As the Snow Falls by Pandapower

Not Here for the Show

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Chapter 1: Not Here for the Show

The seemingly vagabond pair sat motionless, dumbfounded by the ostentatious arrival of the demon lord. Although mouth agape, Kagome regained her bearings and began criticizing Sesshomaru on his flashy entrance.

"I never pegged you the showy type, Sesshomaru." His face tightened in annoyance with her lack of formality.

"Remember your station, miko. This Sesshomaru simply used the most efficient way of traveling. I have a req-"

"Yeah, I get the whole orb thing, but was the shower of dirt you gave us necessary?" Kagome interrupted.

"If you are done being ill-mannered, this Sesshomaru request your assistance," he replied irritably.


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