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Two Can Play It by kashi

With a Roommate Like This

Well I hope you like it. I have to say that the first few chapters are a little rough but it gets better along the way.


Ch.1: With a Roommate Like This

"Kagome, I'm so glad that you convinced your mom to let you come here instead of shipping you off to some far off school." Sango said as she sat with Kagome on one of the many tables at the Tokyo University campus union.

"I'm glad to be here but it was hard convincing my mom but she knew that she couldn't't separate me from you. She wanted me to go to that technical school to be a doctor for so long but I am an artist and writer at heart." Kagome said after hugging her friend that she haven't't seen since graduation but they just so happened to run into each other at the student union.

"So do you feel any different in college? I sure do." Sango said as Kagome let her go.

"Not really, I guess it haven't't really kicked in as fast as it has for you."

"Where are you staying?"

"With Ayame and her roommates."

"I wish you were coming to live with me. My roommate is Kikyo and as nice as she is, she doesn't really like to talk. We're still looking for roommates so it's not too late."

"I know San but she asked me before we graduated plus she's like an older sister to me since I helped her and Koga hook up at the end of her 8th grade year."

"I thought I was like your sister."

"You are, you're like a twin that I've never wanted but got anyway so you're more special, she just got to me first. Besides, she's a junior so she'll be able to help me out a lot in school."

"Alright then but you do know where to find me right?"

Kagome nodded then said, "Once I find out where my room is, I'll let you know."

They hugged once more then went their separate ways. Kagome got back in her car and drove to where the dorms/apartment was. From what she was told by Ayame, she was to be living in a co-ed type thing. It would have four bedrooms, one large bathroom, a kitchen and a living room/ den.

After ten minutes of driving around and asking for directions, she finally found her building. She stood in front of the door and breathed out a sigh as she held her key. "Well I believe this is my room and my new life, I wonder who is here?"

She slowly put the key into the lock of the door and opened it only for it to be flung open completely. She was then pulled into a red head's bone crushing hug. "Kagome, about time you showed up! I missed you!"

"Ay...ame...air!" Kagome hissed out loosing breath just trying to speak.

"Oh sorry." Ayame let her go and waited for her to get her wind back before saying, "So, what took you so long."

Kagome straightened up then said, "I ran into my Siamese twin and she tried to conjoin with me again because the docs gave me all the brains when we separated."

"Ah, you ran into Sango and started chatting, I see. I'm sorry but I have to leave you alone for a while. Koga wanted to see me."

"Alone, where are the other roommates?"

"Both are out and about, but you will see one more than the other."

"So I'll be here by myself, sweet. Although my mother said that I'm not allowed to stay by myself."

"Aw, she'll never know. I'll be back in about an hour."

"Okay then but if you come back and the room's been burned down it's not my fault. You're responsible for me now."

"I'll take all the blame, see ya later."

"Tell wolf boy I said hey." Ayame nodded as she waved off and left out the room.

Kagome looked around and decided to try and find her room. "Oh where or where could my room be...oh where oh where could it be..." She sung out as she dragged her suit cases behind her.

She went to the first room on the left and opened it. "Ah the bathroom, it figures that I would run into it first."

She went further down into the hall and went into the room next to the bathroom. The walls were a dark purple color with a few posters here and there. There were white colored drapes over the windows. The carpet was white and the bed had a lavender color bed spreads on it. There was a dresser by the bed and by the window was a desk that had a few picture frames. One was with her and Ayame in high school and the other was a more recent photo of Ayame and Koga.

Kagome left the room then went to the room across from it. The walls were a deep scarlet red color with rock posters on them. The drapes over the window were black, white carpet, and the black blankets on the bed were carelessly tossed on the bed. There was a dresser and desk as well with a few trophies on them and a guitar in the corner near the bed. She wouldn't mind taking the room but it seemed like someone was occupying it.

She went into one of the last two rooms and liked what she saw. The walls were a nice blue color. There were midnight blue drapes over the window, white carpet like in the other rooms along with a desk with nothing on it and dresser. The bed, which sat next to the window, had white blankets made on the bed neatly.

"Now this is my room. Dear sweet Ayame must have given me some blankets, she was expecting me." She said as she plopped down on the bed, messing the sheets up some. She then opened her suitcase and began going threw her clothes, throwing stuff about the room. She found her pajamas and then got her stuff to take a shower with. She her things down and didn't bother to lock the door since she was alone.

Just as she was getting into the shower, the door opened. In stepped a tall silver haired man with golden eyes. He had a bored look as he surveyed the area and heard the shower running.

"Someone's here, should be that miserable half breed, about time he showed up." He said as he made his way to his room.

He stood at the doorway with a grim look, there was clothes thrown about everywhere and his bed was messed up as well. He suppressed a low growl then goes to the bathroom where he almost ripped the door off its hinges.

"Why the hell did you go in my room Inuyasha!" He nearly growled as he looked at the form in the shower. She stopped and looked at him then he looked back and then she looked at him again...then she screamed to the top of her lungs while throwing anything that she could get her hands on at him.

After a few minutes of flying things and high pitched sequels Sesshomaru is standing outside the door while leaning on the wall while Kagome was getting dressed. "Why were you in my room, I hate people in my room." He said threw the door.

"Well excuse me but I didn't know. Your room looked so plain so I just assumed that no one lived there, sorry." She answer threw the door.

"Apology accepted and I'm sorry for barging in on you. I thought you were my half-brother. The idiot would do shit like that just to piss me off and then laugh at it."

"I forgive you."

"Say, why are you here? Who are you?"

"You mean you don't even know who I am?" She said as she felt a vain popping from her fore head. He could hear her frustration in her tone.

"Well I was thinking that you were one of my many adoring fan girls who found out where I live and sneaked in to rape me." He said a bit arrogantly with amusement in his voice that he knew that she would be able to hear.

"I'm your roommate you asshole!" He knew hit a nerve and was thinking of how interesting she seems to him.

"Roommate? Oh yeah, Ayame did say something about us getting a new roomy. I assumed that she was talking about my brother."

She steps out the bathroom fully dressed in her pajamas and glared at him straight in the eye. "My you're a great listener are you now."

"Hunh, what did you say?" She rolled her eyes and walked past him and into the kitchen to see if they had anything to snack on. She would pay them back once she got food but for now she would settle on anything that they had. Sesshomaru followed behind her secretly checking her out, she was wearing a pink pajama tank top that had a big heart on the front and silky pink pajama pants that had a heart on her bottom and the words "Kiss This" in white bubble letters. As offensive as he knew the message was supposed to be, he found it to be quite tempting. He also took note of her body and how she was lean but she was also perfectly curved in the right places.

He sat on the counter watching her every move until she stopped and turned to him with another glare, "Don't you have anything else to do other than to stalk me?"

He looked as if he was thinking about it, looking up with an eyebrow raised while tapping his finger on his cheek. "Nope." He said as smiled showing his fangs to which she thought made him look dangerously handsome. She shook off the thought of him then went back in search for food.

"So roomy, what's your name? I'm Sesshomaru." He said as he never took his eyes off her every move.

"It's Kagome and I won't say it again if you didn't pay attention." She said finding some yogurt.

"Kagome hunh, what a ridiculous name."

As she walked past him, she punched him hard in the arm then walked off. "You can't be the one to talk, Sesshomaru."

As he watched her disappear in to her real room while eating yogurt, he rubbed the place where she hit him he thought, 'She sure does have one hell of a punch and she's definitely a little spitfire. This year shall be most interesting.'

Ayame came back and saw her roommate sitting on the counter with a smirk and a peculiar gleam in his eye. "Sess, I don't like that look on your face. You didn't by chance do anything to Kagome like scare her shitless did you?"

He looked at her as his smirk grew to a grin. "No I did nothing of the sort, besides someone like her wouldn't easily back down from no one. She's a feisty one."

"Good because..."

"However..." He started cutting her off, Ayame didn't like how he was sounding. He sounded playful and in the few years that she'd known him, this side of him was never seen before. "She does spark my interest, I would love to see how feisty she can get."

"In other words, you're going to try and make her life a living hell."

"If that's what you want to call it, I was simply going to say that I was going to entertain myself by screwing with her mind."

"Have fun but I hope both of you don't kill each other."


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