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Crimson Leaves of the Fall by Walter205

The Opening Bell

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It began in Mutsu. The Lord of the Northern Lands there was a Dragon by the name of Rekkonitsu. For a long time he had coveted the lands of the South, East, and West. For years he had been plotting and waiting, gathering his strength and his armies in preparation for his campaign. Certain conditions had to be met before his armies advanced south though. The first came when Ryokutsei was defeated and erased from this planet, eliminating the last rival heir that threatened his tenous rule on the throne. The second came with the defeat of Naraku, the demon most feared to be a hinderance to the campaign. The final and third was met when the various demons were depleted in great numbers, ironically accomplished by eliminating the second condition when Naraku gathered many of the demons to him in the final battle.

The armies had been assembled and awaited by the shoreline. Rekkonitsu was impressed by the glittering of the Katanas as his Samurai saluted him. With a great roar, he gave the signal for his armies to begin moving out. As a warning signal, he launched a mighty lightning attack into the heavens, creating a great thunderstorm that spawned no rain, only cloud to cloud lightning. It was a signal to the Gods of his intentions and a vivid omen to any not under his domain that all would soon be under his rule.


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