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Her Fate by zodiak023


Hey, just wanted to give thanks to the beautiful creators of the drawing 'Inupapa and pup' by janey jane and the drawing 'Here comes the rain' by sheridan, gorgeous drawing really! and those are the two drawings that will be referred to in this story. and no i do not in no way own inuyasha. so here is the first chappy!


She thought she was an ordinary girl living in Tokyo, Japan. Her name, Kagome Higurashi. She moved from the states to her grandfather’s shrine which she thought was dull, but her mother insisted on moving here after the death of Kagome’s and Sota’s father since their grandfather was getting older and would not be able to do much around the shrine in a few more years. In a week Kagome would be turning 15 years old. Though she lived in a normal world, her grandfather was still living back in the old times, where mikos and demons were of plenty, he even wore an old kimono around on their shrine. He even made Kagome wear a miko’s white and red kimono when they had their traditional tours in the spring and summer.

Kagome thought her grandfather was weird, he was always warning her and Sota to stay away from the old well house, apparently it had survived from over 500 years in the past. Yes, her grandfather was really weird, he had all these old scrolls collected over the years, and he went on about demons, and then recently he had bought replicas of the Shikon No Tama or the Jewel of Four Souls to sell as souvenirs. And of course he had all his weird things in jars, Kagome had noticed them in one of the smaller buildings and they looked worse than the pickled pig’s feet that stores sold in town. Unknown to her, her grandfather had always spoke the truth, he wasn’t losing his mind because he was getting older, and she would soon believe her grandfather about the demons and mikos that had once existed.


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