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Higher Education by SunsetMiko

Chapter 12

Prompt: Evolution (Skye's Weekly Challenges)

"Sesshoumaru," Kagome said with a playful grin. "It's not morning and you didn't just wake up."

Sesshoumaru's brows crinkled in confusion, making the miko laugh. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Kagome tightened her legs around his waist, pressing her body against his very present arousal. "Do you have any other explanation for this?"

The taiyoukai paled, horrified that he'd offended her, but her smile allowed him to calm somewhat. Thinking quickly, he replied. "You are the one researching sex. How many reasons are there for a male to be physically aroused?"

The miko laughed. "You're getting quick with the comebacks," she replied. "I don't know. Two?"

"And they are?" When she blushed, he chuckled. "If you are going to be able to do a presentation on sex, you need to be able to say such things in front of people."

"Well, I don't know why you have one when you wake up!"

"Neither do I," he said with a smirk, enjoying playing with her. "It is merely a fact of life. And the other?"

"You really want me to tell you why your... your... thing is hard?"

Sesshoumaru chuckled again, running his nose along her cheek affectionately. "You will never survive your presentation if you cannot even say the word 'penis'," he teased. "And yes, tell me why I have an erection." He forced the word from his lips, knowing that she was more embarrassed that he was, despite the fact that he'd popped a boner and she caught him.

"Because... you're close to a woman?" she guessed, not wanting to assume anything. He had said that he only cared about her opinion, but that didn't necessarily mean that they were together now. It didn't mean anything of the sort, but his flirtation was good news. He'd picked up a little bit of confidence somewhere and it looked good on him. He was changing, bit by bit, before her very eyes and while Kagome was happy she was helping him, she would miss the more timid taiyoukai. That was not saying, however, that she didn't like the new one that was evolving and emerging from his shell.

"Not exactly. Try again."

Kagome groaned in annoyance. "This is silly, Sesshoumaru."

"You started it."

"No, you started it," she shot back.

"Do you desire some help in answering the question?" he said playfully.

"Or you could just answer the question yourself."

"Because your body is so close to mine."

"Didn't I say that?"

"I wasn't finished," he grumbled. "Because your body is so close to mine, the only body I have any interest in. Because you are beautiful and sexy and fun. Because that bikini is killing me."

Kagome's smile never faltered and Sesshoumaru felt his confidence rise. He had just admitted his attraction to her and she hadn't pushed him away. That had to be good news, right?

"You really like the bikini, huh?" she asked. She couldn't believe that he'd finally said it, albeit in a roundabout way, but he said that he wanted her. Hers was the only body he was interested in. It was a rush to hear those words from his lips. He considered her special, thought she was beautiful and sexy, and his words only made her want him more.

Was he ready, though? Was he ready for a relationship? Did he even want one, or was he looking for something more short term? He'd said he had no interest in one night stands, but he hadn't said that he was in love with her, only that he was attracted to her. She knew she needed to take things slowly with him, just as she was slowly building his confidence. She didn't want to just hop into bed with him for a drunken romp between the sheets. She wanted it to mean something when they were finally together.

Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome went from smiling to contemplative and he wondered where her mind had gone. He buried his nose in the curve of her throat and breathed her scent in deeply before pressing his lips to her shoulder. The temptation to slice through that thin string holding her top together was extreme, but he held back. He didn't want everyone to see what those scraps of fabric were hiding. Only he could see them and he wanted to, very, very badly. In his mind's eye he could see her breasts, so different from the rest of her sun-kissed body, so pale with dark nipples that begged for his attention.

Kagome tightened her legs around his hips once again and he groaned loudly at the feeling of his length pressed tightly between their bodies. She didn't want him to let go of her. If only they could stay just as they were forever, then everything would be fine. There would be no awkward conversations, no guessing how one felt about the other; they could just be, just as they were. As soon as she pulled away, the spell would be broken, the mood destroyed, and they would go back to being Kagome and Sesshoumaru, each unsure of themselves and the other.

Prompt: Calendar (Stella's Soundtrack Challenge 2)

"I could stay like this forever," she whispered.

"And I would not complain. Our academic calendars, however, might mind. We cannot do schoolwork or sit for exams from the pool."

"That's too bad," she replied softly.

"It is. I would not be averse to holding you like this indefinitely."

"You wouldn't get bored with me?" she asked hesitantly, showing her own insecurities.


Eventually, they had to get out of the water. Kagome began to shiver, and so the taiyoukai slipped one hand under her ass while the other held her lower back, keeping her body tightly pressed to his as he walked up the pool steps. He loved being allowed to touch her soft ass and he only wished the opportunity would come more often. He carried her to their lounge chairs, ignoring the murmurs of jealousy and hatred as well as the whispers of want. Nothing any of them had to say was important. Nothing. All that mattered in the world was in his arms.

Sadly, he had to release her so that she could wrap herself in her towel in an attempt to get warm. He felt guilty for having kept her in the water so long. Sure, she'd said she wanted to remain as well, but if he hadn't had her caged in as he had, she might have gotten out sooner. He accepted that small bit of guilt, tucking it away, buried beneath the relief of having told Kagome that he was attracted to her and the joy of her not pushing him away.

Did that mean that they would continue moving further together? Would their relationship become more romantic and less friendly? How was he supposed to act with her now? Sesshoumaru accepted the towel she held out for him and wrapped it around his waist before going back to collect his shirt. He dried his upper body and wrung his hair out as much as possible before pulling the shirt over his head, ignoring the sounds of disappointment that his body was no longer on display for ogling.

"They figure out who you are yet?" Kagome asked.

"No, but they are disappointed that I covered myself."

"I would be too," she replied with a smirk.

"But you are not?"

"Nope, because I have a feeling you'll take your shirt off for me whenever I want."

Sesshoumaru raised a brow at her forwardness. Of course, she was right. He was wrapped around her little finger and if she wanted him topless for some reason, for any reason, she would get what she desired posthaste. He watched eagerly as she dried her body as much as possible before pulling on her shirt. She retied the sarong type skirt around her waist and went to work on her hair. She eventually tied her black locks up in a ponytail out of the way, trying to ignore the way it dripped slowly down her back.

She packed up her bag, stuffing in her wet towel and what remained of her bottle of liquor. She slipped on her sandals and turned her eyes to Sesshoumaru. "I'm ready to go, unless you want to hang out longer."

Did she really think he wanted to stay there alone, where the female population might very well hold him down and have their way with him one by one? No, thank you. He was happy to stay safely in her presence.

The couple began the walk back to their dorms, Kagome holding her bag and Sesshoumaru with a towel wrapped around his waist over his dripping trunks. The miko hoped that this didn't mean their day together was over, but she didn't know how to ask if he wanted to come back to her room. Of course he didn't! He was dripping wet and probably emotionally overwhelmed. Would he invite her to his? Perhaps they could meet up after they had both changed. But how to ask?

Prompt: Cultural Festival (Stella's Soundtrack Challenge 2)

As they walked across campus, the universe gave Kagome the perfect answer to her needs. It just so happened that there was a large cultural festival happening in the main commons area just outside the dorms. They must have started setting up after they'd left for the party, because she'd forgotten all about it.

"Do you, maybe, want to go change and then meet me out here? I'd love to check out the festival. They always have great, exotic food."

Sesshoumaru nodded his agreement. He'd been searching for a way to stay in her presence as well and he was thankful for the festival. It was the perfect excuse to spend hours more with her. Maybe he could figure out what their time in the pool meant. He so wished to be able to call her his girlfriend. He'd never had one before and a label on their relationship would make him much more comfortable. Could he be her boyfriend if they'd never actually kissed though? That was something he would like to rectify, if he could dig up enough courage to go for it.

The pair went their separate ways, agreeing to meet by the front stairs in fifteen minutes, each rushing to their rooms to change, eager to be together once again. Sesshoumaru ditched his soaked trunks, tugging on the pair of jeans he'd purchased for the party last weekend before choosing a somewhat casual button down shirt, or as casual as he had. He didn't want to wear the t-shirt he'd purchased because he didn't want to wear the same outfit two weekends in a row. He definitely needed to go shopping and purchase at least a few more.

Kagome hurried to her room and dug around in her closet, looking for something cute and flirty to wear. She wanted him to continue to be attracted to her, not just her in a bikini, so she went with an off the shoulder, somewhat gauzy blouse that accentuated her breasts and then flowed around her. She chose jeans as well, hopping up and down a few times to get the skinny jeans up her legs and the zipper closed. She went with sensible shoes, knowing that they would be walking. The last thing she wanted to do was fall on her face in front of the taiyoukai because she was wearing ridiculous heels, even if they did make her legs look great.

She struggled with her hair, brushing out the tangles swimming had caused, while trying to decide how to wear it. This meet up, it felt like a date and she wanted to be as cute as possible. He'd now seen her with her hair loose and her hair tied tightly back. Eventually, she decided on pulling the top back, leaving a curled tendril in the front on either side framing her face. A glance at the clock had her swearing under her breath. She was going to be late, again!


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