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Pretend Love by Maria-Salvatore29


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.


“Hey, Sesshomaru!” Kagome burst inside Sesshomaru’s ‘chamber for state affair’ or what she called his office. “Look what I found in the library while waiting for my sensei to arrive! Sketches of you as a kid!”

“A pup,” Hideo corrected, his golden eyes twinkling, but she ignored him even if he was sitting in front of Sesshomaru’s massive desk.

“Oh, you were the puppy right here?” She skipped beside Sesshomaru, showing him sketches of a white puppy bearing his markings. “Aww. You’re so adorable. I would totally adopt you!”

Sesshomaru yanked the papers away from her and hid it inside his drawers. “I am not adorable!”

The evil glare would definitely not work after seeing him as a puppy. She giggled at the mental picture and slightly pinched his cheeks. “You so are. You could have killed people off with your fluffiness!”

“Stop it, miko,” he snapped, seemingly fighting to roll his eyes at her.

Hideo laughed, teasing, “Aww. I agree, my love. You are like adorable lovebirds.” Then he chuckled at her expression. “You still angry with me, Lady Kagome? Tsk. Sesshomaru, please help me get back to her good graces.”

Sesshomaru’s lips tightened a little. “Leave us. I’d summon you later.”

His cousin comically widened his eyes. “Oh no, you two. Are you going to create puppies already?” He was guffawing as he strutted outside.

“Ugh, your cousin is a pain in the a—“ she protested, but was cut short by the feel of his fingers caressing her right hand. She looked at his indifferent face, his eyes intent at her hand, which made her shift from foot to foot in awkwardness. “Uhm…Sesshomaru-sama?”

When he saw the blush on her face, he explained the sudden presence of his hand in hers, “You have smudged ink on your hand.”


Prompt: Skye’s Bi-weekly Challenge – Ink

Word Count: 300

Date Posted: 01/17/16


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