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Youkai Freedom by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Downfall of the Inu Clan

AN: This just popped into my head a minute ago and it seemed pretty good. I may or may not continue this but, I would like to know your opinion. And I know its short. This story I’m going to test.

PS: Thanks to my new beta RansLover! With a bit of advise from my older sister Raven88. Thank You!

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha and co. This is just for my leisure or alternate idea. I do own the plot and a few characters though.

My Characters: Sachiko meaning (bliss in Japanese) A priestess with red hair and brown eyes. Kira meaning (dark in Gaelic) Just a regular human female with black hair and green eyes. Ryo meaning (Fact in Japanese) A water dragon youkai with short light blue hair and orange eyes.


Ch. 1 Downfall of the Inu Clan

The young Daiyoukai snarled, pulling against chains that crossed against his chest and arms. His magenta markings on his face elongated into jagged stripes. Eyes flashing red in fury as his small body could barely contain his powerful youki. After seeing his mother slaughtered by these humans he became frantic to protect the last of the Inu pups of their clan hiding behind him. He gave a hard tug against the chains. Acid dripping from his clawed hands. Throwing several monks off their feet with another pull. Instantly jumping and attacking another man while cutting off someone’s head behind him. Blood splattering all over his royal blue robes and yellow sash.

“RESTRAIN HIM NOW.” A woman in red and white priestess robes shrieked.

The few monks surviving grunted out. “Yes Sachiko-sama.” Throwing their strongest sutras toward the demon who struggled to break the binds.

When the pieces of paper came in contact with his skin, he howled in pain. Feeling his strength being sapped as his body burned from it.

Not many leagues away his father raised his giant muzzle from what was left of a holy army. At least ten other Inus were scattered about dead. Barely able to stand himself, he shrunk into his smaller form. Armor, partly cracked from the battle, covered his tall form. That of a man of 6’ 3’’ with long silver hair that nearly touched his heals and dark gold eyes that burned in anger as he turned towards the howl of his son. The demon lord yelled out his son’s name. Fearful for him, and the Inu pups, he ran from the battle ground to get closer. Only to be trapped by two dozen chanting priestesses that had been hidden behind the trees. He snarled and swiped at them. His prized swords were reverted to dull blades; crying for their owner and trying to block out the onslaught of such purity. Seconds later, a howl tore from the fathers lips and pierced the night sky. His right knee lowered of its own accord while more red droplets fell to the ground from his wounds. His chest heaving as he tried to take in breaths of air. “Sesshoumaru, run! Take the pups from here and don‘t turn back.”

“Chichiue.” Sesshoumaru cried out. Watching as his father fell down in a faint, and to his horror, a bright silver collar made of pure energy appeared on his fathers neck. The young Daiyoukai’s growling became louder and his fingers flexed to draw blood for what they‘ve done. The golden hew in his own eyes completely gone. The sorrow from loosing his mother and so many other Inu demons adding to his strength. His delicate nose lengthening as a swirl of red energy blew around him. Cracking the barrier that surrounded him and melting the sutras. Behind him a pink whip shot from outside to hit his back. Making him gasp, falling over on his hands, and knees. Having intrupted his transformation. It struck out to sear his skin again, but Sesshoumaru saw it coming. Catching it with his own acid whip to disintegrate the pathetic material. Another priestess ran up to him with glowing palms. Creating a silver collar around his own neck as he cried. When the spell was finished, and he could move, his hand shot out to the girl. Snapping her neck. Hearing her last breath abruptly end; his eyes glazed over as he fought to stay awake. His arms falling uselessly to his sides.

At her command, the monks stepped back. “How many pups are in the back?“ Sachiko asked. Glancing at the retrieval team in displeasure.

“There are three my lady.”

‘Only three?’ Sachiko cursed.

A brown haired  monk stood next to her. “What shall we do with them?”

“Hn.” She bent forward to look at the young Daiyoukai. His silver hair cascading down his shoulders, and back, shinned in the moon light. Light skin seeming a little pale with half open orbs staring at her. Almost looking to be an 10 year old boy. Yet, she new better. He was probably 180 or almost 200 years old. But, was a mere pup and still just in the beginning stages of learning about forming his youki in demon terms. He had given them a lot more trouble then they thought he would. Though it was a pity that his mother didn’t stay alive long enough to capture. Sachiko lifted up the demon’s chin. An arrogant cheshire grin gracing her lips.

He watched her. His body swaying with fatigue and feeling helpless as she turned his chin to get a better look at him. He barely heard her say something and was pointing to a demon that came into his line of sight. There, stood his fathers trusted friend, Ryo of the water dragon province; sneering at him. “You see…” the woman in front of him started. “He was the one that helped us create the binding collar and got us into your homeland.” She seemed to ponder about something while his mind screamed at him. Vowing to kill the traitor if it killed him. Sachiko turned her head toward the team. “…just kill the pups. We’v…”

Sesshoumaru used all of his energy and forced his hand to move. Before she could blink, he had the pleasure of finding the woman’s delicate neck in his grasp. Panting lightly from the effort, he spoke in a whisper. ‘no.”

“Oh?” She looked at him calmly telling the others to stay back, though her eyes betrayed her fear, and disgust. Even though he was collared they didn’t get to perform a bonding ritual to keep him from harming everyone. Which would be a drop of his owners blood on the collar, and since he could snap her neck in a second like a twig, she couldn’t move.

Sesshoumaru’s grip tightened around her trachea. “They live or you die.” He threatened her. Red tinted fangs, still covered in fresh blood from some of the monks, peeked from his sinister yet innocent smile. His aura showing nothing, but malice. The likes of which he‘d never felt before.

“All right…” She choked out, making the brown haired monk bring the pups to his line of vision. They were all collared and set down in a row. When his grip didn’t lesson, she inwardly hissed. Knowing that he wouldn’t let go unless they were bonded.

Now, as he watched a girl being brought in front of the pups, he eyed them carefully to make sure they had the ritual done. A forest green collar graced the pups necks. Stating how much weaker they were compared to him and his father. The girl, Kira, was the only willing one to continue raising them for the rest of her life. She tentatively let her blood drop onto the green energy around their necks. When it flashed white, the ritual was finished. Sesshoumaru made a mental note to remember her, so he could keep track of his clan, before giving the woman he held a small nod. Passing out.

Little did he know, that as the Inu Clan fell, diminished to just 6 full Inus. The rest of demon kind were being threatened. Since they were the strongest, the other clans fell to the same fate. Even the Dragon Clans that had betrayed them. All over the world, as the years passed, more and more youkai were captured. Till human kind believed that the free youkai were just myth. Their entire race bound into servitude.


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