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Strawberry Shortcake by sesshomarusama33

Something More

The sky roared as the clouds darkened, threatening depressing weather on what was announced to be a perfect Sunday morning.  Inside a coffee shop on a Tokyo street was a young woman, humming her way through her morning routine as she did every day. Her long raven hair was nestled and wrapped into a pencil, and her eyes shimmered with mirth.

She set out the coffee grinds that were to be brewed on the counter, when a man with short black hair and dark brown eyes entered the cafe, holding a newspaper over his head in attempts to keep himself dry.

"Moshi Moshi!" she greeted, setting down the bag of coffee grinds and making her way to the sink, thoroughly washing her hands while reciting "Happy Birthday" in her mind as she did so.

The man said nothing as he approached the counter, a frown marring his porcelain face. He hated rainy weather - it only reminded him of darker days. His eyes narrowed as he watched the girl before him bounce with sheer delight as she hummed to herself, washing her hands with a practiced ease.

She turned off the water and reached for the paper towels, grabbing a few sheets and turning back to face the man, who was now standing at the counter. She noticed that as she got closer, the mans eyes seemed to change from a dark brown to an almost warm honey, and that something was different about him than most people.

She smiled politely at the man as she threw away the soiled paper towel, reaching in her hair to take the pencil that was nestled so messily inside of it and pulled a notebook out of her apron, proceeding to look at him with a warm smile.

"How may I help you?" He heard he asked, but he was too busy staring at her eyes. She had bright blue eyes that seemed to shimmer in the light, sparkling beautiful. Her dark raven her look marvelous as it was released from it's pencil-bound prison, falling in waves to frame around her face and curled to the middle of her back.

"Coffee. Black." Came his voice, deep and sultry, as his hand slid across the glass counter, a 100 yen underneath of it.

The woman wrote down his order and took his money, proceeding to input his order on the register. He walked away from the counter, taking a seat at a  booth near the window. His eyes remained fixed on the outside world, but every so often they would linger towards the woman behind the counter.

Her movements were thoughtful and delicate, and her smile was stunning. She put the pencil behind her ear as she made to brew his coffee, humming to herself as she did. She had a soothig voice, he thought to himself. It reminded him of his mother - of when she used to sing him to sleep as a young boy.

Kagome busied herself as she set to brew his coffee, looking over to the man who sat by the window. His eyes were haunting, and seemed to have a hollowness to them. She could sense his distress and felt sadness in her heart. She frowned, unhappy at her guests depression.

She thought of something she might could do to cheer him up, but she doubted that he would take well to conversations. She looked around the cafe and put a finger to her chin thoughtfully as her eyes stuck the bakery case, an idea forming in her mind.

The sounds of her footsteps echoed through the empty cafe, the sound of her heels clacking louder and louder the closer she got. He did not make a move as she appeared, but the smell of something sweet got his attention.

"Here you are, sir. One coffee, black, and also your change." She smiled, placing a tray onto his table, which held his change and his coffee...

...and also a slice of strawberry shortcake.

He looked at the sweet with a thought of confusion. She had done well with the coffee and change, but why bring him something that he did not pay for?

"I did not order this." he stated, reaching for his change and coffee from the tray. She chuckled and pushed some of her hair behind her ear, closing her eyes softly.

"I know. I thought you could use something sweet to go with something so bitter." She smiled, refering to the black coffee he was drinking. She waited for him to take the cake from the tray so that she might have the tray.

He did not move for the plate, as she had somehow expected, and made to move it herself when his booming voice interrupted her.

"While it is appreciated, it is unnessacary."

She chuckled softly, but continued anyway.

"I'll tell you what. I'll just leave this here, and if you decide you want it, you can have it. If not, you may just leave it. Sound fair?"

She left no room for argument as a group of young adults entered the cafe, and she quickly left him and helped the hoarde of people coming in.

He sipped at his coffee and watched in awe as she glided through the kitchen. Her smile was genuine, even with the rudest client, and each person was treated with something different. She paid close attention to each person, and added her own personal touch.

The proof of this lay only a few inches away from him.

A light smile touched his lips as he picked up the fork she had left with him and nibbled the sweet, surprised when he found it quite to his liking.

Kagome hurriedly bustled about the kitchen, making frappe's and latte's, and serving freshly baked muffins from the bakery counter, all while trying to sneak a peek at her mysterious guest sitting alone. She never saw him leave, until everyone had left with their coffee's and sweets in hands.

She felt a great pang in her chest when she saw that he was not there anymore, and sighed with regret at not getting his name. She grabbed her cleaning towel and spray bottle and made her way to his table and gasped when she found a empty plate.

He had eaten the cake.

Every. Last. Crumb.

Next to the plate was a folded piece of parchment. She grabbed it, carefully unfolding it to reveal two beautifully written words.

"Thank you."

She held the note to her chest, sighing happily. He left no number - did not even leave his name.

She pocketed the note, smiling as she cleared his table.

She didn't need his name, for she had a feeling they'd meet again, soon.


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I was thinking about making this a series of oneshots... but for the moment, I'll leave it like it is. (:



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