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Dangerous Dance by Lady Nefertiti

Prompt 62: Loyalty

Dangeorus Dance

Lady Nefertiti

Superior Sense of Smell Challenge

Prompt: Loyalty 

Unknown to Sesshomaru and Kagome both Sango and Miroku could hear them clearly. How mortifying for them. Sango laughed uncomfortably, scratching her head. "ha-ha uhh yeah. It's like... that Kagome just....and they got together....I mean they didn't do anything. I didn't see them in the shower! I swear!" she said shaking her hands. she gave him a pleading look. 

"Sango. You think I will tell Inuyasha no? Kagome is free to pick whomever she wants to. I know that Inuyasha won't take this easily though and when they go back home there is bound to be blood....more than ever since 'someone's woman' (Kagome) is being stolen from said 'intended'(Inuyasha)." he said sighing.

He stared at the pantry door and wondered whether he should knock telling them to knock it off, so to speak---- in case someone else decided to show up. 

Just wait till Kouga heard this one....he wasn't going to fight for Kagome if she was with Sesshomaru that much was true. Always drama in the feudal era. Always. Of course he wouldn't go and tell everyone about Kagome and Sesshomaru's alone time in the pantry (cough) (cough). really brave of them now that he thought about it. 

He had seen Kagome go down alone first. A hentai look on his face now wondering whether Kagome had decided to find a place where she could 'take care of herself' since Sesshomaru wasn't there to finger-fuck her. He could see Sango glaring at him and he cleared his throat. She could read him really well. It was's like they were married. 

"I will stay loyal to you till the end of time my dear lady Sango." he said giving her a little peck on the cheek. 

"Thanks Miroku." Sango said a smile on her face. 

(Grope, Grope) 


"Pervert!" Sango hissed. 

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