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The Promise by Reira


A little note: So I finally decided to take up the challenge of making a interconnected drabble collection using the prompts from Weekly Perfection. This collection of drabbles is set in the canon universe, but will have some elements of an alternative universe I supposed you could say.

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, affiliated with the creators or producers of Inuyasha. No profit is made from this writing.


They were two pure white bundles that leaped into Kagome's arms the minute they saw her. Who they were, she had no clue, but when she spotted the fluffy ears she knew they were dogs, and not just any dogs - inu-youkai. 

"Aren't you guys cute?" Kagome hummed as they licked her face. Then they jumped away and disappeared into the trees, only to return several seconds later, a familiar person with them.

"Sesshomaru," Kagome gulped, shocked to see the two pups dance around the dangerous youkai's feet.  "Are they yours?" Kagome asked.

"They are pack," was the curt reply.


Prompt: Pack (100 words)


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