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Dearly Beloved by Aviel


Disclaimer: Though it saddens me to say it, I don’t own anything relating to Takahashi-sensei’s Inuyasha. However, the plot and/or ideas of this drabble series do belong to me.

A/N: None. :) Update 7 of 8.

Chapter 87: Fury

If Sesshoumaru had a passion for anything in his life, it was getting into fights with idiots.

As his blood boiled in rage, he thought of all the nonsense he’d been subjected to as a result of his friends’ and family’s stupidity.

Inuyasha, despite those times in which he unexpectedly proved his intelligence, was rather dumb.

Kouga, whatever he was to him, was an uncouth buffoon.

And his father… His father… Well, Sesshoumaru couldn’t think of anything nice to say about him at the moment because he was so angry.

Oh, and don’t even get him started about those ducks…


Original Posting Date: February 19, 2013

Prompt: For see03’s “Superior Sense of Smell” Challenge, Passion

Words: 100


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