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Best I Never Had by Aviel


Disclaimer: Though it saddens me to say it, I don’t own anything relating to Takahashi-sensei’s Inuyasha. However, the plot and/or ideas of this drabble series do belong to me, and a nod of recognition goes to the creator of this challenge.

A/N: Something new. Something random. Expect sporadic updates. :)

Chapter 1: Potential

He had known she was trouble the moment he had set eyes on her.

Inuyasha’s wench.

Hair as dark as the moonless sky had framed her heart-shaped face, gentle against her skin. The windows of her soul had glowed a brilliant azure hue, revealing surprising courage and rage. Her full lips had been drawn back into a snarl, teeth bared and furious when he had doused her in his poison. Her utter…fearlessness had been strangely refreshing, yet annoying. She had refused to be his prey and had unwittingly earned his curiosity.

He might as well finish what he had started.


Original Posting Date: September 10, 2013

Prompt: For Stella’s “Proverbial” Challenge, “If eating poison don’t forget to lick the plate.”

Words: 100


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