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Cheaters Never Win by cindygirl

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not, I repeat do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with Inuyasha. I write for pure enjoyment and gain no profit from writing or publishing these stories. These stories are completely fictional, I only lay claim to the new characters that I created when I wrote this story.

Chapter 1

The wind was howling against the skyscrapers in Tokyo, while snow fell from the darkened sky. The blizzardy weather condition was making its way into the city.

The seas of pedestrians, covered in their winter garments, were steadily moving about despite the challenges from the ice and snowed covered sidewalks.

Kagome Higurashi was no different. Being one of those people that caught colds easily, she was wearing a big heavy coat that was almost too big for her small frame. A hat covered her head that came down to her ears, though not fashionable, it did keep her ears very warm. A scarf was wrapped around her neck, making sure that she covered her nose and mouth.

On her way home she stopped by the market to pick up a few things for dinner. She was going to cook for her fiancé once he got off from work. She picked up some fresh ramein along with some chicken, pork, and vegetables; it was after all his favorite.

She has been engaged now for almost a year. Their wedding was rapidly approaching, as she wanted to have a Christmas wedding. Her mother told her that she was crazy for having it in the middle of winter, and that it was ludicrous to have it in the gardens next to the Goshinboku.

Kagome explained to her mother what she envisioned for her wedding. She has been dreaming of this day for years, ever since she was a little girl.

She wanted an outdoor wedding with the snow as the backdrop. She wanted it just after sundown, as the full moon came into view in the sky. The moons rays will shine brightly down on Goshinboku, as she took her vows with the one she loved.

Her wedding was not going to be very big, just immediate family will be present. She wanted a quiet ceremony, as her grandfather married them under the tree. She hoped that the day she selected, a blizzard would not mar her day. But this is what she pictured as her perfect wedding for as long as she could remember.

Kagome shivered as she made her way to her apartment. She lived in a fairly nice part of the city. She was the marketing president for one of the biggest firms here in Tokyo. She started off as an entry-level marketing manager and worked her way up. Her knowledge on how to market their products has made the company huge profits. She continued to be promoted until she was made the Marketing President for the company at the tender age of 24, an achievement not reached by many. 

She met her fiancé at the company when she first started working there. They started dating and then three years later he asked if she would be his mate. She happily accepted her hanyou’s offer and the date was set for their wedding.

Kagome shivered as she approached her apartment building. She quickly entered as she made her way over to the elevator, punching the number for the 5th floor as she rode the elevator up in silence.

Finally the elevator dinged as the doors opened and she stepped out. She walked to her door as she opened it and then turned on the lights inside her apartment. It was a fairly large apartment, but not too big that she would feel lonely in such a large place. She had a good size living room and a large master bedroom. Her kitchen was just perfect for her to cook in when she desired.

Her salary was enough to allow her to live in such a grand place and still help her mother keep the shrine running. Her mother went without in order for her to reach her goals. It was only fair, that she repay her mother, by keeping her home safe from the banks that threatened to take everything she held dear.

She dropped her keys and purse on the table near the door as she made her way to the kitchen, setting her bags of groceries on the counter. She took off her huge coat as her black business suit fell into place. She smoothed over the wrinkles on her jacket as she made her way to the bedroom to get comfortable.

Trading her business suit for a nice comfortable sweat suit she then proceeded to go into the kitchen to cook her dinner.

She was almost done cooking her meal when her phone rang. She picked it up, saying, “Moshimoshi, this is Kagome speaking.”

On the other end she heard, “Hi Kagome, look I won’t be able to come by tonight, I have some last minute things I have to do at work for the boss. He wants these proposals on his desk by tomorrow morning and I have to get them done.”

“But Inuyasha, I’m cooking your favorite meal. Why don’t you come by and eat, then you can go back or better yet you can bring the proposals with you and I can help you put them together. That way I will be able to see you. We haven’t been spending any time together.” Kagome huffed into the phone. Lately Inuyasha was avoiding her for some reason and she was beginning to have doubts that he wanted to be with her.

She knew that their work schedules interfered with each other’s lives, but still he could make time to be with her. She has so far, made every effort to reschedule her life so she could spend time with him, but he was not willing to do the same for her.

There was silence on the other end of the phone as she heard him say, “I wish I could Kagome but I have others here that are involved in this proposal as well, so there is no way I can come to your apartment. Look, I promise to make it up to you, ok?”

Kagome sighed, she really wanted to spend time with him alone, but here lately, it seemed, at least to her, that he was working a lot, late into the night. “Fine, but remember you promised me that we would go over to Mama’s house for Thanks Giving dinner, she is expecting us.”

“Fine Kagome, but I have to go now. Love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.” There was a click on the other end, as the line went dead.

Kagome put the phone down as she sighed. She had a whole pot of ramein and she was the only one that was going to eat it. Oh well, she guessed she was going to have ramein for the next few days. She took a bowl and served herself some dinner as she sat in front of her television to watch the news.

Once Kagome was done eating her mind started to wonder on what was wrong with her hanyou. In the beginning they had a lot of fun together. They would do things together and go out with their friends just to have fun.

Once he asked her to be his mate, he wanted to consummate their relationship. She flat out refused him saying that she was going to save herself until the day she married him. She wanted to prove to him that there was no one else in her life but him. Once they were married, then he could have her heart, mind, body, and soul, for all eternity.

He seemed to be all right with her decision at first, but here in the last few months he has been pushing her to give up her virginity to him. She still held out for when they were married, since the wedding was less than five weeks away. Surely he could wait that long for her.

Then he started working late and they were spending more time apart than together. She wondered if she made a mistake in making him wait. Several people have approached her, saying that they have seen Inuyasha with another woman in various clubs. She denied their allegations by saying that he would never cheat on her. He knew what would happen if he was ever unfaithful to her. She could never marry someone who will not keep their loyalty.

She sighed she didn’t know what was going through her hanyou’s mind. She went and got a half-gallon of vanilla ice cream out of her freezer, poured some strawberry syrup over it, added some whip cream, and sat in front of her television watching a romance movie. It’s what she did when she was feeling depressed and lonely.

Hours later she heard banging on her door. She got up from the sofa as she wiped the tears away from her eyes saying, “Stupid John! Didn’t he know that Mary loved him! Why did he have to cheat on her?”

She opened the door, and to her surprise, there stood her best friend Sango along with Miroku, Ayame, and Koga. She let them into her apartment as she finished hugging each of her friends and led them into the living room. Once everyone was seated she turned to them and asked, “Why are you all here tonight? Is something wrong?”

Sango was the one to answer her questions, “We came to see if you and Inuyasha wanted to come with us to this new night club called the Moonbeam. They say it’s the hottest place in town and Koga knows the owners so we can get in without having to wait.”

Kagome lowered head while replying, “I’m sorry Sango but Inuyasha is not here and I don’t feel like going anywhere by myself.”

Sango raised an eyebrow at her friend, “Where is Inuyasha?”

“He has to work late on a proposal for his boss. Apparently they are gathering the information needed for the owner to buy into this new company that Taisho Corp is creating. He says it’s a good business move for our company and they need to get a proposal together so they can give it to the boss come morning.” Kagome stated in a low and dejected voice.

Kagome really wanted to go it has been too long since she has been out with her friends. Ever since Inuyasha asked her to be his mate they have not socialized with them. She missed hanging out with them and having fun.

Sango huffed as she looked at Kagome, the gleam in her eyes said it all, “Well just because Inuyasha is working late doesn’t mean you have to stay home all alone. It’s Friday night for Kami's sake, you can come with us and have a good time. It’s been a long time since we all have been out together and I think it’s about time that you have some fun.”

Sango was not going to take no for an answer as she signaled Ayame. They grabbed Kagome, one on each arm, and dragged her toward her bedroom. But before they reached the bedroom door, Sango yelled over her shoulder, “You two wait here for us. We will get her dressed then we can go.”

Miroku’s lecherous mind worked fast and he could not resist what he said next, “Sango, I can come and help you. I can hold Kagome still while you dress her.” The glare he received from Sango was enough for him to shut up and say under his breath, “Or, I can stay here and live to see tomorrow.”

Koga chuckled at his friend’s antics as he watched the girls drag a protesting Kagome into her bedroom. They all knew what Inuyasha was doing, but they could not bring themselves to tell Kagome that he was cheating on her, it would break her heart.

They were anticipating that once he was mated to Kagome, he will stop cheating, because they all knew Inu’s mated for life. They just hoped that they were making the right decision in not telling Kagome about what he was doing.

As soon as the door to the bedroom closed, Ayame let go of Kagome’s arm as she went to look for something for her to wear. Sango led Kagome over to her bathroom and gave her a gentle push, “Go take a shower and by the time you’re done we will have your clothes picked out for you.”

Kagome looked at her friends like they were crazy, “I don’t have a choice do I?”

“No you don’t. It’s about time that you get out of these four walls and start enjoying your life again. If Inuyasha wants to work then let him, but you are coming with us.” Stated Sango in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Kagome sighed in defeat as she went to take a shower. She will humor her friends for a few hours then return home.

Kagome quickly took a shower, when she finally came out of her bathroom she had a towel wrapped around her body and one drying her hair. She looked at the outfit they selected for her and smiled. It was the same outfit that she wore on her first date with Inuyasha. She has not worn it since that day.

Kagome got dressed in her black leather pants. They were tight as they hugged her legs perfectly. They picked a black cowl neck sweater, along with a short black leather jacket. She applied very little makeup preferring to be as natural as possible. She combed her hair until it shined and left it flowing behind her.

She put on calf length boots that made her look stunning. When she was done she looked at her friends. They were all wearing the same thing except for the sweater. Sango had a pink one and Ayame a green one. They all laughed as they walked out of Kagome’s bedroom to join Koga and Miroku.

Once Kagome put on her thick coat, they all left her apartment. They were going to this new club to see if it was as good as everyone said it was.

Miroku drove across town to where the club was located. There was plenty of snow on the ground so it was slow going. None of the cities hundreds of cleanup crews were out yet to clean the snow off the streets. There were plenty of accidents as drivers did not pay attention to the conditions of the road and were driving too fast. The end result, accidents about every city block.

Finally after about an hour, where it normally took just 15 minutes to travel across town, they finally arrived as they found a place to park. They all piled out of Miroku’s SUV and made their way toward the club.

When they finally got there they saw a long line of people waiting to get in. It was cold and some of them sported red faces, it was apparent that they were waiting for a long time.

Koga walked up to the bouncer at the door as he whispered something to him. He nodded as he let Koga and his friends through the barrier, while the ones in line started to protest them entering the warmth of the club.

They all entered a lobby as they gave their coats to a girl that was at the door. After receiving a ticket stub for their garments they made their way into the club proper. The music was playing loud as they looked around. It was full of ningens, youkai, and hanyou’s as they made their way over to the bar.

Koga walked into the club as he spotted his cousins. He made his way over to Ginta and Hakkaku, greeting them. He thanked them for letting them all into the club. They were escorted over to a private table on the upper level of the club, while they all sat down and got their drinks.

Kagome sipped at her drink as she looked down and watched the people dancing. They were not that high up but she could clearly see the dance floor down below. The club was fairly large. It was not two floors but in the middle of the room the dance floor was sunk down into the ground.

From what she could tell the center of the floor turned clockwise as the people danced on it. There was an outer circle that turned in the opposite direction as she watched the dancers going around in circles. There was a bar that took up the full length of the wall. They had about 10 bartenders serving drinks, while the waitresses moved around the area, picking up orders and clearing off the empty glasses from the tables.

There was a giant fish tank behind the bar where you could see large fishes just swimming around. Kagome thought that this club was everything they said it was and more. The music was playing loud as Koga and Ayame excused themselves and went to dance.

Kagome had a good time despite the fact that she just sat at the table and did not dance. She was just not in the mood for it, even though there were plenty of nice looking guys and demons asking her to dance.

She sat there still drinking the same drink as her friends were already into their third for the night. Kagome was laughing at a joke, made at Miroku’s expense, as she turned her head to look down at the dance floor once again.

Something sliver caught her eyes as she looked in that direction. She saw the puppy ears and knew immediately who it was. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at the girl that was hanging off Inuyasha’s arm.

The girl did not have a care in the world as she was rubbing her body up against the hanyou seductively. Said hanyou was not above grinding his hips into the girl’s ass in time with the music being played.

A tear started to go down Kagome’s cheek as she felt a pain, so great, that it broke her heart. ‘How can Inuyasha betray me like this?’ Then Kagome’s eyes started to change color, as they became an icy blue.

Her eyes turned cold as she thought, ‘He lied! He lied to me, saying that he was going to be working late, while he came here with her. How many more lies has he told me, where he would be working late only to go out clubbing with that bitch hanging off him? I will never forgive him for this!’

Then Kagome remembered the people that warned her, who have seen her hanyou in various clubs with another girl. She denied their allegations thinking that her hanyou will never betray her like this, only to find out that their words were true. 

Kagome stood as she walked away from her friends. Her aura was aflame with anger as she walked toward the bar where Inuyasha was standing with his new love. She wiped the tears away from her cheeks with the back of her hand angrily. She was given a wide birth as her Reiryoku surrounded her body. No youkai wanted to be near the powerful miko that seemed to be enraged.

Kagome stopped behind Inuyasha as she crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot expectantly on the floor. She was at her wits end with the hanyou. She cleared her throat to get his attention, and said with a sarcastic tone to her voice, “Hello Inuyasha, I thought that you were working late.”


Inuyasha was laughing at his well-made plan. He called Kagome and told her that he was working late. He wanted to go out with Kikyou to the new club she heard about. He had to reward his little bitch; she was such a good fuck, once he treated her to something that she desired.

He loved Kagome but she was being prudish on giving up her virginity to him. She preferred to wait until their mating night to give him anything. She was still his alpha bitch but his concubine was just that, someone that he could fuck when his mate to be refused to attend to his needs. He will have many such as Kikyou but he will only sire pups with Kagome.

He was a hanyou with an itch and Kikyou scratched that itch. They entered the club as Kikyou got into the music and rubbed her body up against his. It set his blood on fire as he responded to her moves, then they went straight to the bar. That little stunt that Kikyou did a few minutes ago set his body on fire. He wanted to throw her on the ground and fuck the living daylights out of her. He needed a drink to calm his nerves, as the music was too loud for his sensitive ears.

He just ordered some drinks when he heard a familiar voice that he did not expect to hear in a place like this.

Inuyasha plastered his ears to his scalp and slowly turned around. He looked straight into the furious eyes of his mate to be. She was mad as hell as he whispered, “Ka… Ka… Kagome?”

Kagome looked into the eyes of her former fiancé, she saw the shock in his eyes as she turned to the woman that was standing next to him. She had a death grip on his arm when she saw her, “Hello, my name is Kagome, how long have you known Inuyasha?”

Kikyou looked at the bitch that was addressing her man. She noticed that they both looked almost identical as she looked into the blue eyes of the bitch. She heard her question as she answered, “I have known him for two years now, who the hell are you?”

Kagome clutched her chest as a terrible pain hit her. She felt like something was breaking her heart into a million pieces as she struggled for control. She took deep breaths to get it, as she looked at her left hand.

She was wearing the ring that he gave her as a promise of his love and fidelity. She took it off as she threw it in Inuyasha’s face. She then turned to the woman next to him and answered her question, “I WAS his fiancé, but you can have him, once a cheater always a cheater.” Kagome turned on her heels and walked away from the shocked hanyou.

Inuyasha could not believe what just happened. What were the chances that Kagome will be in the same club that he decided to come to? Now she knew that he was not faithful to her and the ring, which he given her, was thrown back in his face. She broke off their mating and rejected him as her mate.

There was no way he was going to let her go. She was his mate and they will be mated this night whether she liked it or not. He tried to move to go after her, but he was held back by Kikyou, demanding to know who that other girl was.


Sango was enjoying her night talking and dancing in the new club. She had to admit that Koga’s cousins were very smart when they opened this club. It was very successful and in no time they will be rich.

She noticed when Kagome just stood up and walked away from their table. She turned to her long time friend and asked, “Hey Kagome! Where are you going?” When Sango didn’t get a reply from her friend she looked at the rest of her companions.

Koga and Ayame’s eyes opened wide as Sango heard Koga say, “Kagome is really pissed right now, her Reiryoku is out of control. If she keeps this up she is going to purify every Youkai in this place. We have to go after her and see if we can calm her down.”

Everyone got up as they went after Kagome. They had no idea what was making the young miko this angry. They all stopped in their tracks when they noticed that Inuyasha was in the club and there was another female with him. This was not good. They knew what he was doing but they did not want Kagome to find out. Now, she was mad as they saw what happened between their friend and the hanyou.

Sango rushed after Kagome, she caught up to her in the lobby, as she was about to leave the club, and made a grab for her arm. She quickly let go when she felt a jolt of electricity sting her hand. She turned shocked eyes towards her friend, “Kagome, where are you going? You can’t go out in the cold like this. Come back inside and let us take you home.”

Kagome turned as she looked at her friend. The tears that she was so desperately trying to hold back came running down her cheeks like a river. Her eyes told Sango everything as she saw the pain in them.

Kagome was struggling with the pain she was feeling in her heart. She has never been hurt this bad in all her life. She turned when she felt Sango grab her arm as she said in a low voice, “I’m going home. Don’t try to follow me because I want to be alone for a while.”

“But Kagome let us take you home! It’s too cold out there, you don’t have your coat, and it’s too dangerous for you to be out there by yourself.” Sango said with anguish, she didn’t want Kagome roaming around the city this late at night by herself.

Kagome ignored her friend as she turned and walked out of the club. She just wanted to be alone right now. She walked outside as the wind whipped her hair in every direction. She turned and continued walking down the street as she was heading home.

Sango and the others gathered their things and took off after Kagome. There was no way they were going to let her walk home by herself, they were afraid that she would be attacked. Usually, only the unsavory characters of the city ever came out this late at night.


Inuyasha was fighting against Kikyou so she would let go of him. He growled at the bitch that was preventing him from following his mate, “Bitch, let go of me or you will regret it.”

Kikyou was stunned at Inuyasha’s verbal abuse of her person, “Who the hell was that whore Inuyasha?”

Inuyasha growled, “That was my future mate, now let go of me!”

Kikyou was stunned to hear this, she didn’t think that he had a fiancé. She turned her heated eyes toward Inuyasha, “Inuyasha, if you go after that girl then we are through! You have to make your choice now, who is it going to be? Me or her?”

It was no contest as Inuyasha took off after Kagome. She was his bitch and she will learn her place.

Inuyasha raced out of the club as he looked for Kagome. He felt her powerful aura as he raced after her. He finally found her as he yelled, “KAGOME!!!!!”


Kagome was being followed by her friends. They were trying to convince her to get into the car but all she wanted to do was have some time alone. As she was walking she was deep in thought, ‘Why, why did he have to do this to me? Was it because I wouldn’t give myself to him? I don’t understand why he has to break my heart. I loved him, I really loved him, only to be betrayed.’

Kagome then heard Inuyasha’s voice as he came after her. She stopped as she turned her cold blue eyes in the direction that the hanyou was coming from. The pain in her heart turned into anger at the thought of what he did to her. She saw him stop right in front of her as she heard him say, “Kagome, please we have to talk.”


Inuyasha came to a stop right in front of Kagome, he needed her to return to him. He took a step back when he saw her eyes. He has never, in the time that he has known her, seen this much hatred in her eyes. It made her blue eye look cold as she starred at him.

He took a deep breath and continued, when she would not speak to him, “Kagome please, that girl doesn’t mean anything to me. I love you. I don’t want to be with anyone else but you. Please can we go home and talk about this?”

Kagome’s aura started to crackle with power. Her anger was so great that she lost control of her Reiryoku. “Inuyasha, there is nothing to talk about. You have made your choice, now live with it. I don’t want a person that cannot be true to me. I loved you, but you chose to forsake that love and chose another. Go find someone else to mate, Inuyasha, I will have nothing to do with you.”

Kagome made to leave as she heard Inuyasha yell, “But you carry my courting mark! You still belong to me and you will be my mate.” He made to attack Kagome as a barrier was formed around her body. She threw the hanyou backwards as she said in a deadly voice, “You say that I have your courting mark? I see no courting mark on my shoulder.”

Inuyasha stood and looked at Kagome. She pulled the top of her shirt to the side as she revealed her shoulder to him. There was no courting mark on her shoulder. Her skin looked like it has never been touched and his scent was now gone from her body. His eyes started to turn red, “What the HELL happened to my mark???”

“When you chose another you revoked the claim you made on me. The mark vanished the moment I confronted your new love interest. So you hold no claim over me. I just wish that I could find the real person that is meant to be my mate. I know that he is out there somewhere and I wish with all my heart to find him.”  Kagome said with a broken heart.

At that moment Kagome fell to her knees as she grabbed her chest. She felt the final pieces of her heart break inside her body. She screamed as she doubled over in pain, trying to control what she was feeling.

A powerful barrier surrounded her body as a pink orb formed around her. It became solid, not letting anyone get close to her.

Inuyasha noticed what was happening as he rushed in and tried to reach Kagome. He hit the barrier full force as he screamed in agony. Her barrier was slowly purifying him as he was thrown back, about 10 feet, to land on his back. He was panting hard as his hair started to change color. Kagome’s barrier managed to purify enough of his youki to turn him ningen before his time. 

Inuyasha looked on in horror as his body transformed into a ningen. He saw the pink orb that surrounded Kagome lift off the ground. It hovered for just a minute, before it took off to the west at a fast clip. It streaked across the sky like a comet, leaving a trail of pink in its wake.

Sango, Miroku, Ayame, and Koga, watched as their friend left the area in a pink orb. They had no idea where she was going as they tried to follow. Turning as a group they started to make their way back to the car to go after Kagome.

But before Sango went after her friend, she turned her heated eyes to the now ningen Inuyasha. Her anger was peaked as she trudged through the snow to reach him. By the time she got there he was on his feet only to land flat on his back again.

Sango let all of her anger go as she took her right fist and let it connect with Inuyasha’s nose. She put all of her weight behind that punch as she felt a satisfying CRACK, breaking his nose in the process.

Inuyasha’s blood was everywhere as he looked up at the female that hit him. He got up on his feet again, yelling, “What the fuck was that for Sango?!”

Sango took another step forward and Inuyasha took an unconscious step back, she squared her shoulder, and said in a deadly voice, “That was for hurting my best friend! To think that I introduced you to her, only to have you break her heart like that. How could you cheat on her with that slut! Kagome gave you everything with the exception of the one thing that she wanted to gift you, on the day you mated, but you couldn’t wait for that day. You had to go and cheat on her with that slut of yours.”

Inuyasha wiped the blood away from his nose as he heard what Sango was saying. He looked at her with anger filled eyes, “Don’t you dare call Kikyou a slut! She is not a whore like you! I don’t see what the problem is, Inu Youkai have concubines all the time, why should I be any different? Kagome is still my alpha bitch and the only one that I will pup. I will not allow any female I fuck to get pupped only Kagome will have that honor.”

Sango crossed her arms over her chest as she replied to the stupid hanyou, “I have no idea where you are getting your information from Inuyasha, but Inu Youkai mate for life. They are loyal to only one female and that’s their alpha. They will never go looking for any other female but the one they are mated to. To break that bond with the alpha bitch is a direct insult to her. She can reject you as a mate because of it. So go back to the one you mated. She is your whore bitch now. Kagome will have nothing to do with you.”

Sango turned on her heels and left the hanyou standing in the middle of the street by himself. They needed to go after Kagome and make sure that she was all right. They saw her pink orb heading west as they took off after their friend.

Inuyasha was dumb founded as he listened to what Sango was saying. He felt it, he felt his inner youkai fighting against him, from mating with Kikyou, and he did not pay attention to him. Now he has lost the best thing that he ever had in his life and he betrayed her trust.

He turned as he looked to the west where he saw Kagome’s orb go. He wondered where she was going as he started to walk in that direction. He was ningen for the time being until his youki built up again and he returned to normal. Once he was a hanyou again, he will be able to track her down a lot better. He was not going to give up on her. He still loved her and he will do anything to get her back.


Hello everyone! This story has been in the making for over 4 years. It started out as an idea for a one shot. I got the idea when I was watching cheaters on the television late one night. So I decided to make a one shot out of it.

But as I was writing this story it took on a life all its own. It morphed into this story. It almost seemed that this story was destined not to be completed, since the laptop I had this in caught a virus and destroyed my story.

I hope that you will stay with me and follow my story to the end. I will never post a story that is not finished so you are guarantee an ending with this one.


Until the next time





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