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Pack Bonds by Blackthorn


Slowly a small cart pulled by a horse was brought into the normally busy market. Unlike unusual the place was deserted. A small smile appeared on the mans face, 'I will make a good profit today, yes she is worth her weight in gold and I am tired of dealing with that temper.' he could hear her rough breathing from the front seat and the hanyou let his smile grow larger with the knowledge that she wouldn't fight the sale, not with her wounds.

Sesshomaru watched the female wind youkai give him a seductive smile before he pointed to the door. 'Not good enough, not even pure.' he thought to his pack. 'I can smell her brother on her, disgusting.' his youngest brother shared. The silver haired male watched the next female claiming to be pure bowed to the three

"My name is Mori, Sango, black furred inuyoukai from the north. Dam; Mori, Kimi. Sire; Mori, Akoto."

Sniffing the air lightly he finally relaxed 'Pure and strong, a good alpha bitch but she is too submissive for me who wants her?' his black haired brother shook his head but the silver haired one smiled and nodded 'I will take her.'

"Sango please go with the maid to be taken to the bitches den. Welcome to the pack." she stood and quickly left the room with Inu-yasha's eyes following her movements.

Kagome whined in pain as the rough wood of the cart rubbed against her back wounds. 'I am a good person so how is it i find myself in all sorts of bad positions?' she wondered. Soon though the cart stopped and she was yanked harshly from the back.

 "Be a good bitch or i will hurt you more than just lashes."

 catching on she nodded and kept her head down as they entered a tall building. The smell of arousal and want made her feel sick 'Where am I?' peeking out through a curtain of hair she saw an angry youkai female stomp past the line yelling,

 "You will regret this Lord Sesshomaru!"

 but before she could make it past the door she was slaughtered by a long green whip,

"And you never lived to regret threatening this one."

Slowly the long line was vanishing and they only had two breeding bitches, 'Brother? what happens if you can't find one?' Kouki glanced over at his elder brother 'Then tomorrow we will hold this again to try and find one for our Alpha Inu-yasha, be patient and wait for the right one to come forth.' just as the words left his mind a tall hanyou leading a small raven haired female bowed to them,

 "Lord Sesshomaru, I present The Shikon Miko. Dam; Unknown, Sire; Unknown."

the hanyou yanked the small female's head up to reveal shining silver-blue eyes. ' bitch...' Sesshomaru growled to his brothers.

 "How much do you want for her?" Kouki asked.

"Her weight in gold, is all i ask."

Sesshomaru nodded, "Miko follow the maid to the bitches den. Welcome to the pack."

Kagome wanted leap up and hug the male on the throne but fear held her back along with Naraku's hold on her hair. She followed the maid with her head down. 'What do they expect of me? What will i have to do?' she wondered,

"Lady Miko please have the other bitches help you with cleaning before you rest."

she nodded and opened the large door to be greeted by two inuyoukai females sharing tongues in true form. Their red eyes zeroed in on her before they turned back to their humanoid forms.

 "I am sorry i didn't mean to intrude." she said her right foot inching back.

 "Don't worry about it, come in Ayame and I don't bite much."

Sango helped the new pack bitch bathe and dress before allowing her to settle beside her to nap. 'She is very skittish, results of strong beatings I assume.' taking another deep breath she inhaled the female's scent to find that the little onna was a mix of miko and inuyoukai.

"Ayame, this female is half inu and half miko. how is this possible?"

The golden inu bitch shrugged and stroked the raven hair, "We will have to ask the Alpha about it but also about how she reacts to everything. She won't be willing to trust anyone right now and pupping her during this upcoming heat won't help her."

Sesshomaru sighed before leaning back in his seat and slouching something he never did in the presence of others.

 "I hate females sometimes."

 he half growled half groaned. His brothers chuckled and said.

"Want to go meet the pack bitches?"

Instantly he perked up and headed to the bitches den. The bitches would be helping the males in the upcoming heat and needed to be surrounded by them as much as possible. the large red oak door loomed ahead of them and was opened by the two maids stationed outside for the use of the bitches they had acquired. The three watched as Sango groomed the sleepy miko and Ayame groomed Sango.

 "Lords." the two greeted but the miko stayed silent, watching the men warily as they moved close.

 "Don't greet us so formally while in the bitches den ladies, this is your room to do as you like during the days."

Kouki watched as the miko seemed to fall in on herself once the three had entered, 'Brother your bitch is fearful of us.' he could hear the male growl through the link.

 "What is your name little miko?"

He asked, trying to make the female a little more comfortable with them.

 "K-Kagome..." she whispered. her gentle voice rang in his ears like a small bell and he found he liked how it sounded, one look at his brothers and he knew they had the same reaction.

"Kagome could you tell us about you? Where do you come from?"

Her silver-blue eyes looked up to stare at his golden ones before looking away.

"I come from a small village called Edo, my father was a silver inuyoukai and my mother was the village miko who was the Shikon miko at the time. I was raised by the elder miko in the village and was taught to fight to defend the jewel and myself, I have traveled until i was capture by the hanyou, Naraku and then sold off to you."

Kagome refused to look up at the silver haired youkai beside her. His aura was calming and soothing but she only felt fear when he rubbed small circles on her back.

 "Kagome do you know what you are going to be doing while here?" he asked and she shook her head.

"During the next three weeks my brothers and i will be around you almost all day because our season of heat is coming and we want you to be comfortable in our presence. We will not allow anything to happen to any of you nor will we do anything you do not wish to be done to you. Understand?"

 She nodded still keeping her head down and eyes averted.

Sesshomaru sighed and looked over at his brothers, 'I will have to work on her a lot if she is ever to be ready in three weeks.' Golden eyes met 'We have out work cut out for all of us brother, she won't trust any males it seems or just youkai males.' letting another sigh come tumbling out he watched the raven haired beauty beside him trying to come up with a way to get her to trust him and fast.


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