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My Fuzzy Little Miko by Duchess Of Darkness

Chapter 01: The Last Straw

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My Fuzzy Little Miko

By Duchess of Darkness

As if she didn’t have enough people annoying her, here comes a persistent demon lord who won’t leave her alone. Every time she looked up he’s there. Every where she went he was there. For Kami’s sake, didn’t he have a palace to run or humans to slaughter? 


Chapter 01: The Last Straw

“I’m getting fed up with him Jaq. I swear I am. If he says one more thing to me, I’m making earrings out of his nads.” Kagome seethed as she sat in the overly comfortable chair glaring at her reflection. She blew a stray lock of hair out of her face when it fell between her eyeballs.

Jaq nodded distractedly as he combed and snipped her hair quickly with expert precision. “Sure sweetie.”

“I mean the nerve of that jerk.” Kagome growled as she gestured angrily with her hands. “Telling me I can’t go to my appointment because he’s alpha and it’s a beta’s job to comfort him. You would think I deserve a rewarding spa treatment after such a long trying day of lugging after his sorry butt. I didn’t have to sit there to listen him whine all day ya know.”

Her friend nodded again.

“But no. I had to be considerate and give him an ear to complain in. And after three hours, THREE friggin’ hours of listening to him bitch and moan and groan about how cold Kikyo is being to him, the man goes throes a hissy when I said I had to leave for my appointment with you. I mean he threw a hissy.” Kagome snapped as she looked up at him.

Jaq quickly slapped a hand over her head to push it right back down.

Kagome babbled on without missing a beat. “Then he went and told me that I never listen to him or never want to spend time with him. Then he called me a bitch when I walked away from his nonsense. I mean the nerve.” She suddenly spun around in her chair to glare up at her friend who sighed in exasperation. “Me?! A bitch?! Really?! The real bitch in our pack is him. I mean you should hear the way this man griped Jaq. He made my complaining sound downright masculine.”

Placing a sassy hand on his cocked hip and pursing his lips, Jaq was clearly fed up with her squirming. “If you don’t hold still I’m cuttin yo’ bobble headed ass.” He threatened as he grabbed a hand full of locks at the back of her head and spun her around to face the mirror.

“Ow!” Kagome yelped. “Yeah, sure, go right ahead and snatch me bald then I’ll have no reason to come here.”

“You’ll patronage will be missed.” He said flatly as he made a final snip of her locks and reached over to pick up a curling iron.

Kagome reared back from him like he was holding a Lightsaber. “What are you doing with that?!”

“Oh come on. Just a flip or two. Aint you tired of bone straight?”


With a sneer, Jaq tossed the curling iron back on the counter with a noisy clang. “Fine. Whatever. You wanna look like a kimekomi doll. Go right ahead helfa.” He picked up a can of something and sprayed around her head then promptly shoved at her shoulders. “Get outta my damn chair. I’m through witchu.” He plopped down haughtily in his chair as soon as she stumbled out of it.

Shaking her head at her friend, Kagome sighed as she took a quick look at her hair in the mirror then flipped it back over her shoulder. It tumbled down her dainty shoulders like a thick silky curtain.  As always, Jaq did excellent work. He just had a way with a pair scissors and a flat iron that should be considered a super power. She often wondered if it was due to the fact that he always had an unhealthy fascination with hair; a fascination that extended far back to his previous life when he was Jakoutsu. And like he had a way with his snake-like sword back then, the current Jaq had a devastating way with scissors and a box cutter. And she seen the people on the wrong end of his blade when he’s pissed and it was downright… traumatizing. As far as she knew, the man didn’t have a death count. And even if he did, he sure certainly seem unfazed by them. 

It was when she first met Jacques Nobara that she knew immediately who he was. From the stylishly pinned up hair; the flamboyant animal printed tops and sleek pants; to the ruthless and precise way he knifed up this thug in the alley after a mugging gone wrong. She knew.

At first, she was reluctant to let him see her as he cleaned his box cutter and strutted casually out of the alley like knifing up people was a normal thing. She wanted to make herself scarce. You know, incase his intolerance for her still existed on a subconscious level. But before she could turn and flee he looked up and balked at the sight of her hair falling down her shoulders uncheck in a frizzy mass. He stormed up to her, dragged her down the street to his salon, shoved her into his chair then went to work making her fabulous; free of charge. He even gave her a generous discount and free expensive hair products as long as she promised to come back. Let him tell it, he just hated to see such gorgeous long hair, abused. Oddly enough, they’ve been friends ever since. Ill-fated friends, more like. But they’ve couldn’t have gotten better friends if they tried.

After a few appointments, Kagome found she was unable to keep up with the many different ways she had to tell her life’s story without giving anything away. Mostly because she had lost track of them all. She wanted someone on this side of the well to confide in. Someone who wouldn’t have her committed when she told them about her day in the Feudal Era.  Someone who’ll look at her with understanding, not pity. Well maybe that too, but without the concern for her mental health. So with a fed up ‘what the hell’ attitude, Kagome spun in her chair then bluntly told him all about her adventures 500 years in the past and all she knew of his past life. Surprisingly, the man cackled like the psychotic maniac he once was, apparently proud of his former self. He just accepted it all with a simple ‘No shit’ and just kept trimming the ends of her hair. He even gave her his personal number and called her sometimes to ask her more about his former self. To this day, she didn’t know whether to be disturbed or thrilled by that.

Looking at herself curiously, she cocked her head in contemplation. Maybe she shouldn’t keep the ends so blunt. She did kind of resemble those creepy little dolls. Heaven forbid she wears a traditional kimono. With a nod she decided she should get a layered cut next time.

“If he gets on yo’ nerves so damn bad, stop going to see him.” He spun lazily in his chair, clearly worn out from a long days work in his salon. Being a top-rated hair stylist wasn’t as easy as it seems. Thank the gods they were close friends or else she would never be able to afford his prices. You can’t get any cheaper than free.

Kagome spun around on her friend. “I DO, but the well works two ways for him. He’ll just find me here and demand I play shrink for him again. No seal that I know of is strong enough to keep him on his side. Hell, he barely noticed the effort I putting into warding the well every time he hauls his fat head over it.”

Jaq shrugged. “Oh well.”

“And then there’s Sango and Miroku constantly bickering every…single…DAY. Playing a referee for those two is like refereeing a badger and fox.”

“I thought the analogy was badger and cobra?”

Waving a hand, Kagome huffed, “It is. But he doesn’t attack Sango with wisecracks or go toe to toe with her, so I can’t really call him a cobra. It’s obvious Sango is the badger hands down.” She heard Jabora chuckle lightly and grinned herself. “Miroku reminds me of a fox. Clever, patient and sly. And they don’t snap at you unless absolutely necessary.”

Jaq hummed thoughtfully then cocked his head. “But that’s normal for couples aint it?”

“Yeah but the stuff they bitch over is so friggin stupid. Like just the other day, Sango was at his throat for not sweeping the doorway like she asked him too. The man eventually did it of course, but the fact was that he didn’t do it when she said do it. Jump when she say jump. He’s tried to be the patient gentleman and agreed to everything she said, no matter how wrong it was, and she snaps that he was being a sarcastic prick. The poor man can’t win for losing with that woman.”

“Didn’t you say that she was pregnant? Like 4 months or something?” Jaq shrugged. “That would explain the queen syndrome then.”

Shoulders slumped over in defeat. Kagome dropped down into a free chair and sighed long and hard. “That is the main reason she’s been so moody and cranky, but if I mention that she’ll probably break out in hysterical sobs making me feel like the villain in all this. The woman practically cries at the sight of sunsets.” She paused as if a thought occurred to her then sat up to look worriedly to her companion. “Postpartum Depression is after you have your baby right?”

“I thought so.”

“Everyone is driving me insane Jaq. Abso-friggin-lutely insane!” Everyone. Sango, Miroku, Inu Yasha and even Kikyo. She barely sees that dead woman. But with the help of Inu Yasha constantly bitching about her, she came to loathe that frigid walking coffin.

“Can I snatch ya legs tomorrow sweetie? I’m too fuckin tired to do anything else. Barely have enough energy to breathe.” Jaq sighed as he climbed out of his much too comfortable chair.

Kagome grinned and watched him gather his phone and purse off his counter. “Had a busy night with Arashi-kun last night?” she teased as she stood to gather her things.

She followed him out of his salon and waited for him to pull down the security door and lock it into place. “That man wore my ass out. He acted like he was fresh out of prison.” He said casually, oblivious to the stares of the few pedestrians walking by this late evening. “We didn’t go to bed until 5 this morning. He’s like fuckin energizer bunny on steroids.” He shook his head as he walked around the shop to the parking lot. “Get in.”

Not really given a choice, Kagome got into his Jaguar and buckled up. “I’m so glad I asked.”

“Oh please. It’s your obligatory duty as my bitch to listen to my unnecessarily vulgar stories of ‘my oh so fabulous’ life.” Jabora smiled brightly as he pulled out of the parking lot. “You should consider yourself blessed to be surrounded with my heart stopping charisma.”

“Lucky me.” She groused.

They both looked at one another and broke out in a fit of maniacal cackles. She couldn’t imagine her life without Jaq as crazy as that sounded.


After hugs and kisses, Jaq pulled off and Kagome slowly made her way upstairs eager for her bed. She was walking into her room when she spotted him lounging on her windowsill. “What do ya want now Yasha?” she threw her purse on her desk and flopped face down onto her bed and sighed dreamily. Oh blessed bed, how I’ve missed you.

“So where’d were you to huh?” he asked as if annoyed. What did he have to be annoyed about? He was bothering her for crying out loud.

“Getting my hair done.” She said into her bed sheets.

“Dontcha have anything better to do witcha time beside play dress-up with some sissy all day?”

Kagome snatched her head out of her sheets to glare at the hanyou glowering back at her. “Why yes I do have something better to do with my time. And it just so happens that getting pampered all day and sleeping all night are much better things to do than sit here and listen to you yell at me all friggin day.”

“Who ya gettin smart with wench? I asked you a simple fucking question and you go gettin bitchy on me. What’s ya fuckin problem?” He was up and standing over her bed now, trying to intimidate her. It only made her crankier.

“My problem?!” She was up on her knees and in the hanyou’s face meeting him eye to eye making him stumble back from her. “Oh. I’ll tell you what my problem is. It you waking me up in the Kami awful hours of the morning just to listen to you gripe about how unfair Kikyo’s being to you. ” she jabbed a finger into his chest. “It’s you thinking you can boss me around, trying to tell me what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It’s you who won’t leave me the hell alone for five goddamn minutes of my life so I can do something as simple as reward myself with a much deserved luxury spa treatment. It’s YOU who is my damn problem if you want the truth Yasha. YOU!”

A knock sounded at the door before her mom poked her head into her room to look at her worriedly. “Is everything alright in here Kagome?” She looked between the two of them suspiciously. “Is something wrong?”

A smile was suddenly plastered on her face as Kagome faced her mother. “Nope. Everything’s peachy-keen. Aint it Yasha?” she looked pointedly to the hanyou who only looked at her like she grew scales. He finally nodded when she narrowed her eyes in warning.

Clearly unconvinced, her mother slowly closed the door. “Alright, I’ll be in my room if you need me.”

Kagome waited until her footsteps sounded far down the hall before she turned on her once first love. Hah! To think she was smitten with this man.  “Have a goodnight Yasha.” She dropped to her side and faced the wall opposite of him.

“Kags I…” he started pathetically.

“I said goodnight.” She hissed and kept her eyes firmly closed until she heard the distinct sound of her window opening and closing. A sigh of relief left her lungs in a rush. Finally, maybe she can get some peace. She didn’t mean to be that nasty, but the man pushed her there. God kami her patience has really thinned the past few months. Shaking her head she drifted off to sleep, much too tired to bother with changing out of her clothes.


Sesshoumaru barely listened to a thing the elders said as he stared blankly over their heads waiting for them to conclude this mundane discussion. They’ve been discussing this same damnable topic over and over to the point that he could guess each word before it left their withered lips. Mating. Mate. Heat. Offspring. Heirs. Duty. All of those words, each and every time they echoed across the chambers to his ears, made him grow a degree more murderous. He wondered if annihilating the Elder Counselors was a major offense in western regions in the lands of Japan.

When it was blessedly quiet, Sesshoumaru slowly returned to the plane of awareness to glare frigidly at the council members apparently awaiting his response to something. The oldest council member, an Inu demon like himself, sat there glaring down at him with blatant contempt. It seemed the old fool was annoyed by his detachment from their conversation. Something he would feel guilty about…if he cared.

The older Inu cleared his throat in an attempt to urge an answer out of him. Sesshoumaru simply stared at him. He had no idea what was asked or said meaning he had no response to a statement he didn’t know. So, to assuage this usually awkward predicament, he promptly turned on his heel and took that as a cue to leave. Perhaps his departure conveniently answered whatever bothersome question they wanted answered.

“Lord Sesshoumaru…” He heard the Inu call after him incredulously.

Sesshoumaru answered him with the sound of the chamber doors slamming shut behind him.

Outside of the council chambers, the demon lord walked to the middle of the vast fields to stare impassively at the moon watching it slowly scale the ink black sky to its zenith. It seems he had a considerable amount of time left to be to himself. Time to himself to do what he enjoyed most, nothing.


The next day came faster than Kagome cared for it to. It felt like she only closed her eyes for just a mere millisecond before the blinding rays of the sun speared through the sides of her curtains over her unsuspecting eyes. She can see every vein in her lowered eyelids. Gross.

Slowly waking, she could hear an insistent humming noise. It came from beneath her pillow humming constantly. With a miserable groan, she reached under it to grab her phone and pulled it up and over her head to glare at the lit up screen showing Jaq’s grinning face on it. The man changed his Facebook picture to one where he was looking over his shoulder with a flirtatious wink at the camera while surround by three other men dolled up heavily in drag. Were those rainbow lashes he had on?

She answered on the last ring. “What?” she croaked as she slowly sat up to scratch her ribs lazily. Looking down she realized she still had her clothes on from yesterday. Ew.

“Wake yo ass up and get down here so I can snatch you up.” She heard him say breathlessly as if busy with something. In the background, she could hear him unlocking and lifting the gate over his salon doors.

Kagome looked at the phone screen to whine pathetically. “It’s 5:15.”

“You get yo fuzzy ass out that bed and in this salon within the hour. Today’s Saturday and you know I get ridiculously crowded with walk-ins and appointments. And I’ll be too busy to bother witchu this week. So you get down here now or deal with being Cousin It until your next appointment. You got until 6:30 helfa.” Before Kagome could protest, Jaq hung up and left her sitting there defeated.

“Fine you bossy heifer.” She mumbled to her phone as she threw herself on her feet and stumbled around her room. Coffee. Good kami did she need coffee.


“Master Sesshoumaru seems lonely.” Rin said thoughtfully as she walked dutifully behind her Lord.

Shocked by her sudden observation, the demon lord stopped to regard her silently over his shoulder.

Jaken waddled his way over to his side to glare at the inquisitive child. “Silly child. Who are you to assume milord’s moods?” he balked. He was about to lecture the girl until he was promptly hushed.

“Jaken.” Sesshoumaru threatened in a low tone. He regarded his ward for a moment more. He noticed she appeared concerned. Unnecessary on his behalf of course, but he found himself curious about it. What would make his young ward speculate such a thing?

Perhaps reading the askance on his face, Rin walked up to grab his hand. The contact gave him a strange feeling. He never held his ward’s hand before, so it must be the novelty of the concept. Distracted by his musing’s, he allowed to keep her light hold on his limp hand as he resumed to walking.

Lonely, she says? He pondered inwardly. Out of her time at his side, she believed, at that particular moment, that he was in need of companionship?!

Sesshoumaru analyzed his recent behavior and couldn’t figure out what he had done to make his ward draw such a conclusion. Then he analyzed his recent thoughts. Just before his ward mentioned anything, he remembered going over the benefits of a mate. That it would be interesting to have someone to converse with. She would be a more pleasant travel companion than his bickering retainer. And then there was intimacy; pleasure; and pups. Strong healthy pups he could sire and raise to be great alphas one day. The elder’s constant chatter seemed to have finally influenced him. Or perhaps this was a genuine concern of his.

With a slight frown on his brow, he looked down at his ward humming quietly to herself. He didn’t realize how much those things concerned him until she inquired about it. How could one so young notice something about him before he noticed it himself?

Rin beamed up at him with her bright smile. Her teeth long ago grew back as they should making her youthful face quite charming. “I would like to see Shippou again. It’s fun playing tag with him.”

“You speak of the kit that travels with the half-breed.” He clarified.

The child bobbed her head up and down excitedly before she rambled on. “Yep. He’s much more fun than Jaken.” She looked pointedly to the imp waddling on the other side of him. The imp sniffed haughtily. “Kagome probably has more games she could teach me and Shippou to play. Tag and Hide and Seek are fun.”

“Kagome…” He mentioned for the girl to clarify.

Rin looked up at her lord confused then smiled in understanding. “Kagome... the nice lady who’s Shippou’s momma. Inu Yasha’s wench, you would call her.” she giggled.

Oh yes of course, he thought. That mouthy human woman that pacified the half-breed. If he recalled correctly, he believed she was a miko. “Such language is not appropriate for a young lady Rin.” He calmly chastised her as he mulled over his memories of the miko.

“Yes Lord Sesshoumaru.” She nodded thoughtfully then continued humming.

Kagome… The demon lord thought quietly to himself as he continued through the field hand and hand with his ward. From what little recollection he recovered, he remembered that he had quite a fascination with that flippant little human; a fascination that subconsciously led him to move his group in a certain direction.


“Sango…” Kagome called out in warning before the woman snapped her bolt. Not even a few minutes after she got here from painful speedy snatch work that she found her sister-friend here in the feudal era blowing another gasket. All the man did was hug her. HUG HER. He did not toss or slap her around, like the average man of that era would. He. Just. Friggin. Hugged. Her.

“I want him out Kagome. Out. Gone. Away from me. He’s annoying the hell out of me with all the hugging and the grabbing…”

Kagome rolled her eyes. “Completely harmless husbandly affection Sango.”  Miroku was beside her nodding in agreement.

Wincing, the miko reached down to rub a hand down the overly smooth skin of her legs.  Man her legs throbbed something horrible. The hell did Jaq do this time?

“So what are you trying to say Kagome? That I’m overreacting? Acting irrational or something?” Sango snapped as she rounded on Kagome.

Fed up, Kagome bristled at her friend’s attitude then stalked up to her to growl in frustration. “As a matter of fact, yes. YES, that’s exactly what I’m saying!” the miko snapped making the exterminator back up a few feet.


“From woman to woman, sister to sister, friend to close friend, I’m telling you to chill… the hell… out. You’re pregnant for Kami’s sake. You shouldn’t be snapping and snarling at everyone and expect everyone to walk on eggshells just because your mood decided to take a nose dive.” Kagome grabbed both of her friend’s hands to stare pleading into her eyes. “You need to understand that you are pregnant and are having severe psychotic mood swings that are making everyone around you unnecessarily miserable. And you’re not the only one with this problem. My mom was labeled a psychotic bitch when she was pregnant with Souta and everyone knows she’s otherwise the most loving gentle natured woman known to man,” She then smiled to lighten the sting of her words. “…post pregnancy. So please…please…Shut. Up. At let the man love you.”

The slayer snapped her mouth closed and allowed her husband to pull her back and sit her down on the cushion he placed behind her. She watched Kagome warily as she slowly released her hands, clearly too stunned to do much else.

Miroku sent a look of complete gratitude before sitting behind his stunned wife and gathering her into his arms. The woman finally allowed him to embrace her. Probably what she needed this whole time.

Taking that as a cue to leave, Kagome bent low to kiss her sister on her head and quickly vacated the hut. Good god, what a morning.


She looked around the hut confused. Now that that was settled… Where did Shippou go off to?

Loud squealing got her attention from across the field through heavy brush. Climbing through the other side she was surprised to find Shippou in speedy pursuit of what looked like…Rin? And if she was here then that means…

Looking around, she spotted the demon lord lounging quietly under a tree next to his steed that was being handfed by that nasty imp. She still couldn’t understand how he tolerated such a mean noisy little creature. She stepped into the field and suddenly found herself under the demon lord’s scrutiny. Unsettling, but not scary…this time.

“Lord Sesshoumaru.” she said politely as she felt two little bodies crash into her legs. Shippou was already climbing up her side to nuzzle her cheek.

“Miko.” He answered solemnly.

“Hey, you got any new games for us to play Ma?” Shippou asked breathlessly before he jumped from her shoulder down next to Rin who too looked up at her expectantly.

She thought about it for a moment. They already knew tag and hide-and-seek. They seemed so revved up with energy, Kagome doubted they would want to play a sit down type of game. But all she could think of at the moment were sit down games. Perhaps the concept of doing something different would get them interested. “I’ll be right back” It only took her a moment to gather her pack and return with it in tow. Pulling a deck off large cards from her sack, she sat down and beckoned the children around her. “Now…” she started shuffling the cards expertly in her hands. “Ever heard of the game Go Fish?” she smiled at the eager looks on their faces when they shook their heads. “Alright then…”

-The Last Straw…

Sesshoumaru watched the miko go through the grueling task of explaining some card game to the pups as they crowded around her asking more questions than she could keep up with. Even under their verbal onslaught she remained cheerful and eager. He couldn’t imagine staying calm under the pressure of boisterous young ones looking to him for a source of entertainment.

Watching the woman play with the young pups made him feel…slighted. Slighted? What an odd feeling. Slighted by what? The miko perhaps? As unintentional as it was, she didn’t grant him the satisfaction he subconsciously wanted. It was as if her attention wasn’t where it should be. And where it should be, he just realized, is on him.

Thunderous crashing and birds fleeing the treetops grabbed the demon lord’s attention. He watched the eastward clearing waiting for the hanyou to rush through to challenge him like he always does when he was in the vicinity. And of course, the hanyou didn’t disappoint when he swung his Tessiaga in his direction after making his usual disastrous entrance.

“Why are you here?” The imbecile barked across the vast field. Why must he insist on being so loud? Everyone had long ago fallen silent as soon as he crashed into the clearing, so was the overexertion of your vocal cords necessary?

“For reasons that are of no concern of yours.” Sesshoumaru said quietly as he reclined against the tree behind him unconcerned for the hanyou.

Inu Yasha donned a perplexed scowl as he cocked his head. “Speak Japanese ya snobby bastard.” He demanded rudely.

“What he means Yasha….” The miko sudden snapped as she stood stiffly from her lesson with the pups to glare in the hanyou’s direction. “…is for you to mind your darn business. He doesn’t have to report to you every time to come to visit.”

“Who says he doesn’t?!” the half breed yelled. “And what do ya’ mean visit? Ya have to be wanted here to visit, anything other than that is trespassin’. As a matter of fact you tresspassin too.”

Everything suddenly went quiet in the field. Even the birds in the surrounding trees halted their melodious chirping as if they knew danger was afoot. The pups scrambled from around the miko over to where they sought refuge behind Ah-Uhn who too watched the miko warily. No person or creature in the proximity of the miko so much as breathed.

Eyes hidden beneath her neatly cut bangs, the miko hissed low. “That’s it.”

Sesshoumaru was reclining comfortably against his tree finding himself highly entertained by the malicious exchange between the two. The miko’s aura blasted to life around her as she let a delightful little growl go unhindered. He must say, he never would have thought her to be so…becoming; alluring even in all her angry glory. Yes he must decree, she was quite a sight to behold. Fascinated by her aura whipping about her petite frame like agitated flames, he watched the miko stalk across the field right to the hanyou who grew paler each step she made in his direction.


“Kag’s wait I was joking. Kidding. Come on you know me better than that.” He said worriedly as the miko neared him with unfaltering steps. Clearly she had it set in her mind to throttle the half breed. The display stirred dormant sensations in Sesshoumaru that surprised yet intrigued him. This onna was growing more appealing to him by the second.

Kagome kept marching over towards the nervous hanyou, reached out to grab a handful of his wild white locks and proceeded to drag him out of the clearing through the brush. With no other choice, the hanyou allowed the miko to haul him out of sight.

“Now he’s gonna get it. He’s been pissin Ma off for the longest. It was only a matter of time before she snapped her bolt.” He heard Shippou whisper to his ward.

“You will refrain from using such crude language around my ward kit.” The demon lord warned as he kept his eyes glued to where the miko disappeared with the hanyou. He could felt irritation in the kit’s aura at his words but Sesshoumaru was much to captivated with the miko’s ranting voice in the distance to bother with noticing. She had quite an interesting way with words. A few he found he may be privy to using himself.

“…and I better not see you until you learned some damn manners you hear me?” her voice broke through the brush as she reentered the clearing. The hanyou muttered something rude that had the miko rounding on the forest with a vengeance. “What did you say?!” She demanded angrily. “SIT!!” she said after the idiot apparently repeated himself.

The most fascinating thing about the whole scene was the miraculous transformation from angry to pleasant the instant she turned around from the forest sighing… wistfully. Yes, the demon lord must say that sounded like a wistful sigh. It was as if she was overdue to let loose her fury eons ago when the hanyou came around to give her an outlet for her frustration. How unwittingly generous of him.

Strolling across the clearing, the demon lord was held captive by the refreshing sight of the young woman prancing happily in his direction, basking in the afterglow of her tirade. A most charming sight it was. The notion that this onna found attacking people with loud malicious tirades relaxing made him see her in a new light. A light that illuminated her small little frame; a frame he didn’t notice that was pleasantly curvy until that moment. A smile worked at his lips. Of course the sentimental action was halted in its tracks. But the fact that it nearly bested him made him…wary.

“I’m sorry you had to see that but as you have seen…he asked for it.”

He nodded slightly in agreement as she moved to take a seat to the side of him. Seated a tad to far away in his opinion.

“So what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

What did she owe him…indeed. He mused to himself.


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