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After the Feudal Era by ChibiMethos

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Everything Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi. They are used gently and will berturned unharmed. The origional charaters are mine. Place names are used ficticiously. 


2014, Japan


           After the Feudal Era, there were awakenings the world over, with new technology, science and a rebirth of the great arts. We demons had no choice but to assimilate to the human world. Those of us that could take on a human form were easily able to blend in and amass great wealth. Now in modern times, we’ve become famous as business people, actors and professors. We didn’t set out to be famous, but what we do and the fact that humans like to know about those with wealth—well . . . the spot light was thrust upon us. We have to be even more careful now than before, but since humans no longer as a whole believe in the super or preternatural, we’re actually safer now than ever before.

            As for the rest, the lesser demons that can’t assume human form, most of them were too specialized to survive, but a few have managed, under the patronage of those of us who do blend in. The hanyous, who were neither human nor demon and were detested by both races, were slaughtered. After the battle of Sekigahara, there was a mass hunt and cull of hanyous. Inuyasha and the bat demoness Shiori were speared because they were the only heirs to two nearly extinct tribes.

            Before all the blood was dry or hands washed, the demon lords established a Council to lay down laws for us to follow and to organize our greatly depleted numbers. Ranks were voted into place. The highest, Alpha, were permanent members of the Council, and their heirs after them. The Betas were middle and lower middle ranking princes such as Kouga. The main population stayed as they were, though some of them have as much or in some cases more money than their Alpha lords. Only one demon was given the rank of Omega and his name was never to be spoken. Naraku nearly exposed us to the world with his foolishness, and we will never forget it. He’s been dead for over 500 years and is still spoken of with a hush and a derisive sneer. 

            One of the laws enacted by the Council that almost didn’t pass, disallows anymore hanyou births among our numbers. There are a few accidental pregnancies, but they are immediately contained with the rapid, silent efficiency of an Ebola decontamination team. The mother is given a sedative, and the pregnancy is terminated before she knows she’s with child. As long as the humans don’t know we’re here, we will survive.

            Mating is hard and getting harder as our numbers have begun to dwindle. The Alphas live the longest, which is why they can rule, but they must have Alpha mates. Once every 10 years, the Demon Council meets, bringing the whole community together. They meet to pass new laws, plan matches, and perform the formal Mating Ceremonies. New heirs are presented; old rivalries are revived, and occasionally, put to rest.

            Unfortunately, at this, our 40th Council meeting, there will only be one heir presented, no matings and none to plan. We are dying and the Council must see that. I have to do something.

                                                                                    From the diary of the

                                    dragon Demoness, Jae-Hwa O


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