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AN: This was written for Riku Ryuu's Point of View Challenge. The challenge was to write a two hundred word fic in second person POV.

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, and I am not profiting from this fanfiction.

Words: 200


You can see them. Yes, you can see them, the pair underneath the trees. You watch as they huddle together, their hair complete opposites as they crouch together. You are soaked by the rain, staring at them; the tree you sit on is soaked as well. You have observed the couple before. You know everything about them. You know when he'll lean forward, and when she'll smile at him. You don't think that even they know this, but you do. You know.

You aren't rude in any way, you are simply a curious cat demon. Kirara is your name, and you are a sucker for the secret couple. You know InuYasha would die if he found out, but you wouldn't be able to tell him anyway. You're a cat.

And so you view them silently. If you made a sound, the demon lord would notice and take his anger out on you. Your aura is too small for him to perceive, so luckily you can use your simple mind to find the joy in their love, and while they remain ignorant to your presence, you bask in the heavy emotion.

Yes, you are a spy, but spying has its benefits.


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