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Bleeding In Secret by Rosalynn



WARNING: If you like Inuyasha, then you will most likely not like this fanfic.

Chapter 1: Gone

Kagome just stared ahead while Inuyasha yelled at her yet again. She had become numb since the fall of the vile half-demon Naraku one year ago. The well had closed and the wish had been made. Sango and Miroku had gotten married and they had gone back to Sango’s village to rebuild. Shippo had gone off and joined a fox demon tribe so that he could grow up as a proper fox demon. Kagome had killed Kikyo just a few weeks ago. She had had no choice. Kikyo was going to kill her if she didn’t defend herself. Kagome had long surpassed Kikyo in power and was closer to Midoriko’s power than she had been Kikyo’s. The following week after Kikyo had died, Inuyasha had begun abusing her. She would have fought back, but that would have only made things worse. She was better off just leaving when he fell asleep.

It was late in the evening and when Inuyasha realized she hadn’t said anything and that she wasn’t even scared, he grabbed her arm and sank his claws all the way down to the bone and yanked his claws all the way down, stopping just before her wrist. Kagome just sat there and she didn’t flinch, she didn’t cry, she didn’t make sound. She let him rant some more about her being worthless. She had realized a very long time ago that she didn’t love Inuyasha, but rather despised him. She did not hate him, but it was close. Kagome waited till Inuyasha had fallen asleep before grabbing a big piece of cloth, some miko garbs, and left. She ran into the forest that was about a half a mile away from Edo. It headed away from Inuyasha and the well. She would not sit around and just let him kill her. She was better than that. She hid behind a tree and took off her uniform. She had worn it for as long as she was capable. It had been patched up all over the place, but it was time for it to go. She picked up the piece of cloth and wrapped it around her arm. She may have been able to heal other people, but she was still working on how to heal herself. She would find someone later on that would stitch her arm up. Right now it was in her best interest for her to get as far away as she could. Kagome tied off the makeshift bandage and put on the miko garbs. She continued walking when she was done. Her hair, which hung down to her knees, was wavy like the waves of the ocean and free to blow in the wind. She walked for the rest of the night and until she reached a village the next evening. Kagome had crossed into Western Territory by this point so she had no doubt that Lord Sesshomaru knew that she was here. She didn’t care at this point. It had been her goal to reach the Western Lands. Inuyasha was not allowed to step foot on them. She would rather face death by the hands of Sesshomaru than keep herself from killing Inuyasha. He had never truly tried to kill her except for the first time they met. Sesshomaru, though, she would have no qualms attacking. He deserved to get his ass kicked anyways. It wouldn’t surprise her if she were the one that ended up dead, but she would put up one hell of a fight. Kagome smiled when she walked into the village. It looked quite peaceful, until Sesshomaru came out of the village headman’s hut. He looked at her and she stopped walking and bowed. “Lord Sesshomaru.” He just nodded his head, acknowledging her. He went back to talking the headman. Kagome was starting to feel dizzy. She felt a tug on her hakamas and looked down to see a little boy. He smiled at her and then screamed. Sesshomaru turned his head to see why the boy had screamed and his eyes widened slightly when he saw Kagome’s sleeve turn red with blood. He took a good look at her then and noticed that she was not well at all.

“Kagome. Who did this to you?”

Kagome only gave him a small smile. Even though she would have loved to kick his ass for trying to kill her several times, they had become somewhat close after Naraku died. She decided that she could tell him and if he did anything after that, it was not her problem. “Inuyasha.” Kagome fell to her knees and would have gone face first into the dirt if strong arms hadn’t picked her up. That was the last thing she registered before everything went black.


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