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The Requirements for a Perfect Mate by Ai Roku

I Thought Dogs Were Loyal

Well this is the last prompt for the Superior Sense of Smell Challenge.

I'm so happy I was able to finish the challenge!

Although this is the end of the challenge, there will probably be at least 2 more chapters of Requirements so I hope you'll keep reading!

I want to say a special thanks to see03 for posting this challenge. It's thanks to you that I was able to work up the courage to finally post something and I'm eternally grateful!

Also a big thank you to everyone who's been reading.

I hope everyone will enjoy this chapter.

Dedicated to:  see03, His Lady, BlackInuPup, cassandra, KEdakumi, and LoveAndFaith.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha is not my property! 


Before I am able to respond to the hanyou’s hostile inquiry, he has already launched an attack in his typical thoughtless manner.

His attacks are rushed and careless; effortless to dodge and avoid. He is too lost in anger for strategy, and has not even drawn the Tetsuseiga, relying solely upon his claws.

Tiring quickly of indulging the whelp’s temper tantrum, I release my acid whip and send it towards the ignorant pup.

With a sense of satisfaction I watch as it tears through his fire rat haori, before finally rending flesh when he proves too slow to completely dodge the attack.

He lands on his back before quickly somersaulting and regaining his feet once again.

Using this opportunity, I retrieve my Bakusaiga from its resting place upon my discarded juban.

I expect him to immediately launch another ineffective attack, but notice with a measure of surprise that he is merely standing there a few feet away, his teeth clenched as he glares at me.

What. Did. You. Do. To. Kagome?!

His hand now rests upon the hilt of Tetsuseiga as he awaits my answer. It seems that he has calmed enough to regain his rationality.

Smirking at the half-breed, I mockingly ask,

“What did it look like I was doing, little brother? You do not have to worry though, I assure you she enjoyed it thoroughly.”

With barely controlled fury he rips Tetsuseiga from its sheath, and points the now fully transformed fang in my direction. His weight shifts to the balls of his feet as he prepares to lunge, growling out a furious litany of curses.

“You dirty son of a bitch, I’ll kill you!”

I draw my Bakusaiga at the last second, blocking Tetsuseiga mere inches from my face.

I shift my weight into the blade of my sword, baring down on the Tetsuseiga. Soon I see Inuyasha’s right wrist begin to buckle under the strain, and with a lightning quick movement I draw back my Bakusaiga and slash at the hanyou before he can counter.

As expected the blow lands, however it does not seem to faze him as he immediately retaliates with an attack of his own.

Through the ring of our clashing swords, I can hear the miko imploring us to stop fighting, but I ignore her. This fight has been a long time in coming.

At long last I will show this whelp his place, and I refuse to allow this insignificant human wench to stop me this time, she has no power to command me.

“How dare you touch her, you damn bastard! You don’t even have the right to look at her!”

“What is wrong Inuyasha? Are you afraid I will steal your little human plaything away from you?” I feel a cruel smile twist my lips, as his attacks once more become erratic.

“Come now, do you truly believe that I would use her as anything other than a momentary distraction? Toying with her merely served to provide This Sesshomaru with a source of entertainment. As I am sure you witnessed she was more than accommodating.”

A gasp echoes in the clearing as I finish my taunting words, and though it no longer rings out in pleasure but in shock instead, I still easily recognize it as having come from the miko.

Both Inuyasha and I freeze as we remember our audience. Jumping away from each other we both turn and look at her.

She stands a few scant feet away, her wide horrified eyes fixed upon my face; and in those orbs the color of a summer’s sky after a storm I can clearly see shock, anger, pain, and betrayal.

Yet as I continue to hold her gaze I see these emotions slowly masked by a familiar empty blankness. It seems that I am now the cause of the same disturbing lifelessness that I had once banished.

I notice that though they are now blank and empty her eyes have not left mine. She once said that she could read my emotions through my eyes, and I cannot help but to wonder what it is she is seeing in them now, for even I cannot decipher what it is I am feeling in this moment.

As I look deeper searching for some trace of the emotions that were so openly displayed before, I realize that she can see nothing in my eyes, because she does not see anything at all. Her eyes are sightless, her focus apparently turned inward.

The hanyou reaches out his hand to touch her shoulder, and I suppress the possessive growl that builds deep within my chest.


It appears that this dispels her near catatonic state, and without a word she simply turns and runs.

Every instinct that I possess is screaming inside my mind, telling me to go after her. So with single-minded purpose I lock my muscles into place one by one, in order to prevent such a disgraceful display.

Kagome, wait!!”

The half-breed’s call goes unheeded, and though it at first appears that he will immediately follow her, he turns to me with a look of utmost hatred instead.

With Tetsuseiga still held firmly within his white knuckled grip, he lunges once more.

“Until now I never would’ve believed that I could actually hate you anymore than I already did!”

He swings the sword in a wide arc, slashing my shoulder and forearm as I attempt to dodge his attack. He gloats over his minor hit and I use his distraction to back hand him into the nearest tree.

The force of the blow sends him flying not only into, but through the tree, and his momentum carries him crashing through several others as well.

By the time he finally hits the ground, I am already standing above him, Bakusaiga at his throat.

“Concede brother, and I shall allow you to live.”

His eyes briefly flash red as he growls out,

“Go to hell!”

I add more pressure, slightly pushing the tip of my sword into his throat, watching as his blood beads up before flowing in rivulets from the wound.

With a noise somewhere between a whimper and a growl, Inuyasha at last tilts his head back and to the side, ever so slightly baring his neck to me. Satisfied I withdraw my Bakusaiga and turn away from him.

I walk back to the small partially hidden cave where I previously deposited my armor and haori.

The cursed image of the miko’s shock and pain haunts me every step.

Suddenly it seems like blasphemy to have let such words pass my lips. Especially when I can still taste her there, still feel the touch of her skin against my own; hear her ardent cries of passion echoing in my ears.

But, it must be the truth for there can be no other alternative. It was my intention from the beginning to use her in order to find a mate. This incident was merely the result of depriving myself of female companionship for too long.

Just an unfortunate lack of control, a moment of weakness no doubt brought on by all of these inconvenient thoughts of the miko I have been having of late.

Yet if that is indeed the case, why do I feel as if I have destroyed something precious and irretrievable?


After Inuyasha’s interruption and my scramble to cover myself, I was trying to rationalize why Sesshomaru had suddenly pushed me away like that.

I was upset, but it didn’t really mean anything right? He was probably startled and just reacted, that’s all.

Maybe he thought that Inuyasha would attack even with me in the way, so he was trying to protect me.

But no matter how I tried, none of these excuses explained the look of disgust on his face as he shoved me away.

No! No I won’t let myself think like that; whatever it is that just happened between us, Sesshomaru is my friend. I know that he’d never treat me that way!

My train of thought is derailed as the sound of clashing swords finally registers in my mind. I can’t let them fight like this; Inuyasha has the completely wrong idea!

“Inuyasha! Sesshomaru! Stop please! Inuyasha, listen to me it’s not what you think!”

They don’t even acknowledge me. Knowing those two they’re so caught up in the fight they can’t even hear me.

Just when I decide that I have no other choice but to use the ‘sit’ command, before one or both of them is seriously injured Sesshomaru speaks. His mocking tone grates against my ears even as his words shatter my heart.

A plaything….. A momentary distraction….A source of entertainment…

Those words…those awful, hateful words echo in my ears. They bounce around inside my skull until each reverberation seems to destroy another piece of me.

I feel it then, the return of that cold emptiness that had once become so much a part of me, the emptiness I thought I would never have to feel again when I finally let go of my feelings for Inuyasha. The emptiness that Sesshomaru himself had conquered for me, when I had been too weak.

For a moment everything is blessedly numb, I don’t even hear those Kami forsaken words anymore. Then as suddenly as it came, it was gone and all I could feel was pain.

It hurt, oh Kami it hurt so much!

The only clear thought in my mind is to run, to get away from him. My heart and my pride may be lying in ashes around me, but I’ll be damned if I let that bastard see me cry.

With that resolution in mind I turn away and break into a sprint. I hear Inuyasha yell my name but I neither stop nor turn around.

I have no idea where I’m going, not even the general direction I’m headed in, but I keep running. I run until my legs collapse beneath me, my muscles too weak from exertion to hold me up any longer. I notice my knees are cushioned my grass as I fall, and that I’m gasping for breath; my lungs burning, starved for oxygen.

I can’t hold it back anymore, and tears flood my eyes as a sob wrenches itself from deep within my chest.

Stupid, stupid!

I thought that we were sharing something special, it had been so beautiful. I’d never done something like that before; never felt anything that could even come close

For those few moments in his arms, I’d felt desirable and cherished and so achingly alive! Now I just feel cheap and dirty.

Was everything a lie? Was it all just one big game of fool the stupid human?

All this time he used me. It shouldn’t surprise me; Inuyasha had used me as well; though at least he’d been honest about it for the most part.

Is it so wrong to want to have your feelings returned? Is such a thing impossible for me; will I always be rejected? First by Inuyasha, and now Sesshomaru….

How could I have let this happen? After everything I went through with Inuyasha, when I finally get over him I go and let myself fall for his brother!

Panic seizes me suddenly.

No, that’s not true! I didn’t fall for him! It’s only been a couple of months since I really started to get to know him…well, since I thought I was getting to know him, it’s not possible.

I am not in love with Sesshomaru… matter what it takes; I’ll force myself to believe that.

Through my gasping sobs I can hear light footsteps crunching debris on the forest floor.

When I try to search for the source of the footsteps it becomes apparent that during my hysterical crying fit I curled into myself. Knees still on the ground, arms wrapped around my torso, my back hunched over.

I also become aware that at some point I had begun to rock myself back and forth, and though I try to stop the motion, like my tears it simply refuses to be repressed.

“Kagome, are you alright?”

I slowly turn my head toward the soft voice. Through my tear-clouded vision all I can see is a red blur, but that’s enough for me to confirm it’s Inuyasha standing in front of me.

“Did that bastard hurt you? If he forced you I-“

I can hear the edge of hysteria in the sound, as I begin to laugh.

“Force me? No, of course he didn’t. He didn’t have to, like he said I was more than accommodating!”

The laughter had turned into sobs as fresh tears fell in a cascade down my cheeks.

“K-kagome, are you…. I mean d’ya maybe….h-have you fallen for him?”

“Go ahead, rub it in.  Tell me how stupid I am Yasha. Give me a detailed list of everything that makes me too inferior for even you to love, let alone Sesshomaru!”

I’m shocked, when he drops to his knees beside me. Wrapping his arms around my trembling body, he leans his forehead against my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Kagome! I know I’ve been an asshole to you, but that wasn’t your fault it was mine.“

He raises his head from my shoulder and looks at me. His eyes soften as they look into mine, and he gently brushes my hair behind my ears.

“I do love you, Kagome. How could I not’ve fallin’ for you? You’re the first person who ever accepted me just as I am. But see, when Kikyo was resurrected I got confused; I couldn’t choose….I still can’t. No matter how hard I try, I can’t let Kikyo go.  A part of me will always belong to her, and you deserve to have someone who’ll love you with their whole heart not just a fraction.”

Suddenly he hugs me tightly and whispers,

“I know I should’ve told you sooner, but I was selfish, I wanted you to stay by my side. I was scared to death of losing you; scared that you’d leave me, and if you left I thought I’d lose everyone else too…I was so afraid that I’d be alone again.”

His voice shakes as he confesses his fears, and in reaction I put my arms around his waist returning his now, crushing hug.

“You’ll never be alone again Yasha. I’ll always be by your side, just like I promised. You’re my best friend; that will never change, no matter how much of a jerk you are!”

He barks out a laugh and his arms tighten around me, before he releases me. He pulls back from our embrace and examines my face. He grimaces, so I’m guessing I must look pretty bad….

I let out an undignified sound of protest as he begins using the sleeve of his haori to wipe away the tears from my face. A sweet gesture but Yasha keeps poking me in the eye.

When he’s finally satisfied with his work, he pulls his sleeve away, smiling triumphantly. Meanwhile I feel like a disgruntled cat that’s been rubbed the wrong way.

“Kagome, I don’t know how it happened or what’s going on between you two, but I swear I won’t let him hurt you again.”

His words destroy the light-hearted moment, and the weight of the current situation crashes down on me again.

Suddenly I just want to go home. I want my favorite pajamas, and a pint of green tea ice cream. I want to cry myself to sleep, in my comfy bed, and most of all I want to scrub his scent and touch off my skin; wash his taste from my mouth and pretend that nothing ever happened.

I feel my eyes begin to tear again as I look at my hanyou friend.

“Please Yasha I just want to go home. I won’t stay long, but I can’t face him like this…please…please let me go home.”

“Sure wench, hop on and I’ll carry you to the well.”

I stand on wobbly legs, and walk over to him; carefully attaching myself to his back.

Maybe when my mind is clear again I’ll figure out why Sesshomaru’s betrayal hurts so much worse than letting my feelings for Inuyasha die.

When I gave up on a romantic future with Yasha, I grieved for what might have been; but trying to erase Sesshomaru’s existence from my mind, heart, and body feels like I’m destroying some vital part of myself.     


It has been two days since my lapse of control, and I have not seen the miko since she dashed from that clearing.

The hanyou informed us that the miko was paying a visit to her family.

I am sure, that she left in anger, and I will concede that she has every right to be upset. But I know with utmost certainty that when she returns, all will have been forgiven.

As I watch the sunset I scent her on the wind, she is close and though I am loath to admit it I have missed her greatly.

Moving swiftly lest Inuyasha scent her as well, I go in search of my prey.

I catch her mid way across the clearing where the Bone Eaters Well resides. She is not dressed in her customary attire, but is now dressed similarly to the slayer's battle suit. The only discernible difference being that her outfit consists of two pieces; and it bares no armor.

It does however hug her every curve beautifully, and I despise that every other male is free to look at her this way as well.

“Good evening Lord Sesshomaru.”

Her speech is formal and I notice that her face does not change as it normally would. Normally she would greet me brightly and smile at me as she chatters on about her visit home.

I do not like this change.

“Actually, I’m glad you’re here, I have something for you.”

Ah, I see that this at least has not changed. During her visits home the miko often brings back tomes on subjects that have come up in our discussions. I am caught off guard as she extends a small piece of parchment to me.

“What is this, miko?”

“It’s a list of all the female youkai that I know of, that have the characteristics you’re looking for in a mate.”

Curious I scan the brief list; it is thorough, though short. It lists the names, ranks, and species, of each prospective candidate, as well as which qualities from the miko’s strange tome she possesses.

“Thank you, miko. We shall discuss this further at our meeting tonight. There is a clearing ov-“

“I’m sorry, but I refuse to meet with you anymore.”

At first, the only thing my mind registers is that this girl had the audacity to interrupt me. After a moment however her words sink in.

“You would go back on your word? You intend to break your vow to assist This Sesshomaru in his search for a mate?”

Her eyes narrow.

“On the contrary my Lord, by giving you that list I’ve fulfilled my obligation to you. You asked me to help you find a mate with certain qualities; these are the only female youkai of my acquaintance that come close. I can’t be of any more help to you, so it would be pointless to continue to meet.”

I feel myself flinch, do our meetings mean so little to her then?

“What of the alliance between our packs, miko? Will you dissolve that as well?”

She sighs and looks at me, finally really looks at me. But instead of the usual warmth and welcome that glows up at me, I see only indifference and irritation.

“I’m not a fool my Lord, our alliance benefits us both, but the only thing holding you to it was my agreement to help you find your mate. Now that the deal is done, you are free to dissolve our packs partnership; it is entirely your choice.”

Her attitude and demeanor are beginning to irritate me. This is not my, miko.

“You are still upset over that unfortunate incident that happened the other night. Your anger is clouding your judgement miko. I am disappointed; I thought you were of a forgiving nature.”

I am delighted to note a spark of fiery anger in her eyes, before she turns her face away from me to stare at the sun now almost fully hidden below the horizon.

“I have forgiven you, but that does not mean I’ll give you the opportunity to hurt and humiliate me again. Good luck in your search Lord Sesshomaru, and may the Kami bless your chosen because she’ll need all the help she can get to put up with you.”

She resumes her walk to the village, her back to me in a sign of disrespect. No more, I have taken all the insults I will allow!

“I will not apologize, simply because I refuse to succumb to my baser instincts, as my father did. He died in shame, having brought dishonor to his name, his mate, his heir, and his lands. All for a worthless human wench and a hanyou whelp!”

She stops mid stride, and swings back around to face me, her fists clenched at her sides; her face awash in anger.

“That’s it! I have had it with your daddy issues! Sesshomaru for once in your life listen to something besides the sound of your own voice! While it’s true I never met The Inu no Taisho, I have learned about him by those who knew him best. Some who I’m certain knew him better than you!”

“How dare yo-“

“I said shut up and listen, you can kill me afterwards, but damn it you’re going to hear me out! Myoga-jii told me that unless they desire to do so an inu does not mate for life, and can choose to take multiple mates. Your parents had a political mating which meant that love probably wasn’t involved. Yet despite the fact that your father could have had a palace full of concubines; until he met and fell in love with Izayoi-hime he remained faithful to your mother. According to Totosai that was an extremely rare thing.”

She pauses for breath, her glare daring me to interrupt her.

“He didn’t abandon you, your mother, or the West. He didn’t choose Izayoi and Yasha over you either. When he left to save them knowing that he would likely die, he entrusted his lands and its people to you, Sesshomaru because he believed in you; trusted you to protect both them and your mother. Knowing his lands, people, mate, and heir were strong and safe he went to save the woman he loved and their child. That’s not weakness, or foolishness Sesshomaru; that’s strength, honor, and loyalty, things that I believed you prized. He didn’t favor Inuyasha in inheritance either, Tenseiga was every bit as powerful as Tetsuseiga; you simply never saw its worth until much later.”

After she finishes her lecture silence reigns in the small clearing. I have no idea what to say. Is it possible she is correct?

“If you’re not going to kill me, then I’m going to go on ahead to the village.”

She walks away, from me without any further acknowledgement of my presence. 

That is how we pass the evening as well. She speaks and laughs with the others, she plays with the children, but she ignores my very existence.

I cannot take it, I want her back!

I want to see her eyes light up at the sight of me again. I want to see her smile and laugh for me. I want to speak with her about anything or nothing at all.

To my shame, I even want the feel and taste of her again. I can still feel the phantom caress of her skin against mine. The feel of her tongue, the press of her petal soft lips, the exquisite taste of her mouth. My mind torments me with vivid pictures of what would have happened had we not been interrupted, and Kami help me I ache for it, for her.

It is not merely her body I desire. I miss her wit; her impish attitude, her warmth.

However she is human, and it was my belief for so long that my once idolized and revered father was bewitched by the wiles of a human wench; leading to his ultimate downfall.

I vowed to never be so weak, and yet if what the miko claims is indeed true it was not weakness, nor could the hime be blamed for what occured.

But the whole issue will be moot if I have damaged her trust to the point that she will no longer allow me to even get close to her.

The very thought of never spending another night talking with her, listening to her laugh as I tell her the intrigues of the court; makes me want to release a mournful howl into the night. An impulse I barely suppress.

It is in this state that I am found an hour before dawn by a messenger liveried in the colors of the Western Lands.

After reading the message I rise and walk to the village to wake the rest of the pack.


“I must return to the West. It seems there have been sightings of Naraku there.”

“Then shouldn’t we all go with you?” I ask, wondering if perhaps my sleep fogged mind is missing something.

“No miko, it will be faster for me to go alone and ascertain whether there is any truth to these rumors. If I find any evidence of the kumo’s presence I will send for the rest of you immediately.”

The youkai Lord then turns to the little girl half-asleep on the two-headed dragon, and her imp guardian.

“Rin, awaken and pay heed.”

I hold back a laugh as I watch Rin-chan blink her eyes open, slowly focusing on her Lord. Suddenly she pops straight up, grinning happily.

“Yes, my Lord!”

“Rin, you, Jaken, and Ah-Un will remain here, while I travel to the west.” He turns to the imp next, his voice practically dripping icicles.

“Jaken if any harm comes to her, your life will be forfeit.” In response the little imp begins bowing profusely, squawking assurances.

Something about this seems wrong to me, like something bad is about to happen. Unable to help myself I call out to the inu Lord, as he begins to form his youki cloud beneath his feet.

“Take care and be safe Lord Sesshomaru!” I blush to the roots of my hair, as he turns his head back towards me and smirks.


Later that day, after an uneventful morning of travel we decide to take a break for lunch a bit early.

We begin to lazily hunt for an appropriate spot, when I feel it.

Quickly throwing up a barrier around us I call out to my friends,

“We’re surrounded.”

There are suddenly swarms of youkai surging against my barrier, trying to break through it; some are purified but not nearly enough.

I see my friends readying their weapons from the corner of my eye as I make my way to Ah-Un where the children and Jaken are already seated.

“Rin, I’m going to put this around your neck okay honey?”

At her nod, I slip the cord holding the bottle of purified jewel shards around Rin’s neck, and then I turn to Jaken.

“Jaken you have to get the kids out of here, now.”

If possible the little imp seems to go pale.

“N-No! I-I can’t! I failed before and now there are so many I-“

Gently grabbing his furiously shaking head I look him in the eyes.

“Jaken listen to me, you can do this; I know you can. I’ll erect a barrier around you so you won’t have to worry about anything like poisons or potions, this time. You and Ah-Un just fry anything that gets too close and get them to Sesshomaru as fast as you can.”

“Y-Yes, Lady Kagome!” Stunned by the imp’s title for me I freeze for a moment, until two little hands grab onto mine.

“D-don’t worry Kagome, I’ll protect us too!”

I ruffle the little kits unruly hair.

“I know you will Shippo, take care of Rin-chan. “

I give both kids hugs and then grab my bow and quiver from Ah-Un’s saddle bags.

Yelling over my shoulder as I rush to get into position, I tell Jaken,

“When I drop the barrier around us, fly and don’t look back!”

Jaken sends me a sharp nod, his staff of two heads clutched tightly in his hands.

I join my friends in the center of the barrier our backs to each other in a five pointed star formation. I take my stance bow drawn, and look around at all my friends.

“Is everyone ready?”

“Hell yeah, let’s do this!” I see Sango and Miroku nod in agreement with Inuyasha, as Kirara growls.

I drop my barrier, and right before we’re covered in frenzied youkai, I whisper one word,



I arrive at the palace to find nothing but the usual calm.

I would have expected that with sightings of the dark hanyou in the Western Lands  there would be more anxiety in the air. That at the very least security would be more strict; the guards on high alert.


I turn to find my mother on the garden path behind me.

“We were not expecting you back so soon, I’ll have a feast prepared at-“

“You were not expecting me? How is that possible when I am here because of a message sent to This Sesshomaru by the council; it stated that there have been several sighting of the hanyou Naraku and his incarnations on the Western Lands.”

“No messengers have been dispatched from the West, Sesshomaru. As for sightings of the hanyou there have been none; though the patrols you ordered are still sent out twice a day. I have no idea where you could have gotten such a message, but it did not come from the West, I assure you.”

I have a distinctly bad feeling about this. Just as I am about to form my youki cloud and run a patrol of the lands myself; I hear a familiar twin roar from behind me.

Turning quickly I see Ah-Un land in the courtyard, Rin, the kit, and Jaken perched on his back.

“What has happened?”

“E-everywhere…. So many…..”

Before I can grab the imp and shake my answers out of him, the kit speaks.

“We were going to stop for lunch, then all of the sudden we were surrounded by youkai! Lots and lots! If Kagome hadn’t sensed them right before they attacked and put up a barrier around all of us….”

“Where are she and the rest of the pack now, kit?”

“I-I don’t know Kagome gave the jewel shards to Rin-chan, put a barrier around Ah-Un and told Jaken to get us to you. Then she dropped the big barrier that was holding the youkai back and then all we could hear was fighting.”

The message had been a distraction to lure me away from the pack!

My first instinct is to find my pack as soon as possible, but if the kumo is behind this he is no doubt watching. If I leave he may truly attack the West…but the miko.

“Sesshomaru, go to your pack, I will handle things here.”

I must have slipped and allowed my disbelief to show, because suddenly my mother’s eyes turn red and with a rumbling growl she says,

“Do not underestimate your mother pup; I am more than capable of defending this land. Now go!”

I form my youki cloud without further hesitation or argument, and set off in the direction that Ah-Un flew in from.

Forcing as much speed as I can, I whisper,

“Hold on, I am coming for you, Kagome.”



Prompt: Loyalty

Kagome: Pass

Sesshomaru: at first, but I think he's learning! XD


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