Halloween 2013 Challenge! by Moonlight Silk

Apple Bobbing!

This is my first entry for the Halloween Challenge!

Rated M just for safety!

“Aagh Come on Sesshomaru,” the miko pouted with feigned annoyance, “you promised that you would do whatever I wanted for Halloween if I won the truth or dare contest.”

He gave her her a look of skepticism, brows furrowed in thought and almost at the point of saying no because if he had refused to partake of her futuristic game of truth or dare or the concept of Halloween in the first place, he wouldn’t be in this position now.

A devilish smirk plastered her face, she knew exactly how to get what she wanted so she winked at him and said. “Don’t tell me that the big bad dog is afraid of little old me?” Afterward, she threw her head back and chuckled in amusement by his very put off attitude.

“Kagome I fear nothing,” he replied crossly.

The sound of his voice stopped the laughter, perhaps she had taken the joke too far. Gazing at him thoughtfully for a few moments she sighed and then gave him an ultimatum.

“Alright then mate, if you fear nothing then here is my dare. I want you to retrieve two bobbing apples from the water with your teeth and with both hands behind your back.”

Golden eyes opened wide in surprise because he could hardly believe that after her little performance the task would be so lowly. Sounds easy enough, he thought.

“Meet me by the river's edge where the water settles into a pool at sunset.”

Her message cryptic and he wondered at the coyness in her tone. She tossed her inky black hair behind her back and then left without waiting for confirmation, swaying her hips sultrily as she went.


The evening breeze cool with the possibility of rain if the dark clouds that rolled across the sky were anything to go by. She walked briskly now to put her plan into action. Not even the showers would stop her.

As she disrobed and entered the water she sensed her mate's presence close by and called out to him. “Sesshomaru I am here behind the bushes."

He stopped and pushed the plants out of his way, his eyes widened with the surprise before his eyes.

A vision of sensuality greeted his sight. In the middle of the pool, Kagome floated on her back with her breasts suspended above the water, bobbing in time with its movements. Smiling mischievously he entered the pool and took a pert nipple into his mouth, and as it was her wish his hands were securely behind his back.

Kagome smiled at him. “You have just retrieved your first apple now move on to the next.”


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