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Dogs on Monogamy by Knight of Disorder

Dogs on Monogamy

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

AN: This little bit of smut was spawned by my ex, who happened to, three nights ago, tell me one of her fantasies. I couldn't get the plunnie to leave me alone. So it got written, and then edited to be a Sessh/Kag fiction. I rather like it. Took a bit of doing but I rather like it. Please review it! I beg you to. I want to know what people think.

Warning: Threesome...


When his father had arrived and set about cleaning, organizing, and... cooking, Sesshoumaru wasn’t sure what to make of it. The old dog wasn’t known for doing anything domestic, which was the reason he was now on wife five. The newest was a human, like the three before her. “Did she kick you out?”

“No,” his tone was vacant as he shifted the pan quickly over the heat. The mixed bit of meat that was already dark brown and the vegetables which were just starting to darken, rising up the side, doing a neat flip in the air before landing back into the pan.

The fact that his father was even capable of the feat of cooking, no, boiling water, was amazing. In nearly a century he hadn’t been aware the old dog was anything more than a warrior without a sword. “Why are you here,” he asked for the seventh time. He’d counted.

“Can’t I come see my oldest son from time to time?”

“Only when you want something,” Sesshoumaru shot back finally giving up and leaning back to look into his newly cleaned living room. It wasn’t just cleaned, the lights had been set just so and there was already a bowl on the table. As though it were waiting for something. If the smell of hot butter meant anything it was popcorn.

“Your brother just got married, didn’t he?” Setting the lid on the pan to steam for a minute as he turned to look at his eldest, toweling the grease from his hands.

“They were going to be leaving on their honeymoon in two days, apparently she couldn’t get the time off,” his tone dull. Not sure if his own words were a lie. His brother and the new wife were his neighbors, sadly enough. Even with what he paid for his apartment he could still hear the screaming matches that started up the same night they said their vows.

As Touga opened his mouth to speak again there was a knock on the door, “ah, be a sport and get that will you. I just have to get this onto plates and we’ll be all ready.” Turning quickly back towards the stove when he heard the stood that Sesshoumaru was sitting on scrape across the hardwood floor.

He dreaded to think what was on the other side of that door, that plain white, bulletproof, door. There were two reasons for this, his father, and sadly enough that it had somehow gotten past him that his father was not known for keeping it in his pants. Pulling the door open slowly, his golden eyes widening in shock.

“Hey,” in a thin white top and a skirt that barely reached her knees stood Kagome. All five feet of her, both hands pressed behind her back rocking front to back on the rather tall heels she’d taken to wearing in the past few months to not feel so short around them all.

“What are you doing here? Were you not supposed to working?”

Kagome cringed at his tone. Waving it off slightly, “I was. But when Tou-san,” chuckling lightly at the pun, “asked me to come over for dinner I couldn’t rightly turn him down.” Smiling as she stood waiting in the hall for him to let her in. “Come on Sesshou-kun,” letting out a squeak at his narrowing eyes, “let me in. Please....”

Stepping aside, watching the girl bounce into the room with the energy of a five year old. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen it, but in her own words, ‘it’s amazing how little things change over here.’ Letting out a sigh, pushing the door closed behind him. He could already imagine just where this evening was going. He wasn’t sure if he want to kill his father or hug him.

“Tou-san,” seemingly the moment she saw him her energy focused and her bouncing energy shot her across the room. “That smells delicious,” she chimed. “I didn’t know you could cook,” raising her brow in a mocking manner.

“My dear, us men at one time had to care for ourselves,” the corner of his lip pulling up in a smirk that his youngest had taken for his own. “Though, I don’t know about that one,” tipping his head back towards Sesshoumaru.

Taking a breath when the woman turned quickly on her heel, readying himself for her questions. When they didn’t come he just watched her, as she seemed to simply stare at him.

“I’m sure he can, I mean he lives here all alone. If he couldn’t cook than he’d be stuck eating instant food all the time,” the words were thick frustration as her face seemed squeezed for a moment. Than she seemed to relax, “you do eat real food right? Not just, instant noodles?”

Ah, the crux of their arguments just entered his living room, and kitchen, but nonetheless. “I am capable of cooking, basic dishes,” he amended as she seemed awed at this realization.

“Enough, enough, come on before it get’s cold. Than we have a movie and popcorn,” easily carrying three plates. All loaded with a strange brown colored rice and generous portions of the stirfry he’d been working on a moment before.

Dinner had calmed a great deal, the meal light yet filling. Only for the old dog to remove himself from the table for just a few moments. Long enough to vanish into the kitchen and return with three bottles. Two of a much darker color. “Now, how about some wine?” Setting the bottles down, “where do you keep your glasses son?”

“Third cabinet, second shelf,” flaring his nose. “The sake tray is fifth cabinet, top shelf.”

“Sake,” Kagome echoed with questioning expression. “I know it’s rice wine, but I,” trailing off slightly.

“That’s perfectly fine my dear,” Touga called as she slipped back into the room. The tray had three small round cups and a single tall wine glass, it would be more accurate to call it a champaign glass.

Kagome didn’t refuse the glass filled with a deep red liquid, tipping it so she could smell it. Eyeing her father-in-law with a dubious eye. “No tricks old man, I’ve heard all about you from Inuyasha’s mom,” her threat losing its potency with the grin on her lips.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he answered with a wink.

Sesshoumaru watched the way they acted with one another, it wasn’t any different than the girl acted with anyone. She was wont to flirt, if you could call it that, with every male member of his family. That included himself to a degree, “I trust you’re enjoying yourself,” his rare smile breaking across his lips when she looked at him.

Neither male was sure if it was her horrible tolerance to alcohol, most likely, or the fact that Sesshoumaru had smiled at her that sent her cheeks bright red. Though neither missed the change in the air, glancing at each other. Both raising a brow in mirror of the other.

“Hey, hey! None of that, that-that talking without talking stuff,” waving her hand between them to break their eye contact. “You aren’t allowed to do that. Everytime one you dogs does that something bad happens to me. The last time I ended up married to Inuyasha.”

Touga’s eyes turned to her instantly, “what do you mean dogs my dear?” Turning his eyes on Sesshoumaru.

“She’s a priestess father,” he intoned before letting another smirk play on his lips.

“Yep, I’ve known for a while.” She cheered, holding out the glass for it to be refilled again.

That was a delightful turn, leading the priestess by her hand into the living room. “Come now, sit down and let’s get to this movie.” Guiding her to the center cushion, glancing at his son and the spot on the opposite side of the couch.

Huffing slightly, he wasn’t about to lose out to an old man. Quickly moving around the end of the furniture and seating himself swiftly at her side, the woman had only had a glass and half of wine and already she was squinting at the TV, that had yet to be turned on, in the dim room.

“As promised, popcorn!” The bowl on the table which had been empty a moment before was slowly being filled from a rather large bag.

“This is just what I needed, a night away from Inuyasha. Just to relax,” sighing in contentment as the bowl was placed in her lap before the only male left standing occupied the empty end of the couch.

Her glass hadn’t been empty once, neither dog let up. When it was near empty it would be filled back up while they seemed to nurse their tiny little saucers of sake. Frustrated that they weren’t doing it right, she set her glass down. Reaching over and plucking the small cup from Sesshoumaru before tipping it and her head back. “That’s how you drink sake! Do it right!”

“Perhaps you would be so kind as to show me again,” a superior glint in his eyes as he stared at her. Knowing she was watching him.

“Touga! Sake!”

“Yes ma'am!”

The night had quickly turned from watching the slightly funny movie and enjoying conversation to, well, a drinking contest. None of the three really had any idea how it ended up there even if they had known where it started. Both males, while still far more sober than the slip of a girl who was currently holding a empty, yet dripping, sake bottle over her mouth, were drunk.

“See,” she cheered, “that’s how you do it!” Rising on unsteady feet, wobbling only slightly before finding her balance. “Bathroom!” The word declared as though she’d just won a war of some sort, and considering her condition it was very possible that she had, the war for her balance.

“Sess,” Touga prodded with his elbow, “I got an idea.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, it wasn’t a good idea to think when one was this drunk. How he’d gotten this drunk was the demon sake his father had thought to bring, “it’s not a good one.”

“Yes it is....,” he hissed. His eyes seemed to be jumping around the room, “that couch folds out right?”

Nodding, he didn’t want to think. The last time he thought when this drunk he’d sleep with some half-demon wind witch, and she’d spent nearly two years stalking him. Waving his hand loosely, “somehow.”

“Good,” nodding, “help me out.” Rising and pulling his wayward son along with him, the coffee table which had been in the way before was now along side the couch. The cushions had been piled in a chair and the bed pulled out. “It’s perfect,” eyeing the massive mattress with barely disguised awe.

Taking a deep breath and steadying his mind, he thought for just a moment. It didn’t work, because the only thought that came to the surface was one he was already aware of. If his brother hadn’t marked the little priestess already then he would lose his chance. Climbing loosely onto the mattress and straightening the sheets to focus himself for a few minutes.

“That’s perfect,” the drunken whisper from his father was nearly too much.

“It’s here for a reason,” mumbling more to himself than anything. “So how’s this going to work? You’re married old man,” glaring at his father.

Touga looked dumbfounded for several moments, his normally clear mind too far gone to really plan anything out. “Same time?”

Seeming to think to himself, shaking his head. Than almost as an afterthought nodding slowly, his brow creased with concentration as his father’s had a moment before. His mind providing several ways for it to work, nodding a bit more sharply. “That’ll work.”

Wobbling unsteadily on her feet, much like she’d rocked on her heels earlier in the evening, rather happy that she’d taken them off when they sat down to watch the movie. She stared openly at the massive mattress which had been pulled from the depths of the couch, a slightly confused expression turning on her lips.

“Come,” Sesshoumaru called. His whole hand waving for her to join them on the bed.

Eyeing them, and the only space left that she could take up. The rather large space between them, had she been sober she would have quickly decided to leave. No, had she been sober, they would have been as well. With glazed wary eyes she dropped on the end of the mattress and slid back slowly, “no games,” she said as firmly as her intoxicated mind could manage.

“No games,” Touga said with a slightly challenging expression, “promise.”

Nodding she slid up between them, trying to focus on the television across the room. The little priestess as she’d come to be known as between the two males didn’t notice the arm which had taken it’s place around her shoulders, or the hand which had found it’s way to her thigh. It wasn’t until the bodies connected with those arms had drawn closer to her that she noticed their contact.

Sesshoumaru rubbed small circles on her inner thigh with his thumb as his hand slowly traced a path higher, pushing the pleated fabric of her skirt up. His other had found its way behind her, taking a firm grip on her opposite hip.

Belatedly Kagome took in the firm grip both males had, Touga’s hand had wrapped across her stomach and was holding the hip closest to Sesshoumaru in the same firm grip. The wrapped around her upper arm as he leaned in. She knew it was a bad stop to be in, really. She knew this because of the twin pairs of lips which were currently sucking and nipping at her neck, making her squirm and writhe between them.

Touga growled low, his bite a little more forceful. Stilling the woman between them, her trembling hands having no place else to go landed on respective thighs. “Good girl,” no, they wouldn’t rape her. If she really wanted to stop she just had to say so, just one word and all of this would stop because regardless of how drunk they were, they wouldn’t dishonor her.

Is was a completely alien feeling, having hands, so many hands, touching her. Pulling her, and those lips, Kagome did her best to stifle a groan of frustration. Part of her wondering why they weren’t doing anything more than kissing, licking, and sucking. Fingers twitching, she reached her hands out.

Sesshoumaru was as surprised as his father when her first tentative touches were so feather light they were almost missed. Her very fingertips grazing along his pants, up his thigh. A high rumble passing his lips as he pulled at the woman, pulled her chest to his as he let his tongue walk a lazy path up her jaw.

Touga smirked in victory, ignoring his sons vigor at the situation. He couldn’t keep this one for himself, he was married, and mated. For now. So he would just be a second man in the bed tonight, surely the little priestess wouldn’t mind. Pressing his chest up to her back, his own lips sucking and pulling at the ear his son wasn’t having his way with.

Whimpering in a strange mix of apprehension and arousal Kagome tried to decide what she wanted to do. Pinned between two males, two dogs demons that seemed intent on ruining her. She was at a loss. It felt so good, already she could feel Sesshoumaru. Her legs spread over his hips, his grip forcing her against his erection. Touga, oh god, Touga. Pressed as equally firm as his son, only against her ass. Any squirming of her hips only cause sparks to skitter through her mind and a sharp pleasurable pain to lace her spine.

So she gave up thinking, intent to enjoy what these two male were intent on giving her. Quickly reasoning that any woman in her right mind would kill their husbands to even have a chance at being where she was at the moment. Moaning out when a single striped hand ignored her shirt and bra to take a squeezing grasp at her breasts.

Hands forcing her already bunched skirt higher, irritation flaring in his normally placid face when he met the thin panties. No, they weren’t an obstacle but they were in his way. Seeking her mouth with his own, rewarding her when a single thin arm slid between them.

Touga left a bright red mark at the base of her neck when the button of his jeans was popped loose, squeezing her breast even hard when the zipper slid lower. Letting free of her hip and tearing at her shirt, rending the thin fabric along with her bra nothing more than scrap when she pulled at her own panties.

The sensation of having her panties literally ripped from her was startling. The friction against her enough to draw a ragged moan from her lips, gasping in surprise when her hands wrapped around each of the males. The flush on her face running away, a sharp squeak escaping her as she shook her head sharply.

When neither pair of hands released her she started to panic, they were too big, way too big. She was still a virgin, her own husband had refused to sleep with her until they left for their honeymoon and this effectively cut her drunken stupor short.

“Relax,” Sesshoumaru crooned. Rocking his hips feeling her grip tighten around him, “we’ll be,” chuckling lightly, “gentle.”

“Yes, dear,” the low growl from behind her sending a shiver down her spine, “we won’t hurt you.”

Nodding her head as the alcohol swallowed her once more, the arousal spinning in her blood driving her back towards her drunken high. In her proper state, had she somehow ended up in this position, she might have questioned their words. Might have wondered why Sesshoumaru chuckled, or why they hadn’t let her a single inch when she started to panic.

Touga quickly retreated, releasing her to his sons attentions. Digging around in his pants pocket, he’d brought it just in case. Not sure if he’d need it but, turning his eyes on the pair that were currently locked in what he could consider nothing short of a passionate kiss, it would serve it’s purpose.

Kagome nearly screamed when Sesshoumaru drew her up and then pressed her back down. Her sobbing breaths meant to calm her mind rather than relax muscles which couldn’t be any more relaxed. It felt like she was being split in half, when their hips met and he froze she was grateful. Fingers curled against his back, nails cutting small crescents in his back. “Hurts,” she whimpered over his lips.

“Only for a moment,” Sesshoumaru mumbled as he pulled her closer. Feeling her back arch, his hands taking a firm grip of her ass. A hidden smirk playing on his lips when he noted his father returning, “this will hurt,” he whispered in her ear. Sure she knew what was coming, oh how wrong he was.

Kagome shot stiff when the first cold touch made every muscle in her body tense, the uncomfortable stretch of her body suddenly feeling not as important. It was slightly sticky, but the constant touch felt amazing. Groaning slightly as the single long finger slid easily deeper and deeper.

“Good girl,” Touga cooed. Pressing his chest against her back before slowly pulling his finger from her body, licking along the base of her neck. Pressing a much larger appendage against that same opening.

White and black filled her vision, the pain of one crushing the other. Blending with the throbbing pleasure which didn’t seem fade in the least. Screaming sharply when the male behind her gave a sharp thrust, driving her forward, and driving his son deeper. The hands on her ass pulling her closer and the hands which returned to her breasts pulling her back.

The first sounds after her scream were nothing more than sharp whimpers and drawn out groans as her abused body gave way to the thrusting hips of her bedmates. Neither gave an inch, in unison they pulled away before driving back into her.

Sesshoumaru couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop. She was so tight, so wet, and the way her nails bit into his back. Her heels digging into his spine as though she didn’t want him to move, “good bitch,” he growled. Thrusting up into her roughly, rewarded by the feeling of her teeth biting into his shoulder to keep her screams in.

What made her so responsive had been what had drawn him to human women in the first place. Unlike demons, humans took true pleasure from sex. They didn’t need pain to reach the heights of ecstasy that many demons strived to reach, but it drove them higher. Grunting when she tensed around him.

Neither stopped, even when her body cried for rest. Even when she sobbed for air, clinging to the firm body, the solid muscles. “Too,” groaning as another sharp wave made her all the more aware of just what was happening to her, “much!” Letting her head fall back on Touga’s shoulder, her whole body twisting tight in pleasure before she screamed.

On either side of her head, silver hair cascading against her bare flesh, fangs sanking deep into her shoulders. Her own twitching body burning from the inside out, her mind a fuzzy blur of feelings. Laying limp between the two, unable to will her body to move anymore.

Hands caressed her sides, stomach, back, thighs, breasts, and ass. Each gentle touch soothing in its softness but startling in the same manner. She didn’t feel used, she felt amazing, tired, drunk, and amazing. Moaning slightly, willing her body to roll forward. Sparks of pain and pleasure from her overused body skating up her spine and across her eyes. Falling against Sesshoumaru, “mm, tired.”

The twin chuckles which answered her, twin pairs of golden eyes which watched her treaded red. Neither willing to give up their place, supporting her as they slowly rolled her onto her side. Another chuckle escaping them when she moaned again, barely shifting her hips to get more comfortable.


Her head throbbed and everything was too bright, she’d not even opened her eyes and it was too bright. It was too loud, more accurately, Inuyasha was too loud.

“Get up woman! What the fuck did you do!”

“Shut up Inuyasha,” she groaned as she tried to push herself up on her arms. Almost instantly her eyes opened wide, tears stinging the edges at the pain which shot through her. “Oh god, that hurts,” her voice loud enough for her to have to wrap her hands around her own ears. Taking a few deep breaths, doing her best to ignore the still shouting half-demon.

Slowly she took stock of her situation. There was here shouting husband for one, which was... not that different. The fact that she was both naked, she was sure, and that there were two arms draped over her back wasn’t as startling as she would have thought. Opening her eyes and glancing to one side, ah, that explained a lot.

Glancing to the other side, oh, that would explain the rest of it.


AN: It could have been better, but it fit with what I normally write so I don't think it's that bad. I still really like it though. Gotta get all these side plots out of my head. They're all so jumbled that they're getting in the way of other more important things.


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