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Dangerous Dance by Lady Nefertiti

Prompt 59: Passion

Dangeorus Dance

Lady Nefertiti

Superior Sense of Smell Challenge

Prompt: Passion

Kagome huffed as she tried pushing Sesshomaru away and reached down to grab her t-shirt that she had been was the only thing left. Thankfully her shirt was long enough to cover her ass and not give any guys a view that she wasn't wearing any panties. This didn't include Sesshomaru though. (sigh) he already thought he owned her or something. with his, 'do not touch this Sesshomaru's Miko or indulge in anything sexual with her' 

She watched as he dressed and walked past him to open the pantry door---hoping no one caught them. She felt someone grab her waist and pull her backwards. Sesshomaru caught her around the waist and pulled her against him so close she could feel his hardness. She gulped. He sniffed her hair and knew he could smell her growing arousal. He licked her neck affectionately as his hand went under her shirt. 

His hand caressed her breast as she flushed a bright red color. He just wasn't going to quit it was he? anywhere he got his hands on her! and anytime was a good time? he brought her down on the floor and pulled her shirt off. Her eyes widened when he started sucking on her breast as if he was hungry....a very hungry demon who needed to suck her milk. She started feeling wet again as he started on the other breast. 

Oh hell who cared if anyone saw them? she thought as she felt his finger slide inside her. she wriggled sighing happily. This must be heaven. he slid in deeper "Ahh....yes..." Kagome said. Heaven....


Sango said she needed a glass of water. Kagome had been gone for a while and when Miroku mentioned that Sesshomaru was missing too....well she just hoped they weren't locked in some passionate embrace, having sex on the kitchen floor or something along those lines. She didn't act very panicky in front of Rin or Miroku. Had anyone caught them all hell would break loose. 

"Lady Sango. Should I accompany you?" Miroku asked. 

'Yes'....Sango thought. Now was the time to panic. 

Lady Nefertiti: anyone going to catch them in action? lol....Please read and review! thanks. 


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