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Misconceptions by Aurora Antheia Raine

All At Once

For February 4, 2012 DDN

(Disclaimer: I do not own the song All At Once by The Fray and this story was not created for any profit or promotion purposes.)

Prompt: All At Once - the Fray

Word Count: 100


"Maybe you want her, Maybe you need her,

Maybe you had her, Maybe you lost her,

To another, to another."


The snow fell in flurries, blanketing the sidewalk and his already snow white hair in a thin layer of crystalline, but no amount of snow or ice could diffuse the burning rage deep within his heart. Hidden in the shadows, he watched as Kagome embraced his half-brother with a glowing smile and his hands curled into a tight fist, sharp claws piercing his skin.

He wasn't angry with her. Sesshoumaru could never be angry with her. He was livid because of himself.

Because she had not betrayed him. She had been his... and he had chosen to let her go.


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