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Time Keeper by Knight of Disorder


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So if she understood this correctly, and she wasn't sure she did, she was now responsible not only for Shippou, cooking, cleaning, and the Shikon Jewel shards. But she was now also Inuyasha's keeper and she would have to look after Rin as well. If she thought about it honestly, she didn't so much mind adding Rin to the list but from what little functionality her brain had left. She rather disliked the idea of being Inuyasha's keeper.

Even if she already played that role.

There were other problems which she had yet to... deal with. One happened to be the rather noticeable demon lord that for once actually seemed to be following someone else. It was disconcerting, not being able to see him even if she could somehow sense him. Well, could feel his eyes anyway. Shippou and Miroku would take it in stride, Sango... Sango would accept it. She might not like it but she would accept it. Then there was Inuyasha, she knew what he would do. At the same time she had no idea what he'd try.

It was to much, turning her head to look over he shoulder at the demon lord who still walked behind her. His eyes just staring past her at something that he must have found extremely interesting on the horizon. Stopping she watched as he did the same, his eyes turning from whatever the hell he was looking at to her. Shaking her head before turning back to the path they were walking on. She was taking her time on purpose.

She didn't have long to think of a way to placate Inuyasha and keep Sesshoumaru from taunting him. "Sesshoumaru," then once more as an after thought, "sama, don't taunt him. Please," she would this one time beg. Mostly because she had no other option, "please, just don't make this harder on me then it already has to be." She would guilt him to, well she would try she was sure he was immune to it.

Sesshoumaru watched, the slope of the miko's shoulders as they fell. Her head hung a little lower, and her pace slowed even more. She radiated something akin to defeat, it wasn't really defeat though. It was something else that he wasn't sure of, it was... it was bothering him is what it was doing. Her emotions changed so quickly, from anger to frustration, defeat, sadness, pain, despair. It was sending his well ordered thoughts to the four winds.

"This Sesshoumaru will not goad the half-breed intentionally."

Kagome froze, the slight weight that seemed to be weighing her shoulders lessened just a small bit. It was just a fraction of what was there but it was something that was so important, even if he didn't try and be civil at least he wouldn't pester him just to get a reaction. Letting her feet start moving again, a nearly quiet sigh of relief escaped her.

She heard it, and she wanted to crawl back down the well and never come through again. If she heard it she knew that Sesshoumaru had as well. Groaning more to herself and then anyone else. She just wanted to hide.


There it was again, it was Inuyasha. More then likely he caught Sesshoumaru's scent, he was coming thinking she was in danger because before this moment she would have thought the same and had until she had... accepted his deal. She still wasn't sure how that happened. She remembered saying yes but she didn't remember just why she did or what had lead her to it. Now she was going to have to deal with this, it was to soon. She wanted the last few minutes before they reached the village. Was that to much to ask?

Yes, yes it was. Through the trees, just as she was about to look up came a red bullet. Faster then she could think an arm wrapped so tight around her waist she almost blacked out, claws biting ever so lightly into her side. Only to find herself tossed into a bush the next moment.

"What do you want bastard? Sneaking up on a woman like that!"

It took her a moment to right herself and start thinking again, suddenly the rested feeling she had when she returned was gone. She just wanted to go back to sleep, to lay down there in the bush and pass out for a days.

"Answer me you prick!"

Groaning as she pushed herself up, "INUYASHA!"

"Shut up wench! He was sneaking up on you! Probably going to kidnap you so he could get the Tesseiga!" Inuyasha didn't turn from his brother, the sword he had just spoken of held out before him.

"Stop, just stop. He wasn't attacking me..." This was the part that made her feel so tired, she was as prepared as she was going to get for what was coming but it didn't matter. "He's... joining up with us. I made a deal with him." Dead silence, then a growl. Turning her eyes up from her shoes, she knew it. Inuyasha was furious, those eyes that looked at her were filled with betrayal. Those eyes just made her want to hide, sleep, run... all of the above.

When there was no more yelling she was taken by surprise. Inuyasha just looked back and forth between her and Sesshoumaru, as if he was expecting something. What was there to expect? "He's going to help up hunt Naraku, in return I have to look after Rin."

Inuyasha wasn't having it, no. It wasn't happening, they didn't need his prick of a half-brother to help them hunt Naraku. He would do it, with Tesseiga. What was the point of bringing someone else along when they were just going to cause more problems. "Fuck no!"

She knew that voice, "it's not your decision." Her eyes were already half closed as she looked at them, this is why she went home so often. This whole thing just made her so tired, she just wanted to... she didn't know anymore. "I've already agreed. So... just stop." For a moment, she thought everything did just that. It all seemed to stop, for just a moment.

"I told you no! I don't care if you've already agreed, he ain't coming with us and you ain't looking after his brat!"

"So you would force her to dishonor herself little brother?"

"You made her agree, threatened her or something!"

"He didn't," everything got a little blurry. "He didn't threaten me."

"Then why did you agree? You know he just wants the sword!"

Kagome didn't answer, what was blurry before turned black and silent. She wasn't aware of when she hit the ground or the voices of her friends, the slight fever she was running that Sesshoumaru hadn't thought to tell her about. Nor did she see the lifting a sword that was sent sailing through the air a moment later.

Turning just his eyes, from the now prone half-breed. Catching the sight of the slayer, "she is ill." This was an event that meant her protection did it not? Informing her companions of his knowledge of the situation. Yes.

Sango just stared wide eyed for a moment, then seemed to snap out of her stupor and turned her full attention back towards Kagome. She wasn't even attempting to be sneaky as she checked for claw marks, "thank you Sesshoumaru."

Miroku quickly out himself between the two, "Sesshoumaru-sama, might I inquire as to the reason for your visit?"

"This Sesshoumaru has an accord with the miko."

"We have not been made aware, please forgive us. Perhaps you might enlighten us as to the agreement made."

"This One's pack will join with her's, she will look after his ward and he will aide in the spider hunt."

The look shared quickly between both humans was enough to make Sesshoumaru smile. Well, almost. He was correct as he always was, they wouldn't fight her decision even if they didn't particularly like it.


She was awake, but she didn't want to open her eyes. She could hear him, Inuyasha grumbling to himself in the corner. What's more she could feel a weight on her stomach, it was to heavy to be Shippou though. She was going to be slick, groaning and rolling towards who ever it was she peeked out from under her eye lashes. Rin. Now that she thought about it she should have assumed it was Rin.

Wait, she could use that. Moving ever so slowly, with her back to the others. Tapping Rin's back while putting a finger to lips. Mouthing, "come here."

Rin wasn't sure what this game was but she liked it, peeking around to make sure no one was really paying attention she turned and laid down hidden behind Kagome before inching her way up. A huge smile on her face as she peeked over the older woman's shoulder one last time.

Now, she just had to get Rin to understand what she wanted without catching Inuyasha's attention. Pointing from behind her arm, then towards the door.

Rin nodded slowly, that was easy enough. She hoped. Sitting up with a yawn before shuffling over to the fire and dropping down next to Sango. A yawn, fake or not, passed her lips as she leaned against the slayer.

"Oh, Rin you're up. How's Kagome's fever?" Sango had no idea how the girl was accepted so quickly into their group. It was quite possible that it was simply because the moment she showed up she had dropped down and promptly fell asleep next to Kagome. Who to everyone's surprise seemed to attach herself the girl for nearly an hour.

Rin just mumbled leaning closer, and covering her mouth as she spoke quietly into Sango's ear. Rin watched those fluffy little ears a top Inuyasha's head twitch trying to hear what she was saying, she was better then that. Sesshoumaru had taught her how to talk without being heard and this was just one of those times.

"Inuyasha, go see if Kagome's mother has anything for fever."

"What! You have that damn box she always has with her," turning from his vigil over the corner.

"Well, her mother might have something better for her. Just go already," Sango just waved her hand at him. "Oh, and ask her if Kagome needs to eat anything special." Sango was half hoping Kagome's mother would catch the hint and keep him there for a while.

"Feh! Whatever," pushing himself up. "You best find out why the hell she agreed to whatever that bastard asked her because I'm not having it," then before anyone could say anything he was gone out the door.

It was silent for a long few minutes, no one really wanted to talk. The last words spoken by Inuyasha were a problem, "miko, he is gone." All eyes turned towards the door then towards Kagome.

"I thought he would be, so you knew I was awake this whole time?"

"You're heart rate increased."

"Oh," finally pushing herself up. Turning to look around the hut, "you guys have questions, so go a head and ask them." There was no reason to put up a fight against them, at the moment she didn't have it in her to come up with some excuse.

"Kagome," pausing as if thinking over his words, "what was the accord you made with Sesshoumaru-sama?" His fingers playing with the beads on his right hand.

"He didn't tell you?"

"He informed us of the general idea, however I have a feeling he left some things out." Smiling slightly before turning towards Sango, "don't you think so as well?"

Sango didn't want to be a part of this little exchange, really she wanted nothing to do with it. Having Shippou and Inuyasha along was nearly more then she could handle at first and at times she still wished she'd killed Inuyasha. This was, something else. "I won't allow Kagome to be dishonored because Inuyasha can't get over himself."

Kagome smiled a little. "So long as I look after Rin and keep Inuyasha from starting pointless fights, then Sesshoumaru will help us fight Naraku, protect me, and will keep himself from intentionally starting fights."

Looks traded back and fourth, slayer and monk considering the words. It was good that he would be helping them now, but Inuyasha was a handful when he didn't have someone to fight right in front of him. Then even if Kagome had the beads to subdue the hanyou, she had never used them quite like that before. She'd even done her best not to use them in past months.

"It's okay, I'll find a way to keep them from fighting. If it makes things easier, then I'll just make sure to keep them apart." Kagome blinked a few times, trying to make the blurry images before her eyes focus again. She gave up the fight and just laid back down on the futon she ended up on, closing her eyes to make everything easier to deal with.

"Okay then, we'll leave after you feel better."


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