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Secretly A Prince by sesshomarusama33


I know, I know! Another story... when I still have others that need to be finished. I just couldn't help it... I've been in a writing mood lately!

Anyway, this is a plot bunny that's been in my head for a couple of days now... I really hope you all enjoy it! ^^

Many thanks to one of my amazing beta's, Stella! You rock, girl!


Kagome hummed to herself as she picked medicinal herbs, adding them to the wicker basket she carried with rough fingers. Holding the basket gingerly, she gasped when she heard a low growl coming from the bushes to her left, and approached them with measured.

"Hello?" she called, grasping a branch as she pushed them aside, her eyes widening when she found a pure white dog, his fur marred with fresh crimson blood. She rushed to the dogs side, setting down the basket next to her as she inspected the deep gash on his back, careful not to disturb it.

It growled at her once more, baring his fangs in warningas red eyes slanted - revealing purple pupils.

"Oh dear, you're badly injured! Hold on - I have some topical ointment that will cure that right up!" She smiled at him, reaching into a bag that rested on her back, and picking up a small oyster shell that held green paste inside of it.

The dog looked towards her strangely, growling as she applied the ointment to his back. It stung as she applied it, but he could feel the ointment curing him as she spread it carefully and gingerly onto him.

"There... now to bandage it so the wound won't get dirty." She commented, ripping her plain yukata at the hem, before gently lifting him so that she could wrap it around his waist and over his back.  He lay his head down, relaxing as he realized she meant him no harm. She smiled at him, putting her hand on his head and rubbing him very gently.  

“I’ll get you something to eat, so don’t you move from here, alright?” She said, standing up to retrieve food for the injured dog.

He fell asleep instantly- dreaming of lords and ladies.


Prompt: None

Word Count: 300


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