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Happy Tenth!!! by Walter205

Fun Times

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The sound of the front door opening and closing was music to his ears as his mate arrived home. It was the tenth year anniversary of their official mating and marriage ceremony, although he preferred to think only in the terms of the former as a full fledged demon. He had big plans with her for tonight with gifts waiting. Walking from the master bedroom he intercepted her in the dining room.

"Kagome, my lovely mate, welcome to our tenth anniversary," stated Sesshomaru with a slight bow. He proceeded to kiss her hand while she blushed slightly.

"Come now, I have arranged a bubble bath with scented oils in the master bathroom. Once you have cleaned up I will have another surprise for you in the master bedroom," Sesshomaru said seductively.

"I can't wait," replied Kagome in a slightly excited voice. Although she was tired after a long work day and bristled slightly at being ordered by Sesshomaru to do something on their anniversary she still was happy just to be home and spending the evening with him.

Striding through the master bedroom and discarding clothes as she went, Kagome climbed into the warm bath waters with a sigh. Although it would've been nice to have their maid rinse she off they had given the help the evening off.

Sesshomaru came into the bedroom on Kagome's heels and cleaned up her mess before undressing himself. Grabbing a cardboard box that contained the various goodies, he set a tray of massage and other oils off to the side, put on some Barry Manilow music, and spread some rose petals on the bed. Having finished that, he lay on the bed in the nude and awaited his mate to emerge from the bathroom.

Kagome finished her bath in record time despite wishing to linger for most of the evening in the tub. Drying off and getting dressed in a simple rob, she applied some basic lipstick but otherwise left herself unchanged as she exited the bathroom. She came out to see her mate lying naked on their bed with rose petals sprinkled about and some lotions set off to the side. Music was playing as well and she smiled as she imagined what he had in store for her.

"Mate, welcome to our tenth wedding anniversary. As my gift to you, I deign to give you permission to do anything you want to my body, which up until now has been strictly off limits except where approved," offered Sesshomaru.

Kagome just stood there in shock, speechless for several minutes as her jaw hung slightly open. Sesshomaru's smile started to fade away, then came back as Kagome finally shut her jaw and adopted a neutral and then happy expression.

But Kagome was anything but happy inside. Her thought pattern raced around in a somewhat confusing range of emotions; 'That was his present to me? No Diamonds for our tenth? What a cheap stuck up jerk. And he deigns to let me touch him however I want? What an egotistical, narcissists jerk! Inuyasha was right, I thought I had whipped him into shape, but now it's apparent I have a long way to go. Oh what shall I do? Oh wait, I have something stored away for this occasion. Something for when Sesshomaru does something stupid. Hmmm, let's see...ah yes that will work nicely.'

"Okay my dear mate, I accept your lovely gift and I hope you are prepared for a wild ride, for I've had things stashed away for a while now just in case I ever did get such permission," said Kagome with a 50/50 mix of forced and good evil cheer.

Walking over to her closet, she took a black duffel bag from the top shelf down and brought it over to the bed.

'Hmm, first I have to take away his scent so he won't smell what I have in store for him. Ahhh, this lotion should do the trick.'

Kagome put some scented massage oil onto her finger and rubbed it along his nose, chin, and neck area, just enough to where he could smell only that and nothing else.

'Hmmm, now I know he doesn't like the thought of what I'm going to do next, so I'll need to prevent him from seeing it...ah!'

"Sesshomaru, now close your eyes. I just want you to focus on the feeling," Kagome said with an evil glint buried in the corner of her eyes.

"Very well my mate," he said as he closed his eyes.

Kagome pulled out a plastic jar from her bag. It was filled with a mostly clear but also slightly yellowish liquid that contained a metal rod. Unscrewing the lid open with her nose wrinkling at the scent that the jar was emitting, Kagome pulled out the rod and resealed the container. She began stroking Sesshomaru's penis with her free hand that still had some oil on it and it wasn't very long before she had him fully erect.

'Now then, let the begin!'

She positioned the rod above his penis and then pressed it to the opening at the tip. Kagome then began sliding the metal rod down the inside of his penis. Sesshomaru gasped and nearly opened his eyes at the sensation but then calmed himself when he realized what she was doing. While he disapproved he had given her permission do whatever she wanted to him for tonight. He sighed as the metal rod actually gave a slightly pleasing feeling as it went it.

Once Kagome had it where she wanted it to be, with about nine inches in and the remaining three inches sticking out, she stopped and dug around in her bag for her second surprise. She pulled out a small square black device and positioned it near the metal rod. What she was about to do might get her murdered right there and then on the mattress but she was too angry to really care right at the moment.

'Arrogant, self-serving jerk. Here's where you get yours.'

Kagome depressed and held a switch on the device after setting the other dial to maximum voltage. The tazer emitted a blue fork of energy that she touched to the end of the metal rod. What happened next can only be described in slow motion; Sesshomaru bucked up off the bed violently as his body spasmed. Coming back down, he sat up with his eyes opening and his lips parting to let loose a ferocious snarl that shook the whole house and cracked the windows in the master bedroom. With one arm he shoved Kagome away from him and with his other arm he swiftly pulled the metal rod from his penis and threw it across the room with enough force to cause the rod to embed itself into the wood and concrete wall by six inches.

"Hey!" Kagome protested as she rolled off the bed and used her feet to catch herself, stumbling awkwardly across the bedroom.

" the big idea?" Sesshomaru snarled as he came down off his anger high.

"You said I could do anything I wanted to your body, right? As in my tenth anniversary wedding gift?" asked Kagome. Sesshomaru didn't miss the sarcasm in her voice, nor did he miss the burning sensation that began to make itself known in his penis canal as the throbbing pain began to die down as his healing powers kicked in.

"Yes but...what did you do to me?" Sesshomaru asked in pain as the burning sensation exploded in his canal as he began sweating.

"Hmmm, it might've had something to do with what the rod was soaking in," Kagome said innocently as she batted her eyelashes.

Sesshomaru swiftly spied the jar and unscrewed the lid. Dipping one finger in tentatively he took a sniff and was dismayed to find the scent of jalapeno juice. The burning was still growing worse and he could almost roll around on the bed in agony now.

"The...the worse is over now?" asked Sesshomaru.

" did offer me the whole night with your body as the gift. The night is still young and my bag of tricks is still full, as is my dirty mind," Kagome said with a sadistic grin written on her face.

Inwardly Sesshomaru grimaced. His half-breed of a brother had warned him that something like this might happen if he went through with his intended gift instead of giving her what Inuyasha had advised him to. Fortunately Sesshomaru was man with not only a plan but also backup and contingency plans as well, leaving nothing to chance. He reached below the bed with one hand and retrieved the little black box he had stashed there earlier in the day just in case his half-breed brother had somehow been right.

"Happy Anniversary my mate," Sesshomaru managed to get out as he opened the box for her to see.

Kagome shrieked as she saw the ring with the huge 48 carat diamond inlaid into it and accepted it almost immediately. As she came down her excitement high confusion overcame her as she watched her mate writing around in pain.

"But I thought your body for the night was supposed to be the gift?" Kagome asked in confusion.

"Mate, that was just a," Sesshomaru trailed off as he searched his mind for the name of what humans called that childish stunt, "prank that I pulled. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Your real gifts are forthcoming."

"Sorry? My Sesshy said he was sorry? And more gifts? I must be dreaming," exclaimed Kagome incredously.

"It is no dream my love. I shall whisk you away to my cottage in the cove where we shall spend our weekend," stated Sesshomaru.

"Ohhh Sesshy!" crowed Kagome as she pranced over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She then pranced over to her closet to begin packing for the trip. For his part Sesshomaru sent a mental message to Inuyasha to thank him for saving his butt with his advice. In another five a thousand years he should hopefully be healed from this incident. Getting up, he headed for the bathroom.

Kagome didn't know if Sesshomaru had been serious about the prank part or not, but she decided it didn't matter as she heard him snarl as he tried to use the toilet.

The End


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