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First Meetings by LM Bluejay


Author's Note: This is a collection of AU first meetings between Dokuga's favorite couple. Each chapter is inspired by a prompt and will be accompanied by a fanart piece as well. Feel free to use any of these meetings to inspire a new story of your own. :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Inuyasha © Rumiko Takahashi

Static continued to fill in the car’s silence, as molten amber glared through black shades at the small box in his hand.

When I see that bastard I’m going to kill him.

Teeth grinded hard together as another call came through the infuriating contraption.

 “69, do you copy 91’s request for backup?”

He rumbled a low growl before an impatient sigh was released.


Almost slamming the radio back into place, he flicked on the obnoxious siren and rode off into the streets.

-- ••-•-••--

Ten minutes later, he pulled up into the warehouse’s lot. Parking near the patrol car already there, he quickly equipped his gun and stalked towards the open entrance.

The loud sounds of pounding fists and hoarse shouts hit his ears. Back secured against the wall, he cautiously peered inside.

Eyes scoping through the dark interior, he instantly found 91 not too far away sprawled on the floor.  After quickly retrieving him, he set the comatose male inside his car.

Rushing back to his position outside the ragged building, he readily drew his gun. Getting ready to move inside, he stopped, startled, as three large males suddenly flew out and lye unconscious on ground.

A small woman then sauntered after them with hands together making her knuckles crack. She wore a long white coat on top of skimpy clothes, and was covered in bruises from head to toe.

She did this!?

He thought he went unnoticed and took his chance.

Reaching out to grab her, he missed the foot that nicked his cheek. Irked by the unexpected sting, he parried her next assault and grabbed her arm.

Unable to pull free, she teasingly replied while ruffling his hair. “Bad cop. No doughnut!”

An eye twitched briefly before he snatched her arms behind her back.


Prompt: Aggressive (Sunset Miko's Once a Week Challenge)

Words: 300



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