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Strings by FantomuAiShi

1. Beautiful Daughter

"Little daughter, little daughter...don't venture out in the dark," her mother sighed, the child's eyes were wide and burning with tempted rebellion, "Remember your birth right." And the child's lips tipped downward, and sorrow were heavy. My daughter, you were so beautiful, that the evil was already smitten with you, even when you haven't yet breathe your first.

The mother doesn't like reminders-and what hanged around the child's neck was jarring enough.  It was a gift, a round stone of always-changing pinkness. She hated the color.

Kagome, Kagome, the little bird in a cage...What stand behind you?

The one with the key and the lock.


AN: Hello, it's my first story here on Dokuga. I am not quite sure as of where I am going with this story, but I did finished ten prompts from the brilliant JeniNeji! I will post two a day until I have no more chapters left in saving. I will take prompts from DDN.

All will range between 100 to 500 words.

This is unbeta'd.


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