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Time Keeper by Knight of Disorder


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The air was strange, standing there at the bottom of the well looking up at the bright blue sky through the small opening overhead. The heavy yellow pack on her back making her wonder if she wanted to try climbing out on her own or if she wanted to yell for Inuyasha and hope he was nearby. He was normally but this time felt different, just like the last four times. It felt strange like there was someone there watching but it wasn't someone she wanted watching.

"Inuyasha," she called tentatively up towards the edge of the well. Her fingers already wrapped in the green vines that grew down into the depths. Licking her lips as she thought about just what she was about to do. There was no answer from the world over head head, just the occasional sound of the breeze blowing through the clearing. It felt strange. Stranger then normal. Like the person watching would be waiting for her when she finally decided to climb the vines to the world at large.

Slowly she tugged on the vines, wrapping her fingers in their thick mass before she began the climb she was growing used to. Digging her toes into the stony walls at her side, the green skirt on her legs riding higher then she would have liked. Still, with the weight of the pack she kept her pace. One after the other, the foot holds held her weight as she kept her slow pace. She was trying to be silent, trying to hide that she was there. Something in her told her that whatever was waiting for her already knew she was there but she still tried.

Closer the lip of the well came to her eyes, then she slowly peaked her head over the edge. Letting her eyes scan the clearing, leaning back and twisting her head almost painfully to see all of it. She could find nothing. The feeling was there, right on the edge. Almost like it was taunting her, trying to goad her into chasing it. She wasn't stupid, hefting her pack with one arm over the edge of the well before she leaned higher. Taking one last look, if there was something dangerous she could just fall back into the depths and go back to her time.

Nothing, cautiously her small fingers gripped tight around the old wind washed and sun bleached wood. Eyes the color of perfectly aged whiskey kept scanning with a conscious thought to simply let her hands free of the wood should anything appear. Then one leg, followed the other. This is what Sango taught her, to watch her position when coming out of the well. To always make it easy to simply fall back in.

It would hurt when she landed on her back on the other side, but she would be safe. Still she watched, there was no sign of Inuyasha or the others but that feeling was still there. Before it had faded when she reached the top of the well, the eyes that she was sure were watching her had always retreated. This time they seemed to be watching her even closer. Her cheeks rushed red as she thought about it.

Kagome's mind supplying images of being watched that she didn't wish to think about, "who's out there!" The question was screamed as loud as she could, her words echoing in the open and fresh air around her. Now that she was so focused on the tree line she realized something, the trees were all the same. Nothing was different from any other time. There was no hiding place around the well when the sun was so high in the sky.

Turning her head up towards the sky, she couldn't see anything there either. It was unnerving. Then the same question that appeared in her mind the last four times, she had counted and would continue to. This was the fifth time he hadn't been there to get here and the fifth time the question came to mind.

Where was Inuyasha?

There were reasons, she was sure. He always had his reasons, sometimes she believed him. Other's not so much but he had yet to outright lie to her about anything other then Kikyou. So she forgave him. What was she to do? That woman, if she could be called that, was his first love. While most of her still loved him, there was a small part of her. A little hard jaded part of her that hated him to.

Now that she was sure that she wasn't going to just be attacked, seeing as those eyes had long enough to appear. She shifted slightly, grabbing up her pack and the bow she carried between times. It was one that her grandfather had found in the storage room, it didn't have any power but it seemed to be a decent weapon. It was also one that she rather liked, it was a long bow and carved out of a single piece of wood. There were intricate details along the face that reminded her of cherry tree blossoms, that were painted in white against the red finish.

She took extra care to make sure it was never damaged, even if she used it in battle. She wouldn't let the bow be damaged because she was careless, it was a family heirloom as far as she was concerned. Making sure her pack was steady on her shoulders and the bow firm in her grasp she took a few slow steps. This was the part she hated, the waiting. While she had a great amount of patience it didn't mean that she liked having to take her time returning to her friends and that's what this was. A slow and steady march with eyes on her all the way to the edge of the village.

Then he appeared, clad in white and red. Hair trailing behind him as she stepped from the trees ahead of her. Her armor shifting as she turned to look at her with those clear and cold eyes, they burned when they landed on her. Like fire, like cold fire. So cold they threatened to incinerate her. Each step was silent and the feeling of eyes on her, focused on her, those eyes were the eyes that watched her for so long. Those eyes had been there when Inuyasha hadn't, those eyes were the ones she felt burning into her at that moment.

It was him, with that trail of platinum hair and skin as pale as the moon. Almond shaped eyes that glowed like the sun even when it was nearly noon. Sharp features that would put every model she'd ever seen in a magazine to shame, with those high cheekbones and perfectly shaped nose. Thin but full lips that hid those pearly white fangs. Then those marks, the pale magenta stripes that were mirrored on either cheek that would darken when he was angry. The natural red eye shadow that offset the perfect gold in his eyes, then finally that navy moon set in the very center of his brow. Sesshoumaru.

What was she supposed to do? He wasn't talking, he was just staring at her. She could feel his eyes sizing her up, in the back of her mind the small hard jaded part of her mind spoke words she would never repeat and would do her best to forget. So she just watched him, eyes never leaving him. It would be a mistake to even blink.

Sesshoumaru wasn't sure what to think of this, he was sure she was the one he needed to speak with. She was the leader of his little brother's pack, even if the half-breed didn't accept it. She would be the one to forge the deal with, most likely the only one who would listen to what he had to say without simply yelling at him or trying to kill him. Now that was funny, a human trying to kill him. Yet there she was, in that indecent kimono. It was to short and to tight.

At one time he thought her a whore. Dressing like that, even the whores wore more conservative clothing. However, he came to understand that she was a priestess. A powerful one, untrained and mostly useless. There was more, he also found from watching her. She was untouched, pure, and untainted. It was hard to believe but it was true, her scent now proved it. Though it was stained with only the slightest touch of fear.

So what was he to do?

She didn't fear him as the others did, it would be easier to simply talk with her. If his observations were correct then she was educated, a rarity for most among humans let alone a woman, which would aide his cause. "Miko." She had sensed him, he knew every time that she felt him. She couldn't find him watching her but she knew that he was, even if she didn't know it was him.

Kagome was sure he'd said something. It was strange, to here him just talk. She'd seen him attacking when he spoke so many times to see him just standing so far away was just different. The thoughts of what he had said were at the front, she wasn't sure what to make of it. He had to know her name by now there was no way around it. Then something else sank in, he was talking. Or he was trying to. "Sesshoumaru." Quickly catching herself at the sudden chill that ran down her spine, "sama."

So the miko could have proper manners when the time called for it. This might be easier then he thought, "this Sesshoumaru would like to propose a truce."

All thought vanished from Kagome's mind. The words just hung there between them, she was sure if she wasn't either dumbstruck or terrified. Perhaps both that she might have let her jaw crash into the dirt path she was standing on, or even let her eyes roll out of her head because she opened them to wide. Those things didn't happen, she realized, only because the words that Sesshoumaru had said were more welcome then most would think.

"Terms?" That was it, the only word that came to her mind. It came out in a question because she hadn't comprehended just what it meant to that moment.

"This Sesshoumaru's pack will join with your's. You will prevent the half-breed from assualting or insulting this One's person or heritage. You and only you will look after Rin, this One will protect you so long as you hold this agreement and he finds it satisfactory." Sesshoumaru wasn't sure she was having a coherent thought in her head at the moment, which proved to just what he needed. So long as she agreed it didn't matter.

Thoughts began to reorder themselves in her brain, little jolts at his words snapped into place and seemed to form a picture in her mind. Rin, the girl was going on ten now. Then Inuyasha, and keeping him from fights. That would be... possible. She hoped. Then he said that as long as she preformed to his satisfaction, that dark jaded part twisted those words but she shook it off, that he would protect her. That meant...

Well she wasn't sure entirely but there was more there then he was explaining.

Kagome was once more at a loss for words, he called the group her pack. Well it made sense dogs traveled in packs and she did travel with a group so he would think that. But... it wasn't her's, was it? No, it was Inuyasha's pack. That didn't seem right though, he did act like the leader but for the most part unless it was battle related the others always came to her. "My... pack?"

"The Slayer, Monk, and young Kitsune."


"You are their leader, are you not?" A single brow rose behind his bangs, was this woman completely stupid even though she appeared to be educated.


"The half-breed is simply a member of your pack. You started the pack, you allow him to travel with you and you subjugate him when he acts foolishly or threatens one he should not. You are the leader." That explained something, she wasn't aware of her position because of the half-breed. He would have to fix that, more so he would have to see why she thought him the leader when he was sure that she was the one who gave the orders.

"Oh," that made sense. She guessed it did, she didn't really feel all that talkative at the moment even though she had hundreds of questions. Questions that wanted to burst fourth from her mouth but she couldn't will her tongue to move at the moment. All processing power for anything other then the smallest of words was diverted into thinking about what he had offered as terms. "Naraku?"

"That is the reason behind this offer. Do you accept?"



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