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You must protect the Northern Heir by Toni 'AcidRayne ' Demby

Enter Kikyo .

So this is my first sesshXkag that i have evr posted, at the end of this chappie i was hitting a bit of writers block sorry, so review and what not,

'thoughts '

-Time laps-

'letter '

The fire crackled near Kagome's sleeping bag. She rolled over and sighed, time to get up, she thought. Even though it was still night time she had to keep moving, after Naraku was defeated everyone has been after the Shikon Jewel. She looked around the small camp, Miroku and Sango were sharing a large sleeping bag Kagome brought back from her time, Shippo was curled up on her pillow, and Inuyasha was no where to be seen. Quietly she got up, she sensed his arua in the forest but he wasn't alone. Kagome hid her scent and aura and followed his. after walking a ways Kagome hid at the edge of a clearing where Inuyasha stood infront of .... KIKYO! WHAT?! Kagome thought to her self. She stood and watched the encounter.

Ki-Ki-Kikyo?" Inuyasha asked not believing she was standing infront of her.

"Hi," she smiled weakly.

"How are you here?" he said slowly taking a few steps toward her.

"since Naraku died my body was restored, I am now amoung the living once again," she smiled again. Kagome was shocked, Why didn't i recognize her scent? she asked her self. Kagome was whipped out of her thoughts when four little words excaped Kikyo's mouth.

"Inuyasha I love you," Kagome's heart broke, she knew Inuyasha would leave their blossoming relationship to go back to his first love.

"I-I love you too." he said silent tears pooled in her eyes. He had done it, ended their relationship in those four little words. Kagome didn't want to stay any longer so she turned and left knowing they were about to kiss. Kagome just couldn't bear that much pain in one night. She quickly made her way back to camp finding everyone still fast asleep. Kagome quickly grabbed her enchanted bag, that was a bottomless pit and left her group half of her supplies. she whispered her goodbyes as she left. Kagome walked without direction just going where ever her feet take her.

-Back with Inu & Group-

Shippo rolled over on Kagome's pillow and reached a small paw out for her but she wasn't there. He opened his eyes and saw her bag was gone too but there were supplies left. Sh-sh-she's gone? Shippo thought small tears forming in his emerald eyes. The sun was just rising in the east as Inuyasha walked out of the forest a small smile played on his lips as he recalled last night. He found out that Kikyo was alive and that she loved him, the smile quickly turned into a frown when he realized he had to break things off with Kagome. He searched the small campsite for her, but she wasn't there, only the saddened faces of his other companions.

"Where's-" Inuyasha started but was cut off by a furious slap to the face.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" A furious SHippo asked. Me? Inuyasha asked himself.

"I-I-I didnt do anything," Inuyasha mumbled. Then he thought back to last night, he DID smell salt in the air when he told Kikyo he loved her.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!?" Shippo said seeing Inuyasha's expression change from confusion to shock. Inuyasha let out a small breath.

"I saw Kikyo last night," He said slowly.

"How?" Sango asked quietly.

"Since Naraku was defeated her body was restored to the living," he said.

"Okay, now tell me why Kagome is gone!" Miroku said angrily, Miroku had grown to love Kagome like a sister and was pissed that the half breed pissed her off.

"Kikyo told me she loved me, and I responded without thinking but that is how I feel , I love Kikyo," Inuyasha finished, he braced himself for pain and yelling but it never came instead there was shuffling as Kagome walked in from the forest, her clothes shredded dirt all over her face.

Shippo," she mumbled weakly befor collapsing onto the floor. Everyone stood shocked, what hapeened after she left?

-Few hours later-

Everyone was crowded around Kagome except Inuyasha and Kikyo, they were on the opposite end of the camp site. A few minutes after Sango placed a cold compress on Kagome's forehead, Kagome stirred.

"Ka-kagome?" Sango whispered. Everyone watched intensly except for Kikyo who got up and walked away. Stupid wench, why didn't she die?! Kikyo asked herself. Kagome noticed her precense and was not shocked in the least bit. Kagome closed her eyes again and fell back in to her slumber.

-Few days later-

 It has been almost two weeks since Kikyo started traveling with the group and Kagome had had enough.

"I'm going back to my own time for a bit," she said streching.

"Okay," Inuyasha said without a second thought. Kagome said nothing as she packed her stuff, taking all of it this time.

"Come shippo," Kagome said before disappearing into the forest. Shippo rose and followed knowing Kagome was not going back to her own time she was just using it as an excuse to get away from Inuyasha. Kagome walked aimlessly through the forest trying to get away from the disgusting aura of Inuyasha and Kikyo.

"Kagome, what is that noise?" Shippo asked as he heard a faint cry in the distance. Kagome listened and took off after it. She stopped infront of a small wicker basket. inside was cloth covering something. Kagome slowly reached inside the basket.

Safely tucked inside was a small Inu Hanyou. The baby had long flaming red hair, soft smooth white skin. on the outside of the blankets was a piece of paper, in neat hand writing it read:

'Who ever finds him;

This is our son he has not been named but please look after him he is a hanyou half Dog demon half monk, please watch after him for we fear it is too late for us.


Katome and Sasshemy

King and Queen of the North.'

Kogome read the paper aloud.

"Are you going to keep him Kagome?" Shippo asked.

"Yes and I will name him after his father Sasshemy," she said picking up the crying bundle. As soon as she picked him up he ceased his crying and opened his teal eyes.

"Hi Sasshemy," Kagome cooed.

"Alright Shippo lets go to the nearest village," Kagome said walking away. As Kagome, Shippo, and Sasshemy neared a village Kagome felt a stronge demonic arua.

"Lord Sesshomaru, how may we help you?" Kagome asked with turning to the Taiyoukai.

"Come with me to my castle," he said in his icy baratone voice. She knew why he wanted her at his castle, it was so he could protect the heir of the northern lands. Kagome quietly followed the taiyoukai watching his grace and elegance and admiring his beauty.

"Miko, you will live at my castle with the young Lord," he said over his shoulder. she said nothing as she followed.

They walked in silence till they reached his castle.

"Miko, you and the kitsune along with the heir will have a room right next to mine," the icy prince said.

"Thank you Sesshomaru-sama," Kagome said bowing.

"Nana, prepare the two guest rooms next to mine," Sesshomaru called. A youkai apperaed, nodded and left. A few minutes later the same youkai appereared.

"Lord Sesshomaru the rooms are ready,"

"Thank you, you may go now," Lord Sesshomaru said.


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