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The Rising Moon by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Prologue

Summary: To the point of having to flee and find another home. Where it is almost as bad. With the dragon populace becoming scarce in the provinces and close to becoming bombarded by demons and greedy land owners from all sides. What good will come when a single maid, for the kings son, appears to have caught the eye of one of the queens and a demon shows up? Could she really somehow put aside their differences to give the people a new hope while avoiding being prosecuted?

AN: I know another one! …well it just popped up. -shrugs- Sorry to tell you guys… my old computer has stalled out. So to speak. “It won’t work properly.” So I’m stuck borrowing my sisters computer if I can. Well for this chapter, when Kagome’s family had just gotten settled in and their first five years had passed, she just turned 10. It was also when the king decreed the law to let children 10 years or older to work and raise enough money for the higher taxes. I couldn't get this to 700, but the next ch. is around 11pg. and the one after that ect. (Posted on November 24th, 2012)

The Dragon Hierarchy:

1. Gold & Blue - are the queen females

2. Bronze - lead male

3. Brown - Second male

4. Red - Lesser male & occasionally a red female is laid

5. Green - Lesser female & sometimes a male is laid


Ch. 1 Prologue

Closing her brown eyes in deep thought, Miss. Higurashi thought of her late husband. “My beloved… I am sorry for doing this.” She whispered a bit tiredly. “I only hope one day that we will not have to revert to all of our kids. Maybe we can go home again? Soon, to the Lightstone Province if it's ruins still stand. Where we first met.” There was a sudden squawk from a bird outside and she sat up. Staring out the window for a minute till she finally decided to get dressed. ‘It wouldn’t be good to make her daughter leave without a last breakfast.’

“Mom, do I have to wake her?” A little boy came out of his room; rubbing his bleary eyes.

Fully dressed, she smiled at her young son. “Please Souta. While you do that I will start cooking both of your favorites.”

“Really?” His voice raised in interest.

“Not unless you wake your sister.” She chided gently. Guiding him to the stairs leading to her daughters room on the second floor.

“But… I don’t want her to go.”

“It will only be for a little while.” Pulling him to her she hugged him tightly. “Kagome can visit, remember? Besides, we should be grateful that the king of this province let us keep our home. Even stay together. At least she will be better off as a maid in his castle.”

“I know.” Souta sulked. Closing his eyes and hiding his face in the crook of her neck.

“The prices have risen also. Because, the ones blessed by the moon are starting to disappear. Our new lord is worried about those consequences.”

“What are con.. Conse… consaqwa…”

She smiled at his innocent questioning. “Consequences are what happens if you do something. Like, if you drop your teddy bear in a river. What would happen to it?”

His eyes widened in horror and he leaned back. “It will be gone.”

“That is because you had dropped it and that is what you will have to deal with. No more teddy bear. It’s the same with the blessed. When their gone… We will have to leave again.”

“Like daddy?”

“I don’t know… You were not even born when that happened.” Her eyes glazed over in thought. Her husband was a brown rider and as it happened there; the riders and the higher blessed ones died from a sickness that plagued the Western hemisphere of their world. With them gone, the Estellian Province from the north took over. They had no other choice. Run or die. Either under their neighbors dragons or to be killed by the demons. Now that her daughter has turned 10 she had been picked to work. Like all the other children. The select few, at least one per household that were picked, had to earn enough money. Because of higher taxes. Though the other half, the noble family’s kids were brought in for the limited eggs being lain recently. It appeared that the illness had  finally reached the rest of the globe. Rendering a lot of the female dragons that had survived… infertile. Also leaving most provinces unprotected from the demons they fought against so valiantly and many a greedy land owner that would come at the drop of a coin. If their children weren’t able to work, then there would be no troops, and weapons to protect them.

“We can only hope.“ Kissing her son’s forehead a single tear dipped down her chin. Landing on his nose as she turned around.


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