping her younger sister out of a tight spot. He looked around for the human and frowned when he realized that he couldn't see her.

"How about up here, you asshole?"

He looked up and scowled as he spotted the miko above his head. She brought her foot crashing down on his head.

Growling, he grabbed her ankle and slammed her into the ground as hard as he could. She cried out, and he found pleasure in her pain. She scrambled up quickly, firing quick blasts of reiki at him. Sesshomaru dodged them all. Did she really think they would affect him?

He lunged forward, fangs bared, claws extended, ready to take her life.

He snarled as he bounced off a shield of holy energy. He landed gracefully on his feet and glared at his prey.

"What a coward you are, hiding behind a barrier of your precious reiki, miko," the Taiyoukai spat venomously.

"Shut up, you dirty mongrel," she retorted. "I could take you on any day. I'm just going easy on you."

He narrowed his eyes. "Oh, is that so?" With a feral grin, he brought forth his youki in a tidal wave of massive energy and crashed it down on the shield.

A growl escaped her petite lips as she strained to keep the barrier strong.

"What is the matter?" taunted Sesshomaru. "Can you not 'take this Sesshomaru on any day'?" He increased the level of youki, and the barrier caved.

Kagome snarled in hatred as she was forced back by the sheer strength of his youki. "Damnation!"

Smirking, he leapt forward and pinned her to the ground with a foot on her throat. He pressed down mercilessly and she let out a strangled sound.

"Geh…off…me…." she choked out, face turning purple from lack of air and rage.

"Why do you not try making this Sesshomaru?"

"Oh, I will!" she snarled, and clamped down on his leg with her arms, forcing as much reiki into it as she could.

His eyes flashed red as he tapped into his inner demon, accessing a huge reservoir of youki. But still, he was hurled backwards. He landed in a crouch on the ground. He looked at the female with new respect. Yes, he had known she was strong, but not this strong…

Let us see how strong she can get, sneered his beast, and Sesshomaru agreed. He had found new interest in the human with her display of strength. He gave into the pressuring of his beast and transformed into his true form, a huge silvery white inu. He rumbled with pleasure as he saw the fear and determination in his quarry's eyes.

Hunt her down. Make her submit, growled the beast. Sesshomaru couldn't have agreed more. There was just something about this miko that urged him to force her to submit to him as alpha. Maybe it was the strength. It was always enjoyable when the strong bowed down to him, more enjoyable than doing the same with the weak; that was just too easy.

His fanged jaws opened in a toothy grin, and he prepared to pounce…

A howl echoed through the battlefield, matched by a piercing cry. Miko and Taiyoukai alike froze and their heads swiveled to look at their leaders. Kedakai Taisho had given the command to retreat. Midoriko Higurashi had told her forces to withdraw.

Grumbling, reluctant, the soldiers obeyed. This battle was over.

Sesshomaru was furious. If only he had issued the command a little later, lamented the beast.

There will be more chances.


Yes. Do not worry. The miko will submit to us…

Sooner or later, they snarled together.


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