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Septem Peccata by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Ira Dei

Septem Peccata

Chapter One: Ira Dei

Chapter Music: ‘Solidarity’ ~ Enter Shikari – “And now the flood gates will open.”

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His sin was wrath. It was a fact of life – unfailing and true. He wasn’t a cruel being but he had no problem unsheathing his sword and raining hell upon those that sought to disrupt his quiet days with the small child he had taken in, his retainer, and his steed. It was something that the Miko of the Future, the Girl that Overcame Time, the Shikon Miko, found almost interesting. Almost interesting and able to explore. The hunt for Naraku steadily ending, Sesshoumaru saw fit that he combine their groups together. After all, where the shards were Naraku was bound to follow.

She had never really had the time to study Sesshoumaru but he was a mystery all on his own. Actions contradicted the few words spoken and conveyed his every feeling. He wasn’t emotionless – he just wasn’t loud about them like the herself and the rest of the group. It was something she had come to respect and find interesting. She was almost feline in her obsession.



Kirara would have been proud had she been aware of the miko’s actions.

Lips pursed into a thin line she watched The Killing Perfection descend upon the youkai that dare bring his ward into the battle. The less then appealing creature had sneered at the taiyoukai and looked down at the small child hungrily. When he had spoken it was in a voice that was a hissing rasp, “So the mighty have fallen so low, ne? Maybe after I kill you… I’ll devour all that sweet flesh and relish in the taste of taiyoukai ward. She is pretty – maybe I’ll keep her as a pet?”

Like an avenging angel Sesshoumaru stood tall, no visible emotion on his face though his eyes burned with righteous anger and disgust at the youkai before him. He touched none of his swords. Not is inheritance. Not the one he created out hate. Not the one that he created from himself. It was a direct insult to the youkai – saying without words he was a creature that did not warrant the use of weaponry because Sesshoumaru thought him weak and pathetic. The silvery eyes of the creature darkened to black with anger and Kagome watched with a vague sense of detachment as Sesshoumaru moved faster than her ningen eyes could follow.

One moment the youkai had been standing and Sesshoumaru was standing in front of him and the next Sesshoumaru was behind him. There was a moment of silence and blood sprayed in a horrifying arch that Sesshoumaru managed to somehow not be in the way of [Kagome assumed you became a master of predicting the way blood would spray when all you did was kill].

The youkai fell apart in nicely sliced pieces of gore, its body nothing more than a pile of innards and chunks of flesh and bone. Had she not been traversing through time as long as she had she may have lost the contents within her stomach. Thankfully she had seen other disturbing sights and this wasn’t that bad on the gore scale. Her cerulean gaze went to the little girl that happily skipped toward her caretaker – not the slightest bit disturbed by what had just occurred.

It hadn’t bothered the child that her guardian rose up and had smote the youkai where he stood as though Sesshoumaru had been some sort of God. She seemed more then content to chatter away at how wonderful it was that killed the youkai faster than she could see. He patted her head lightly and began to walk away from the remains of the creature. The group exchanged a light look and followed after the inu-youkai, Inuyasha grumbling to himself about how his half sibling was nothing more than a show off.

Kagome though… she watched the little girl continue to smile and giggle on and on to the male that had saved her on more than one occasion and she shivered lightly. As though sensing her gaze, the taiyoukai turned his head in her direction, his citrine hues dark and observant. There was a cruel smirk curling his lips and then he turned away and paid half an ear to the child keeping pace beside him.

Yes, the miko was convinced… his sin was wrath.      




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