I Fell for Myself by Stella Mira

I Love You

Perspiration and nude skin, the scent of male, spent desire, three words, unspoken, the quiet side of feeling – I love you. Kagome laved them on the slant of his lips, her mating mark to him, her troth. Limbs tightened, tangled, pressed her against sinew and heat, tongue licking that sweet throb on her neck, slinking into the nethermost parts of her soul, stroking those words. Kagome arched against him, languorous motions, sated, huskiness slathered on skin.

"Did you hear that? Is it the mating bond?"

"In part."

Vibrations within his chest, sliding against the swells of her body, teeth dragging on the lobe of her ear. Kagome laughed softly, relished the sounds, his warmth, stretching and coiling and twining around her.

"Our change…it amplified the mating bond?"

Kagome needn't have asked, she knew – but she wanted to feel his lips gliding over the slope of her neck as he answered, that sultry sensation.


There weren't many things left to say between them – only one. Her throat cloyed with the weight of her guilt, remnants of self-blame, as she uttered it.

"I'm sorry about…but I can't – not yet."

Three words slithered in her mind then, caressed her in intimate ways – his. Sesshōmaru gave her what she needed – always and forever.

I will wait.


A/N: The End. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had planned an epilogue, but when I finished this little chapter, I decided it would be better without one. There's no need for more, words are always lovelier when left unsaid.


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