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The Western Breeding by Blackthorn

The Begining

The Western Breeding

This is a spin off of my book, The Royal Breeding. I decided to write a Kagome and Sesshomaru version of it.

You can find my book, The Royal Breeding, at Thank you and happy readings!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Inu-yasha or the surround characters; I only own the story line and any extra characters.



Kagome looked up from her book as a scream echoed through the air. Was someone in trouble? She marked her place and started heading to the car that she had parked at the bottom of the shrines steps. However once she was safely seated inside the metal contraption a loud boom sounded off, scaring Kagome even more.

What was going on? Was the city under attack? Finally starting the car she drove off to the inner city to at least get a glimpse of what was causing all the noise. What Kagome saw wasn’t what she had expected.

Demons. Many, many demons ran around the streets. They all looked like they leaped right out of the books she had read time and time again. In their true forms they snatched humans up off the streets, bundling them into cages that lined the sidewalks. Everyone was running and screaming.

Just as she was about to speed past a large white dog stopped her. He had to be well over a hundred yards tall and even more so lengthwise. His red eyes narrowed when she gasped and his massive head leaned down to glance into the car. She got a glimpse of turquoise pupils and magenta colored stripes at the corner of his acid-dripping muzzle.

When he growled she was snapped out of her stupor and decided it was high time she left the city. With slow careful movements Kagome placed the car in reverse and got out of the chaotic city as fast as she could.

Kagome stopped by the untouched shrine to grab her arrows and bow along with a few sets of clothes. She wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon as long as the demons were running amuck. By the time she was driving away from her home the herd of demons was making it’s way towards the empty shrine.

About three days later she was traveling across Japan, looking for any surviving humans. On one of her stops for the night she had met up with a small village of humans who had not been captured. They spoke of what the demons wanted with the humans.


Kagome had been sitting by the small fire with a few other women and men when one asked, “What will a young miko like yourself do in this world? The demons will want to breed you.”


“Breed? What do you mean?” she had asked. Utterly confused.


“The demons have found that certain humans bred with demons can produce full blooded demons, quite a find. They are now combing the lands looking for miko’s and those special humans. All those unlucky others will be used for breeding new humans.”


Kagome was silent. What was she to do now? She could try to run but eventually they would find her. What about the large dog demon? “I will stay out of sight the best I can. That is all I can hope for at the moment.”


“We also heard they have started destroying all electronics and are rebuilding the Western castle. Lord Sesshomaru will start his search for the perfect human to breed.”

With that on her mind she left the next morning.

End Flashback

She was mainly focusing on finding a hiding place so the demons wouldn’t find her. If her womb was so important to them that they would encage her just to breed more demons she was more than happy to run forever. But her frail human body couldn’t keep up all the time.

Kagome’s car was just running out of gas as she passed a small cave. The entrance was small, not big enough to fit a full sized man between the lips. She dumped the car a few miles away and walked back to her new home. Once inside she found it opened up enough for a small bed and a fire pit.

Someone is living here… before she could think of anything else a young dark brown haired female launched herself at Kagome and sent the two crashing into the ground. They rolled a bit until the newcomer leaped back and hissed, “Who are you?”

Kagome hacked and coughed to try to get her breath back before she replied, “A friend! My name is Kagome and if you are running form the demons then we are friends! Not foes!”

The tiny female dropped her tense stance and bowed her head, “Then we are friends.” Behind the dark brown hair shone light brown eyes, “My name is Sango.”

“Kagome, as I said. So why do you stay in this hole? Have you found no better?”

“It is enchanted by a friend who moved on. No demon can sense the entrance and if they try to enter they will be turned back around. It would take another miko or witch to break the spell. So, where are you headed to, Kagome?”

“I don’t know as of yet. My car ran out of gas about ten miles back and I walked back to this cave.” Sango knelt down to start a small fire that would funnel up through a hole in the roof.

“You may stay here. It will be the safest place for a miko of your power.”

“Power? I have no power.” Kagome set her bag on the floor by the entrance and moved closer the heat.

“I may not be a demon or another miko but I can still feel the power rolling off of you. The best thing for you is to stay inside of the barrier so no one can detect you.” The other girl held out a slice of jerky. “To staying free?”

“To staying free.”


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