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One Mile High by Kagome Yuki Niwa

One Mile High


: Smut/Romance


: Sesshoumaru/Kagome


: In which Sesshounaru help's Kagome get over her fear of ariplanes.

x . . . . x

To My Valentine: Hidden in part one is a message! There are twenty two underlined, italisized, and bolded letters. They are in order! Read it and be haaappppy~

All passengers for the three o’clock flight to Okinawa, Japan please head to gate seven for boarding.

All passengers for the three o’clock flight to Okinawa, Japan –

Several high pitched squeals drowned out the boarding call as those in the vicinity began to deafen from the sounds. A few quick snarls and growls had the squealing abruptly stop and a few apologies thrown here and there – not that the three girls actually meant their apologies. They were far too excited. Azure hues were welcoming and warm despite the trouble her three friends constantly got into.

“Aren’t you excited Kagome-chan?” Yuka asked lightly, her chocolate orbs bright as she bounced on her toes.

Ayumi was more calm in her enthusiasm but there was a light smile playing on her lips, “Okinawa is so lovely this time of year.”

The final friend was just as loud as the first, clapping her hands in joy, “Senior class trips are so awesome, don’t you think so Kagome-chan?”

The not-very-good-but-good-enough miko laughed lightly as she shook her head at their antics, “Of course I do! A week away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo? It sounds like my kind of vacation!” she winked playfully at the three girls causing several snorts and giggles. “I am a little nervous though.” She confided lightly.

“Why?” Ayumi asked as she gathered her carry-on items and headed toward the gate with the rest of the senior class.

Before Kagome could answer Yuka spoke, “Inuyasha-kun bought Kagome-chan a first class ticket and now she’s sitting with the rich students – mainly the youkai and the few ningen that could afford it.”

Eri whined lightly, “Why don’t I have youkai friends that spoil me?”

Kagome sighed patiently, “Inuyasha is a hanyou, Eri-chan; you know that.”

Ayumi nodded sympathetically, “I’d be nervous too – some of the youkai are downright mean.”

Running a hand through her ebony hair lightly, Kagome offered her longtime friends a quick smile and a shrug, “It’ll be okay I gue - ”

“Oi! Kagome!” a rough voice called out, causing her to pause in her steps. She turned to the hanyou making his way through the crowd of students. Above the heads of her classmates she was able to see his white swiveling ears and it brought a bright smile to her lips.

She called out his name lightly knowing he would hear her over the mill of the crowd, “Inuyasha!” Moments later her red clad friend appeared with a scowl curling his lips and brows furrowed with frustration. He grunted a quick acknowledgement to her friends who sighed dreamily at the golden eyes and long silver.

“I hate crowds. Freakin’ people are always pushing for no reason!” he cursed. Kagome shook her head in amusement and his scowl merely deepened. “I came to get you so you didn’t have to go alone.

The miko’s eyes softened at his gruff countenance, “Thanks, Inuyasha, you know how I hate airplanes.”

It was a known fact that the father of one Higurashi, Kagome died in a freak airplane accident when the young woman was still but a child. There was a moment of silence and understanding from the hanyou and three friends before Inuyasha swept it away by leaning down and grabbing her carry on bag. “We have to start boarding, wench, or the plane will leave without us!”

She rolled her eyes and gave quick hugs to Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi before following Inuyasha to the gate, “You could have least said goodbye, Inuyasha!”

It was his turn to roll his eyes, “Yeah so they could faint and or blush and giggle. No thanks.” The duo walked down the hall after giving their tickets to the flight attendant and Inuyasha spoke rapidly before Kagome could register what he said, “I tried getting us seats together but it was a no go. They didn’t have any seats beside each other available so you’ll be sitting next to my brother."

Kagome blinked once before she turned confused eyes to her hanyou companion, “Sesshoumaru-san? Is he chaperoning?”

Inuyasha chuckled, “Yeah – dad said if he didn’t chaperone my trip he’d be stuck doing paper work for the next twenty years. Sesshoumaru took the threat seriously.”

“You can’t trade him?” she inquired lightly, apprehension slipping into her voice. She had known Sesshoumaru only a few years compared to the ten she had known Inuyasha. She had met him after he came back from the central branch of his father’s company in the United States in order to train to take over the main branch in Japan. From the moment the male had met her it seemed as though he were on a mission to despise the very ground she walked on.

It was something that she didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand; despite her many attempts to ignore him he aggravated her to the point of screaming.

Inuyasha gave her a bland look, “That was a stupid question, Kagome. Sesshoumaru? Make my life easier? Never.”

Kagome sighed as she wrung her hands together nervously, “Inuyasha… the only reason I decided to go on this trip was because you said you’d be on the airplane next to me.”

Inuyasha stopped before they boarded and took her hand in his, effectively making her turn to look at him, “I explained to Sesshoumaru that airplanes made you nervous. I didn’t say the reason but he said he’d take care of it. Okay? No worries. He may be a dick but I trust him. He’s always been a little nicer to you than others so I’m sure it’ll be fine and I’m only going to be a few seats away.”

She bit her bottom lip but nodded due to Inuyasha’s reassurance. They boarded quickly, Inuyasha leading her to first class. Next to the window she was able to see another head of silver locks and immediately she knew they belonged to Sesshoumaru. Lips pursed Kagome followed behind Inuyasha. He put her carry on over head and let her keep her back pack. The younger sibling greeted the older with a quiet grunt and gruff, “Oi – take care of Kagome, bastard.”

She heard his distinctly cool, polite voice return his greeting, “Whelp, your voice is already grating on my nerves. Leave – the miko will be fine.”

A quick look and a hug later Kagome was seated by the casually dressed male nervously gripping the arm rest. The taiyoukai didn’t even greet her as he booted his lap top and so she in turn ignored him. Several minutes passed as the other fliers took their seats around them.

Take care of it my ass, she thought angrily.

Another few moments passed and she heard the clearing of a throat from her companion. She turned toward him as he shut his lap top. Eyes that reminded her of a burning sun were staring firmly into her own cerulean hues and she fought hard not to blush at the intense gaze.

“Yes?” she inquired lightly. She couldn’t help the fact that she traced the dual stripes on the swell of his cheeks or the crescent that adorned his brow. He was so starkly youkai in a world where most with youkai heritage attempted to hide their true faces that it was a shock. He cleared his throat again and this time Kagome did blush and stuttered out a light apology, “S-sorry.”

He arched an almost feminine looking brow before that same distinctly cool, polite voice rolled over her, “No need to apologize; it is reaction one gets used to when blatantly revealing one’s nature.”

“I should be used to it by now with how Inuyasha doesn’t care about his own appearance.” She gave a tentative smile but it was quickly washed away with his next words.

“That you should.” There was a brief moment of silence and the two were saved from awkward moment of long silence when the flight attendant began to go over safety rules of flying.

Kagome watched and listened with rapt attention whereas Sesshoumaru watched Kagome with predatory eyes. His nostrils flared lightly as took in her scent that reminded him distinctly of dark chocolate. The bitter scent of her dying each and every day yet the smooth scent of her of her purity. It was no wonder his father had fallen for a ningen woman.

They were tragically flawed.

Beautiful and in the way their lives were fleeting.

And there was no doubt that Inuyasha’s closest friend was beautiful.

Ebony hair longer than most women had it in this day and age and cerulean eyes that put the ocean to shame; skin that appeared as though it had never seen the sun though not sickly in anyway and features that were delicate and sharp. It was most likely the reason he couldn’t stand to be near her. She made him rethink his principals on ningen women so that they could suit his needs as far as she was concerned.

He studied her like a snake studied a wounded mouse before it dove in for the kill. He slipped on his seat belt as the stewardess made her way down the aisles to ensure that everyone was strapped up and he could scent the fear on the miko as they began move. Her fingers were clenched on the arm rests to the point where her knuckles were white and he found himself wondering about the fear.

It was true – ningen were not meant to fly, had they been they would have had wings but this fear was stifling him as it rolled of her waves and he found his hand touching hers, his thumb moving over those white knuckles as he attempted to soothe away the tension.

It wasn’t that Sesshoumaru hated her.

It was that he wanted her – wanted her something fierce - but could find no way to express it.

The pale miko turned to him with grateful eyes and she turned her hand palm up so that he could twine his fingers with hers, her sweaty palm not disgusting him in the slightest.

Her smile was tentative but it made his heart soar.

When the momentary turbulence passed and the “Please Fasten Seatbelts” light faded, the miko released his hand with a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Sesshoumaru-san; flying isn’t my favorite thing to do.” she muttered gratefully.

Sesshoumaru nodded lightly and gave her one of his curious glances, “Inuyasha informed me as such.” Kagome reached into her backpack and pulled out a cat shaped pillow and immediately a scowl found itself onto the perfection that was the taiyoukai’s face, “What is that monstrosity?”

Kagome blinked owlishly at him before turning to the pillow and smiling brightly, “It’s a Pillow Pet! Isn’t it adorable?”

There was a deadpanned stare from her companion and he shook his head, “Hideous has found an all-time low.” It was the miko’s turn to scowl and she did so fiercely. Fierce enough to cause a smirk to curl Sesshoumaru’s lips upward, “Come now, miko, did you honestly expect me to agree?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “You never know; for all I know you collect these.”

He rolled his eyes upward, “Yes, I hoard them away in my closet.”

The remark earned him a light, playful scowl before a smile warmed her face, “And here I was worried you were going to be a jerk the whole time.”

He shrugged lightly, “Not the whole time of course.”

“Just part of the time?”


Kagome snorted on her laughter which caused an embarrassed blush to find her cheeks and she groaned lightly, “How embarrassing!”

She hid her face in her hands and he brushed a clawed finger along her cheek, “Not embarrassing… endearing.”

Kagome was stunned as she silent processed Sesshoumaru touching her cheek like it was the most natural thing in the world when it was undoubtedly not. “Are you flirting with me, Sesshoumaru-san?” she asked incredulously.

His eyes darkened to molten honey and when he spoke there was a hint of warmth and affection in his voice along with a tiny smile curling his sensual lips, “A little, yes. Is that odd?”

Her eyebrows creased as she starred at him, “Yeah. Considering the fact you always act like you can’t stand me.”

“It’s not an act but you are reading it wrong.” Kagome drew back from the taiyoukai offended and he watched her through hooded hues, “It is not you I can’t stand but rather the fact I don’t know how to approach ningen and that is what I can’t stand.”

“You could have just asked!” she growled angrily. “Honestly – this whole time I thought you were being a jerk and it was just communication issues? You seriously need to see a communication specialist.”

Sesshoumaru’s eyes gleamed with something a little more naughty than nice and Kagome missed it as she adjust her Pillow Pet. “I am fairly adept I communication, Kagome.”

She glanced at him through sooty lashes and frowned, “Oh really? Says the male that has been- ”

Kagome was abruptly cut off with a pair of lips that belonged to Inuyasha’s elder sibling planted firmly upon hers. Shock yielded to complacency and complacency yielded to response before the taiyoukai pulled away with a satisfied smile.

“I think I communicated my point just fine.” There was a moment of shock from the miko and Sesshoumaru chuckled lightly. "I believe this flight will be a flight to remember, Kagome." Kagome gaped at her companion and he cupped her flaming cheek, "Pink suits you - I wonder how long the pink can remain before it becomes permanent." he mused aloud with nuzzle of his nose against hers. “Why don’t we find out?” he whispered sensually against her lips.

Before Kagome could respond Sesshoumaru once again covered her lips with his and she was helpless to his advances.

And if she couldn't beat him then it was most certainly time to join him.

True to his word, Sesshoumaru took care of Kagome's little problem with fear of airplanes.

Part Two:

Kagome often wondered how she ended up in the oddest scenarios and doing things she most definitely knew were just not right.

Like the time that Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi took her out for her sixteenth birthday at an eighteen and up club and a group of boys began to harass her. Inuyasha had bailed her out of that by charging in like a knight in shining armor and beat the crap out of the group.

Then that other time she went out on a date with Kouga and he invited her over. He took her casual date and tried to turn it into something it was not. He still had a bald spot on his tale from where she purified him.

Right now though – right now Kagome thought this trumped all the not so good choices she made in her life as she stared at her thoroughly kissed form in the mirror opposite of her. Her hair was lightly tangled and her lips were crimson and puffy. Her legs were wrapped around her partner’s middle while he held her against the wall, his hands cradling her rear as he pressed heated kisses along her neck. She held back a moan not wanting the stewardess to hear them and whimpered when his fangs nipped her pulse.

Yeah, making out with Inuyasha’s older brother in an airplane bathroom definitely took the cake.

Clawed fingertips traced the outline of her panties under her skirt and she bucked lightly into his hands, her cerulean hues hazy with an emotion Sesshoumaru was pleased to recognize. Chuckling lightly the taiyoukai pressed his thumb against her nub and watched her gasp and her eyes flutter close. A smirk curled his lips as he rubbed lightly, the friction causing a pleasurable sensation to ripple through her.

There was a strangled gasp and he cut it off with his lips devouring hers and dominating her into complacency. Her arousal was thick in the small room and caused his eyes to border on scarlet and gold as they flickered between the two. It wasn’t the first time his baser instincts wanted to play but it certainly never happened until later in the game. Nuzzling her neck he slid a finger along her folds, delighting in how slick she already was.

She whimpered and he leaned up, his lips next to her ear, “Hush, miko, we do not want to be interrupted do we?” Kagome shook her head and he pressed a gentle kiss to her temple. “This is going to happen, Kagome. I am going to fuck you and it will be quick but wicked thing. This will open doors for both of us that we never knew existed.” His voice was low, stirring things deep within, tightened her in places that should not be tight and could only be satisfied by him pushing himself within her. “Are you alright with that?”

How could she not be when his fingers were still at her center and making her writhe and shudder?

She nodded her head he nipped her ear lobe, “I would love to hear you say it, Kagome.”

The miko bit her bottom lip as she braced her hands on his shoulder. There was a coy smile on her lips, her flushed cheeks making the picture all the more delightful. She reached a dainty hand between their bodies and cupped his painfully hard length through his slacks, “Are you alright with it is the question, Sesshoumaru.”

“More than you know, miko, more than you know.”

His hands were on her then, his fingers pulling from her core and ripping off her delightful pink panties. He dropped to the ground as her body jerked with the force and he nuzzled her neck lightly as she worked at his belt. There were no thoughts just actions.

His hands lifting her shirt over her head.

Her fingers yanking down his slacks and boxers.

His lips devouring her breasts.

Her fingers digging into his silver hair, urging him on.

He was hard, thick, and throbbing as rubbed himself along her core.

She moaned softly into an elfin tipped ear loving the way he shivered against her.

Once more his lips covered hers as he angled her hips and thrust upward trying to contain that growl that threatened to leave his lips. She whimpered at the abrupt entrance loving the way he stretched and filled her. Her hands moved under his shirt, her fingers gripping his toned flesh. He buried his nose in her hair as he began to thrust in and out of her tight, wet body. She mewled as he pounded his length into her repeatedly enjoying the way she squirmed against him.

She was biting her bottom lip to contain the sounds that threatened to leave her and finally settled on placing her lips on his neck to muffle her whimpering. His hands clenched on her rear her ass hitting the wall with every thrust. There was the sound of flesh against flesh, his harsh breathing, and her breathy sighs. They mingled and reverberated in the bathroom. Kagome had a moment to register the fact she was being moved before she was abruptly bracing her front against the wall, her fingers grasping for something to hold. There was nothing held herself against the small wall, feeling him begin to move within her once more.

She braced herself as her first orgasm rolled through her, every nerve tightening and releasing into sparks. She couldn’t stop the harsh curse that flew passed her lips as she trembled, “Fuck.” The taiyoukai chuckled he leaned over her form, never once stopping. He lifted her shirt and licked a clean smooth line along her spine and watched in amusement as goose bumps rose on her skin.

“Every piece of you tastes divine.” He muttered, nuzzling the back of her neck. “Even your flesh.” Her fingers flexed in attempt to hold something and he chuckled once more.

His thrusts increased in speed and her toes curled with every movement against her heightened flesh. He ran his hands along her sides before settling them at her waist and gripping tightly. She sighed with pleasure as her cerulean orbs fluttered close. He growled lowly feeling her tighten around his length and knowing that she was close. There was a bang on the door and Kagome called out a light, “I’m almost done!” to the person on the other side.

Had he not been so close to his peak he would have snorted at the irony. Instead he leaned between them and placed a finger at her clit where he began to work the bundle of nerves into her overdrive and she moaned her orgasm. He continued his relentless assault, continuing her orgasm and allowing her inner walls to clench him tight. He pursed his lips, eyes closing as he felt his peak rushing him. He yanked out quickly and Kagome dropped to her wobbly knees, her hands holding his hip bones while he ran his hand along his length. He pumped furiously while Kagome’s azure hues sparkled, her mouth open as she waited several seconds as his semen filled her mouth, watching in fascination at his different facial expressions. She leaned up and began to work her mouth over his length, taking in everything he gave and swallowing thickly.

When she pulled away there was a smirk on his lips and his fingers touched her cheek gently.

There was another knock at the door and she rolled her eyes with a light blush, beginning to quickly clean up and fix her clothing.

Sesshoumaru pressed a quick kiss to Kagome’s lips, gentle and sweet, before pulling away with nuzzle to her temple. Ensuring that everything was in order, Kagome and Sesshoumaru stepped out to brave the beast.

Standing outside was one very appalled and disgusted Inuyasha, looking between the two with horror stricken eyes.

“No way! Fuckin’ really, Sesshoumaru?” Inuyasha practically screeched.

Kagome held out her hands in a placating manner, “It’s not what it looks like!”

“Sure as hell smells like what it looks like! What the fuck?” Inuyasha yelled looking oddly faint. He paused, “Actually – I don’t want to know. Fuck it!” that said Inuyasha walked back to his seat and sat down with a sigh. Taking a deep breath Kagome and Sesshoumaru walked back to their seats, youkai and ningen alike staring at the two with various expressions of dismay [the women] and grudging respect [the men].

And that was how Higurashi, Kagome joined the mile high club.

Beside her Sesshoumaru chuckled smugly.




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