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Ten Steps Into Hell by The Hatter Theory


Ten Steps Into Hell

By: The Hatter Theory

One: Amyclaean

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Inu Yasha

AN: This was inspired by Kayelyn's 10 Ways To Kill Kagome. While her story is hilarious and amazing (and I highly suggest those of age go to read it), this spurred wangst. You've been warned. This story will take place in the space of 10 drabbles, no more, no less.



Riddles spilled forth in the form of thoughts, broke down into the cacophonous; jagged broken ends of blades cut his tongue and forced reserve. If it was to be born, it would be carried with grace, the splinter feel of shattered steel sewing his lips shut, demanding nothing less than obedient, obdurate silence. Relief, if such could be found, was a whisper, an intangible thread keeping him tethered to the fantasy world he abhorred but craved. Ever reaching and forever denied peace, he clung to it, from it, hanging over the abyss.

'You never talk much.'

No, he supposed not.


Words: 100


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