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What That Noise? by SmexyHajiSan

Case of the sniffles....

It had been about a week since the coughing had started. Deep, harsh, and made their son sound as though he had been gurgling nails for the longest time.

At first, the couple had thought little to nothing of the noise, since a cold was bound to come across their offspring once and a while. He was one of those dirty little toddlers, who took whatever chance they got to go outdoors and roll around in the mud and grime. Typical 2 year old so to speak.

But this time, it was cause for concern. Sesshomaru had sensed that maye this was more then just a cold, and something more serious. Any cold that made their son shake and sound like he was hacking up his lungs repeatedly was not normal, and was to be checked out as soon as possible.

"Kagome," Sesshomaru started as he entered their livingroom, seeing his mate sitting on the couch with their under the weather pup. "I believe its time we take him to the doctor."

The raven haired woman looked up, hearing the male behind her, and nodded at his suggesion. She too felt that maybe this was more then it appeared to be, and they needed to go and see if it was. "Alright," she agreed, nodding. Their son began to cough just as she finished speaking, the sound horrible to both parents ears. His little frame was tense as he continued to hack, causing Kagome to worry and sit him up a bit straighter until the fit ended.

Sesshomaru frowned at the scene and turned on his heel, marching off to go and get the car. He told Kagome to get their son ready for transport, and she did as told, quickly getting off the couch and hurrying to get prepared for the trip to the doctors office.

It didn't take long to get everyone in the car, and soon they had driven the distance downtown to get to the hospital. Kagome cradled the child in her arms as she entered the ER with her Youkai partner. He stepped away from them to check in with the desk receptionist, who gave the sick boy a quick once over befor telling them to sit and wait with the other patients.

The wait was probably the hardest part. ERs were never a comfortable experience, since you had others around you with ailments that would make your stomach churn. Sesshomaru forced himself not to look over in the direction of an older lady as she sat in a wheelchair, moaning and groaning and sounding like she was going to retch every other second. It was quite disturbing, and Kagome sat rigid next to her mate, having heard the noises coming from the other lady as well.

"They shouldn't call this an 'Emergency' room..." Kagome muttered after the lady had been wheeled out of the room by a nurse. "They should call it the 'take your time' room."

Sesshomaru snorted at his mates dry humor. He wasnt all too hapy about the service either, and their son was hacking again. Wonderful.

After what seemed like an enterniety, they were called back to the rooms where the actual examination and procedures took place. Sesshoamru followed behindKagome, and stood inthe ornewhile she occupided the one seat after placing their boy on the examination chair.

The doctor, as expected, took his sweet old time getting there and starting the examination on the sick pup. He poked and proded the boy, telling him to follow his finger with hs eyes and all that crap before looking in his mouth.

"Ah... I see."

Sesshoamru and Kagome both perked up at the comment.

"Whats wrong?" Kagome asked, clealry worried and wanting to know what was going on.

The doctor didnt answer right away. In fact, he left the room. Sesshomaru snarled at the action. Honsetly?! What was wrong with the medical staff and service in this place. His flustered mate was nearly in hysterics when he left without telling her what was wrong with her son. He could've at least told them a little something about his condition, like, if it were bad or not.

So, forced to sit in the dark for another 30 minutes, the Taisho family waited for the physicians return. The tension and worry was thick in the air, and the sick pups constant coughing didn't help any one feel any better about the situation.

After his disappearance, the man returned, holding a cliboard in his hand. He adjusted his glasses. "Well," he drawled. 'Seemsas though someone has a case of Kennel Cough."

Sesshomaru rumbled. Kennel Cough?! That was probably the worst thing that could happen to their son, besides Parvo. "Why didn't you say something before?" he demanded, upset. Kagome nodded, also a bit mad at the fact thathe had left them hanging for what seemd like forever.

The doctor looked up or a moment. "I had to check with my supervisor and make sure it was Kennel Cough." he said.

Pathetic. These 'doctors' didn't even know what was going on.

Kagome spoke up after a bit. "Will he be alright?" she asked, arning a nod from the medical person.

"Oh yes." he said. "You just have to give him a syrup. It'll help get rid of the infection and make him feel better. He should be light as rain in 10 or so days."

Kagome nodded, feeling much better, but Sesshomaru was still pretty peeved about everything and how trouble some this whole trip had been. Terible staff and terrible service...

Luckily, getting the perscription for the needed drug wasnt as difficult and the family was sen on their way.

"Next time," Sesshomaru began as they got in the car. "Choose a better hospital."



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