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The Requirements for a Perfect Mate by Ai Roku

Persuasive Passion

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Kirara and I land in the center of the clearing, where our friends have set up camp for the night.

Quickly dismounting, I pat Kirara in silent thanks and look around smiling at everyone while doing a mental countdown, 3…2…1.

“Kagome, did you bring me anything?!”  An excited Shippo asks as he jumps onto my shoulder. Before I’m able to reply I feel a small hand grab onto my own and tug.

I look down to see Rin-chan smiling up at me hopefully. “May Rin have something too Kagome-chan?” 

I’m once again interrupted; this time by the inu lord, his tone full of admonishment.“Rin.“

The little girl quickly releases my hand. “Rin is sorry Kagome-chan.”

Grinning at her, I lift Shippo off my shoulder and place him back on the ground.

“It’s okay Rin-chan, I know you and Shippo were only excited. I’m actually really happy to receive such a warm welcome from you both.”

Deciding to tease them a bit, I tap my finger against my lips while adopting a thoughtful look.

“Now let me think. Did I bring you anything?” I make a show of trying to recall the answer, and I can see them fidgeting in anticipation. “Nope, I don’t think so, sorry guys!”

I see their crestfallen expressions a moment before I say, “Oh wait, what are these?”

I watch as their heads snap up to look at me, and see their eyes light up at the sight of the new coloring books, crayons, and candy in my hands.

 Before I realize what’s going on, I’m suddenly tackled to the ground by the two giggling children.

“Kagome, you tricked us!”  I laugh, and tap the little kitsune on the nose.

“Well I learned from the best, my little trickster!”

“C’mon wench, stop foolin’ around! Did you bring my ramen?”  Inuyasha’s impatient voice startles me from my playtime with the kids.

“Inuyasha, SIT!!”

Gently disentangling myself from the clinging children, I stand up and walk over to my annoying friend. I tap my foot impatiently, waiting for him to get back up.

“Damn it wench, is this how you repay me for letting you go home for that test of yours?”

I scoff.

“Oh yeah, how could I possibly forget your generosity! It only took a week of begging and threats, Sango letting me borrow Kirara so that we all wouldn’t have to go back to the village, and promising you a ton of ramen and potato chips, before you let me go home for a whole day and a half! Thanks so much!”

I feel my anger cool a bit as I see that his ears are pinned to his head and his ocher eyes are wide. It was his kicked puppy look, and I hated it! It’s always impossible to stay mad at him when he looks like that.

I just hope he never finds out about that particular talent, I’m sure he’d use it for nefarious purposes!

Sighing I turn around and start rifling through my bag pulling out several packages of Inuyasha’s favorite ramen and four bags of potato chips.

“There you go, Yasha; just like I promised.” Turning back to the rest of the pack I tell them,

“Well, while Inuyasha enjoys his instant ramen, the rest of us can eat the homemade udon my mom and I made!”

“Hey! Kagome that’s not fair!”

Narrowing my eyes as if I’m bored, I raise my eyebrow in a perfect imitation of my favorite youkai lord, and answer in the coldest voice I can manage.

“Oh? I thought you only cared about getting your ‘ninja food’. You always say it tastes better than anything I cook, so why do you care?”

“Feh, I said it’s better than your food, but I like your mom’s cooking.”

From the corner of my eye I see Sango shake her head, as Miroku lowers his head into his hand with a look of exasperation.

I say nothing, even though that hurt. Even if I’ve let go of my romantic feelings for him, Inuyasha is still someone dear to me, so he still has the power to wound me.

Giving him one last look, and letting him see the pain he caused, I turn and begin unpacking the containers of udon from my bag, without a word.


Ignoring him I start handing out the individual portions to my friends with a smile.

“Hey wench, c’mon.”

His voice is becoming desperate. He knows he’s in real trouble when I don’t sit him, or at least yell.

Once again ignoring the idiot behind me, I help the kids open their containers and laugh as they immediately dig in as if they haven’t eaten in days.

“Mmm, it’s so yummy Kagome-chan!” It’s so adorable seeing Rin giving me her patented grin while her face is covered in food.

I see Shippo nodding enthusiastically in agreement, his little mouth stuffed full and his face as dirty as Rin’s.

I giggle, still ignoring the looming presence of Inuyasha, and reach into the pocket of my skirt for my handkerchief.

Sensing his defeat, Yasha finally gives up and hops into the nearest tree to pout.

Before I can start cleaning off the kid’s faces, a screeching voice distracts me.

“Rin, you careless girl! How can you be so manner-less! Look at you, you’re filthy! Allowing yourself to be seen in such a way is an embarrassment to lord Sesshomaru!”

A boot to the face effectively silences the toady, while Rin giggles. I look up at Sesshomaru in amusement as he stares impassively at his now unconscious retainer.

I can’t help but to feel a bit bad for the little green guy, though. Sure he’s rude and nasty most of the time but he practically worships Sesshomaru, and despite the way he usually acts; like his lord he cares about Rin more than he’d ever admit.

I’ve been wondering for a while now why Sesshomaru keeps him around. He doesn’t seem all that efficient, although I admit he is fiercely loyal.

It suddenly occures to me that Sesshomaru uses Jaken kind of like one of those squeeze stress toys.

The sudden visual of Sesshomaru squeezing a mini Jaken until his eyes bulge enters my mind and I can’t help but laugh.

Sesshomaru raises his eyebrow in question of my behavior, and I simply give him my most innocent look in return.

He narrows his eyes before turning and walking off into the woods.

Hmm, I guess that means he’ll try to make me tell him at our meeting tonight, not that he’ll succeed of course.

I get up and walk over to the fallen Jaken. Kneeling down I try to wake him, unfortunately for me I do. Sometimes I hate my helpful tendencies.

“You filthy human, how dare you touch me with your dirty hands!”

Ignoring his insults I once again rise and go back over to where I left my bag. I return a moment later with another container and hold it out to Jaken.

He looks surprised for a minute, before turning his head away in disgust.

“As if I’d eat something some stinking human made!”

I’m shocked for a moment, but quickly regain my composure.

“But I thought kappa couldn’t resist soba. Mama and I even made it especially for you because I thought you’d prefer it to udon.”

He blinks owlishly at me, before answering.

“Foolish wench! I am an imp not a kappa!”

“Really? Well I guess that makes sense, you don’t have a shell on your back or a water basin on your head. But you know, you do have the nasty attitude and the spindly fingers, and you’re short and green with a beak, and well ….I thought you might be a kappa. Sorry about that!”

His mouth is gaping as he stares at me. He keeps making these tiny squeaking noises in the back of his throat, like he’s trying to say something but he’s too shocked and outraged to actually get anything out.

Finally he seems to recover and he studies me suspiciously.

“Why would you even care human, why would you make food for me? Why are you trying to be kind to me, what do you want?”

“It’s a peace offering, I want all of us to get along. If we can’t trust in, and rely on one another, we’ll never be able to defeat Naraku.”

I watch as the little imp seems to deflate before my eyes. He looks so small and lonely in that moment that I actually want to comfort him.

“I’ve already proven I’m useless and unreliable. I failed to protect Rin and the kit; Lord Sesshomaru will never forgive me, he has been even colder to me than usual! You are wasting your time human, I am not worthy of even your trust.”

Despite that little insult at the end of his speech, I decide to try to cheer him up.

“Look Jaken, Kaede said that the puppet used a sleeping draught of some kind to knock you and the children out. He probably released it into the air, you never had a chance, it wasn’t your fault.”

“But Ah-Un wasn’t knocked out!”

I simply smile at him and shake my head.

“He was probably immune to whatever was used. That just proves my point; even though Ah-Un was still conscious he couldn’t protect the children either. Don’t worry about Lord Sesshomaru, he’ll get over it eventually.”

The imp looks at me with eyes so full of hope they’re almost starry.

“Do you think so, truly?”

I nod my head and place the container of soba on the ground next to him.

“I do. Please eat that before it gets cold, okay?”

I leave Jaken to his thoughts, and go and sit by the fire next to Sango. She gives me a questioning look, but I simply shrug and dig into my own udon.

I’m going to have to ask Sesshomaru about this at our meeting. Oh, that should be fun.


That scene keeps replaying over and over in my mind, the miko teasing and playing with the children.

I am unsure why my mind has decided to fixate on such a thing, though I acknowledge that the miko would make an excellent mother. Her child would surely be showered with warmth and affection.

I am grateful for the interruption of my thoughts, when I hear the miko approaching at last.

“Hey, I brought you that book on mechanics you asked for.”

I take the proffered tome from her hand, and set it beside me for later perusal. I notice that she is carrying her bow and quiver with her.

She has been doing so since she returned here after her recovery two weeks ago. There has been no sign of the dark hanyou or the jewel shards since we were ambushed, and it has us all on edge. Even the half-breed has been staying close to the pack lately.

However, the disgusting kumo is not the only cause of my unrest. I still cannot relieve myself of these feelings for the miko.

We have been meeting regularly to discuss her time, and I have in turn been sharing knowledge of youkai customs and tales of the western court. Unfortunately my turmoil has only grown stronger because of these meetings.

I thought perhaps if I were to ignore them, they would disappear as quickly as they had appeared. That has not been the case.

She fascinates me more and more it seems. I find myself looking forward to, and seeking out her company, even trying to prolong our late night discussions.

“Before we get started, may I ask you to do me a favor?”

I consider her request for a moment, and decide to indulge her; on one condition.

“I will perform your request, but only if you tell me of the youkai in your time.”

I see her hesitate. It is a subject that she has refused to discuss, stating that it might alter the timeline. However my curiosity about the subject has not abated; and I desire an answer. If I must coerce her in order to receive one then so be it.

I see her shoulders slump in defeat, as she finishes her internal debate. I smirk knowing my victory is at hand.

“Fine, I’ll tell you about youkai in my time. But, from now on you have to be nicer to Jaken.”

That…was unexpected.

“You are using your boon for my retainers benefit? He treats you as though you are lower than the dirt beneath his feet, yet you desire to assist him, why?”

The miko scrunches her face before looking at me in apparent exasperation.

“Well that was descriptive, how flattering. I think we can take charm off your list of assets.”

“Pay attention miko, I said that it was my retainer’s opinion, not my own.” If only my opinion of her was so low, perhaps then I could know peace once more.

“No matter whose opinion it is, it’s not exactly nice to hear.” She sighs and runs a hand through her hair, and my fingers twitch in phantom remembrance of sifting through that same silky soft hair.

“He’s really upset, because he thinks you blame him for what happened with Naraku. I’m not asking for a miracle or anything, just that you go back to treating him the same way you did before the attack.”

I did of course blame the imp at first, but after I discovered the method that the puppet employed to capture the children, I realized he would have been powerless to prevent it.

However, being unable to locate the kumo, coupled with my frustration with my errant reactions to the miko, have kept me quite irritated. The imp is usually doing or saying something out of line, so it has been easy to use him to alleviate my stress.

Although, punishing the imp is not nearly as relaxing as one would hope. That being the case I see no reason to refuse the miko’s request.

“Agreed, now tell me of the youkai in your time, miko.”

“There aren’t any.”

“Impossible, you lie!”

She looks at me sadly.

“I knew you’d react that way, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you. I’ll remind you again since it seems you've forgotten, you can scent it if I lie to you. Besides I have no reason to lie. I wish you would trust me just a little.”

I feel regret for insulting her honor once again, as she turns away from me and continues.

“I’ve tried many times to sense youkai in my era, but I haven’t found anything so far. Inuyasha has never sensed any either. It’s possible that they've found a way to cloak themselves, but I don’t know for certain if that’s the case. The soul piper is the only youkai that I know of, that still exists in my time. However, that doesn’t mean anything since it exists between realms.”

“I see. My apologies for doubting you, however it is not exactly welcome knowledge.”

She turns back to me, and I see sympathy in her eyes. Such emotion would normally enrage me, but for some reason I welcome it from her. It feels more like camaraderie than pity as she places her hand upon mine and says,

“I really hope they've just found a way to blend in with humans.”

We sit quietly for a while, until I recall what she said about the soul piper.

“Miko, why would you have reason to encounter the soul piper?”

She gives me a sheepish look and proceeds to explain about helping the spirit of a vengeful child.

I simply stare at her for a moment after she finishes her tale, before finally speaking.

“You risk your life and your own soul to save one who is already dead, and ask a favor for a being that despises you…. miko, you are most definitely a strange human.”

Her laughter rings out across the clearing, and still smiling she replies,

“I get that a lot!”

I wonder why it is that instead of thinking of her soft heart as a weakness, I find it quite charming.


In all, it’s been 5 weeks since our last encounter with Naraku, or rather his minions. In that time we've heard no rumors that could lead us to him, we haven’t found any jewel shards, and there have been no more attacks.

I just don’t understand; he's obviously gained a new ability so why not exploit it?

Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kirara, and I are currently checking the parameters of our camp to make sure it’s safe, while everyone else is back at the campsite.

I know that the others have started to let their guards down slightly, but I just can’t shake the feeling that something is going to happen.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, at least I hope that’s all it is. It really shows how vile, and disgusting  Naraku is, that I find a mental illness preferable to him.

I’m startled as I feel a long absent sensation.

“Jewel shards, coming toward us from the north.”

That seems to galvanize everyone into action. Battle stances are taken and everyone tenses for a fight.

Focusing, I can distinctly sense two shards, and they’re moving toward us quickly.

Oh, then that must mean…

“It’s Koga-kun.”

Everyone, except Inuyasha lowers their weapons and relaxes.

Suddenly I find myself up against an armor covered chest staring up into cocky blue eyes. It always amazes me that he can still catch me off guard even when I know he’s coming.

“How've you been Kagome?”

Trying to politely push him away I reply,

“I’ve been okay Koga-kun, how are Ginta and Hakkaku?”

“Those two are behind me somewhere, they’re fine.” He moves in closer to me his nose almost touching mine.

“More importantly how about I show you how much I’ve missed my woman.”

Uh oh, this is bad.

“Let her go you mangy wolf!”

I sigh in relief, as Koga moves away, turning his back to me in order to face Inuyasha.

“Stay out of this mutt, this is between me and my woman!”

“She ain’t your woman flea bag!”

As grateful as I am for Inuyasha’s timely interruption, their bickering is giving me a headache, so I decide to put a stop to it.

“Inuyasha, sit!” Turning to a smug looking Koga I ask,

“Koga-kun, have you heard any rumors of Naraku’s whereabouts or encountered any of his incarnations, lately?”

Koga turns to me with a look of frustration, shaking his head in the negative.

“No, we haven’t found a trace of that bastard in over three months now.”

“It seems like he’s able to completely hide his aura as well as the jewel’s aura now. So please be careful.”

My hands are grabbed as Koga flashes me a wolfish grin.

“I’m touched by your concern for me Kagome, but don’t worry I won’t be beaten that easily! Later!”

With that the wolf takes off at full speed, blowing dust everywhere. Yeah, that’s romantic pelt the woman you claim to love with dirt.

I begin dusting myself off when I hear an angry shout from behind me.

“Damn it Kagome, why do you always protect him?!”

Sighing I look at Inuyasha.

“I needed to warn him about Naraku, and that was kind of hard to do with you shouting threats.”

Walking over to my hanyou friend I reach up and rub one of his ears. He always complains when people do this, but he secretly likes it.

“I’m sorry Yasha, but he’s my friend too and I don’t want him to get hurt.”

“Feh, that dirty wolf might want to get friendly with you wench, but he don’t wanna be your friend.”

I feel the blush burn across my face. I can’t believe he just said that!

“Inuyasha, SIT! You hentai, I can’t believe you!”


I turn and see two exhausted and out of breath wolf youkai.

“Hey, guys Koga took off that way.”

I feel sorry for them as they groan and take off running again.

Stepping over Inuyasha’s still prone form, I smile at Sesshomaru and hop on Kirara’s back so we can finish our patrol and go back to camp, I need a bath.


It took every ounce of my considerable self-control not to dismember the wolf. How dare he touch the miko as if she belongs to him! Calling her his woman, when she was obviously trying to push him away!

As soon as we reached the campsite I left to find something to destroy.

However, after downing half of the trees in the forest, I gave up. It simply wasn’t helping, no amount of wanton destruction could make me forget the sight of that wolf with his arms around the miko, his lips nearly touching her own.

Just the thought of him kissing her makes me want to rip his throat out!

I had Bakusaiga partially unsheathed, when the foolish half-breed had interfered and drawn the cursed wolf’s attention.

It was my right to protect the miko, my right alone to protect what is mine!

Damn it no, the miko is not mine! She is merely a temporary pack-mate, an ally nothing more!

Scenting a spring nearby, I decide to bathe and clear my thoughts once and for all.


After we finish the evening meal, I decide to go bathe at the small spring nearby. It’s a cold spring, but thanks to Koga I feel dusty and gritty so I have no choice.

Sango understandably declines to join me.

Gathering my bath supplies and a change of clothes, I start the short walk to the spring.

I step behind some bushes that ring the spring and undress. I’d just gotten my shirt off, when I hear a rustling coming from the tree-line.

I raise the shirt back up to cover my chest and turn around to see what’s causing the sound. At this point I'm actually hoping it’s Miroku being a letch; because I stupidly forgot my bow back at camp, and the alternatives could be far less appealing.

However what I see is entirely unexpected.

There stands Sesshomaru wearing only his hakama and boots. His alabaster chest seems to glow in the moonlight, and I feel my eyes widen as I flush scarlet.

Her creamy skin is on display in front of me, and on pure instinct I stalk closer to her. I enjoy the way she stares at me, as her heartbeat accelerates in her chest, the same chest that is only covered by a small scrap of fabric.

She shivers as I reach out and carefully run a single claw from her upper arm around to her back, coming to stand behind her.

The tip of his claw glides across my skin and I can’t stop the shiver that races through my body, but it’s not from fear, oh no, not fear.

He stops behind me, only that one claw touching me, and I don’t know what to do. I should turn and tell him off, demand he leave, but just that small touch seems to have weakened me. I want to know what he’ll do next, and he doesn’t leave me to wonder long.

Slowly I flatten my whole hand against her back, sliding it from her shoulders down to the base of her spine, as I hear her inhale sharply. A part of me is asking what the hell I am doing, but it is far too late for logic now.

I revel in the softness of her skin as it slides against my own, but I notice the texture of her skin changes in one area of her back and look down to see why.

I see the scar left from her fight with Naraku’s puppets, and I can’t help but to think she wears it well. It only seems to enhance her beauty, and I can’t resist leaning down and trailing my lips across it, growling low in my throat as I hear her moan for me.

I know I should be questioning this, or better yet stopping it; I’m supposed to be a good girl after all, and good girls don’t let youkai lords run their lips across their bare backs. But Kami help me it feels good, and I want more!

His lips reach the back of my neck and he places a light kiss there, before trailing soft kisses and licks over to the side of my neck.

I feel his growl of approval against my jugular as I tilt my head to give him more access. Letting go of one side of my shirt I reach my arm behind me and bury my hand in his hair holding him to me.

I feel his hands smooth over my sides, coming to rest on my stomach, drawing me back against his body. I cry out as I feel the skin of his chest pressed to my back.

How can he make me feel this way so easily? I was in love with Inuyasha for years and yet he never did this to me; never made me feel like my blood was suddenly on fire, boiling in my veins. Dear Kami, I think I might even be falling for him!

I want to think about this new revelation, but when his lips reach my earlobe and he brushes a fang over it, I can’t think anymore.

I gently bite her earlobe and the whimper that escapes her lips breaks the last of my control. Swiftly turning her around to face me, I pull her against my chest as I seal my lips to her own, insistently tracing my tongue over her lips demanding entrance.

She slowly opens for me and I plunge inside her mouth, my growl joining her breathless moan as I taste her at last.

She wraps her arms around my neck, burying both hands in my hair; digging her nails into my scalp as she clings to me, our tongues dancing together, battling to see who can taste more of the other.

In my distraction I failed to notice the intruder to our little rendezvous. That is until he speaks up, breaking the spell.

“What the HELL!”

Inuyasha's voice snaps me out of my haze.

What have I done? She is human! It does not matter how much passion she stirs in my blood, I refuse to follow in my sire’s shameful footsteps.

I push the miko away from my body, disgusted with myself and my lack of control.

She covers herself with her arms, quickly grabbing the previously forgotten shirt from the ground and putting it on.

“You bastard! What did you do to Kagome?!”



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Kagome: Pass ^//^ (You go girl! )

Sesshomaru: Pass (At least until Inu ruined it, and Sesshy turned back into a frog!)


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