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Freedom In His Arms by Blackthorn

Freak Show

Gah! XD don't kill me to all those who are waiting on the next chapter of 'The Western Breeding'! ;w; my mind has been going haywire like you'd never believe and i haven't been able to write anything that i'm willing to put out cause to me it sucks. *whines* totally sucks to have this kinda writing block. I know how it's gonna end! That's all planned out! But getting so much XD lol.

anyway, i hope you guys find this story interesting. If there are any errors just leave a friendly tip, i wrote this on my ipad at 3 in the morning cause i couldn't sleep. >.> 





Kagome eyed the white walls of her cell with utter boredom. She'd been there for over 18 years(that's when she had stopped counting at least) and here she still sat. Bored out of her god damned mind. 'Damn...i wish something interesting would happen!' Her neko ears twitched as the two burly guards opened her creaky cell door and set her lunch on the small metal table.  

The half-breed grumbled about how the food was nothing but slop and clambered to her paws. Her legs were slender, starting with pale skin at her hips but merging into black-blue fur at her knees. Kagome had small delicate black paws, much like what the americans called an 'anthro' or 'humanoid' creature.  

Her hands weren't much different, melding with the same black-blue fur at her elbows but keeping the human finger shape. White claws tipped her small paws and hands, though brittle and unhealthy they were beautiful to the naked eye.   As Kagome walked over to her food a long tail lashed behind her, the tip splotched with white. As pretty as her fur was it was those raven colored locks and those vibrant ocean colored hues that drew most visitors to her cell window.  

Long wavy hair that hadn't been cut since she had been twenty years old brushed just past her butt. Eyes blue and a very rare color of blue were framed by long, thick black lashes that turned a deep blue color when the harsh light of her cell hit them right.   Settling herself at the table the half-breed groaned when her white tipped ears caught the sounds of yet another field trip. Did they always have to come visiting when she was eating? They stared. They oo'd and ah'd and tapped on the glass to see if the 'pretty cat lady' would look at them.  

And Kagome never looked at them. How could she when all she was in their eyes was a freak. Something to gawk at. Appetite gone she dragged herself into the farthest bare corner and curled in upon herself.  




  Sesshomaru wanted to growl at the tiny human girl that was currently dragging him into the white building labeled "Drimp's Oddity's". It was(from what his workers has said in hushed whispers) a freak show. Full of freaks.

  Those words had made his hackles raise. Freaks? Did that mean oddly deformed people or Demons? He hadn't stuck around to listen to more and instead went back to his top floor office to work quietly.  

And look at him now.   Being dragged by a little eight year old girl who wanted to see what it was all about. Surprisingly strong for her age and gender the small female tugged when he balked, "You said i could choose where we visit this weekend, Daddy!" She cried, tears starting to form. Oh no, not the tears!  

"Alright. Alright." He muttered in a defeated tone. "I promised and this Sesshomaru will honor his promise." His daughter gave him a beaming smile that made his lips twitch in a small smile. The only one on this earth that could make him smile in the least was Rin.

  His precious human. His only child. 

  "Come on! My class mates said there's this cat lady we have to see! They said her eyes are the color of the deep ocean and her hair is like a raven's feather!" She turned into the cheerful child once again and Sesshomaru followed along, only half listening to her babbling.  

The dog demon paid the entry fee for the both of them, wanting to growl when the female attendant decided to be flirty with him. However he stayed silent and cold as to keep his human facade up. Soon enough the human seemed to get he wasn't interested and she pursed her lips before giving him the two bracelets, "Have fun."

  Rin grinned widely and ran to the first glass window. Inside was a small pale(almost white) child. 'Demon.' Sesshomaru thought, eyes narrowing. Just how many demon kind were captives here? He soon found out from a nearby tour guide that several hundred of the so called 'freaks' were housed in this building alone.   So this was the reason he'd never felt another demon near him. bout ten glasses down they hit a crowd that was tapping at the glass repeatedly, some yelling at whatever was inside the cage. Rin pressed against his leg and frowned. "Why are they being mean to it?" The little girl asked, looking up at her father.  

"Because they don't understand what these creatures are so they degrade them as nothing but common beasts." Came his short reply. He hadn't meant to snap at his daughter but she simply nodded, understanding his words. Finally the guide took the rowdy humans away and Sesshomaru let Rin peer inside.  

He looked in, expecting some sort of ugly demon only so see a small person curled at the back of the cage. There was a set of twin black ears on it's head, the tips stained white. Her arms and legs had fur on them but this didn't make the dog demon turn away or anything, it actually fascinated him to no end.  

"A half-breed..." How many centuries had it been since he had seen one? Three, maybe seven? However long ago his half brother had disappeared on him. Rin tapped lightly on the glass but the creature didn't even twitch an ear. What did this one look like?   Flaring his aura towards the pitiful thing the demon waited.




Kagome snapped her head up as something seemed to run over her body. It screamed danger, pain and...curiosity? What was it? Looking at the small human girl before her cell she quickly dismissed it as this female. Too young.  

But the man behind her however...his golden golden eyes seemed to move around like molten gold, shifting over her body as he inspected her. Behind him was a long mass of silver locks(much like the moon's rays) tucked neatly in a long braid that swung when he stepped closer to the glass. This man was dressed quite nicely for a human coming to see freaks.

  "Hi!" Snapping her vibrant gaze back to the small girl Kagome dared to moved closer, tail lashing and ears perked in interest. "I'm Rin! And this is Rin's daddy!" Bubbly little thing wasn't she? But instead of annoying the neko found it oddly comforting. Offering a small smile Kagome settled herself beside the glass, pressing her right paw to the glass. "Daddy! Look what she did!" Rin exclaimed, placing her hand in the same spot.  

"I see that, Rin." He spoke with a warm voice, deep in tone and to anyone else it would have seemed cold or distant. But Kagome could hear the warmth he put behind those words, the affection in them. The original flare was gone but now that she was closer the half-breed could tell who it was coming from. Her tall handsome visitor!  

"H-hello?" She offered, trying to speak japanese instead of small meows coming out like normal. The tall male's silver eyebrows shot up and Rin only giggled.

  "So you can talk?" He asked, tapping the glass while seeming to study it. Before he could say more though a large group of humans came running up, screaming and shouting at her until she balled herself back into the corner.

  All thoughts of her unusual visitors gone.   


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