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With You by The Bard


A/N: This won first place in the dokuga_contest 

This series will be drabbles and be updated sporadically. The next chapter will be put up next Thursday since it's in another contest. I hope you all will enjoy this and it's been something I have been thinking about doing. The song With You by Linkin Park inspired me and motivated me to write this. Let me know what you all think.


 1. Rejoining

Prompt: Countless

Word Count: 300 

Sesshomaru’s golden eyes followed the young raven haired girl as she approached his office door. She wore a grey shirt that perfectly matched his suit that he decided to wear for the day. She wore a sinfully tight black skirt that followed all the right curves and stopped at her knees. Those heels she wore were quite exquisite but it wasn’t her at all. A small smile appeared on his lips as he watched her stumble from the heels and regained her posture as she looked around as a blush rose to her fair cheeks.  

Countless of times he had met her. And countless of times she had never remembered him.  How could he blame her for not remembering? She had somehow passed through time and space and gone back into the past and met him when he lived a very different life than he did in the present. He was cold (even though now he could be described cold), he was fearless (okay that too), but most importantly for him back then, he had despised humans. He had no respect for them and wanted nothing to do with them.

But when he met the vixen for the first time, something had stirred in him and he knew it was something strong. She spoke a foreign language at that time that he couldn’t understand. Now he understood that it was English she spoke and to this day he sometimes allows himself to chuckle over his past self being so impatient and irritated when she tried to talk to him. But time with her in the past did not last very long, but it was enough for him to want more.

At long last, Kagome was back in his life and he didn’t know what to do or what to say.


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