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Walking on the Wild Side by sarhea

Who is Alpha (02-1) GMDDN Jan 14

Title: Who is Alpha (02-1) GMDDN Jan 14

Summary: Sesshoumaru demonstrates why he is Alpha, and Kagome is his bitch.

AN: A little set of related drabbles written for GMDDN Jan 14. Some editing and new material from what was posted to the chat room.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kagome and Sesshoumaru, or InuYasha and co.

Warnings: graphic sexual intimacy, BDSM, kink.



PROMPT 1: Alpha (275 words)


Kagome stared up at the daiyoukai. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She only wanted to get Sesshoumaru to lay off InuYasha! She had never intended on attracting his attention!


Her temper flared. “Sesshoumaru-sama,” she said doing a credible imitation of a growl. “Please do not call me that.”

The daiyoukai stared at her with a bemused expression. “Miko, have you no knowledge about inu-youkai traditions and ways?”

That threw the young woman off. “No,” she admitted hesitantly. “It’s not like InuYasha was ever raised in your ways,” she added accusingly. She did not need to say anything further. Both of them knew just how InuYasha grew up.

The Western Lord’s lips tightened a tad but he did not attack her for the unvoiced blame.

“Then it is time you received a lesson from your Alpha miko,” he turned away and began walking away. “Join me if you dare little bitch.”

Kagome huffed and was torn between the urge to scream at him and ignore him. In the end she did neither but followed the daiyoukai. She walked behind the white clad form, taking in the swaying fall of silver hair until she caught up to walk beside him.

“You called me bitch. Little bitch,” she said thoughtfully, once her mind calm enough to look past her first perception of his address.

He looked down at her with unexpectedly molten gold eyes. “Yes. You are the hanyou’s Alpha Bitch. But he is not Alpha. He is too weak and indecisive.”

Blue eyes widened in sudden understanding and dismay. “InuYasha is our leader!” she protested.

“No,” he countered, “You are. He is at most Beta.”


PROMPT 2: Darkness (520 words)


Kagome wanted to argue with the daiyoukai but some primal instinct insisted she not. It pushed her to obey, be compliant.

Sesshoumaru had always been powerful but at that moment he was not just powerful… he was dark. She knew his darkness… the touch of his power, his jyaki brushing against her aura from miles away. In recent weeks she had been feeling his darkness more and more frequently; late in the night under the rising moon and then again in the early pre-dawn hours for the past few days.

The overpowering sensation of his raw dark power was terrifying and oddly arousing. She often found herself waking in the middle of the night swollen and wet, aching for more than the touch of his darkness. Shippo had made a few comments about her odd scent but she’d passed it off by switching her toiletries to ones with sandalwood and musk bases rather than flowers. InuYasha didn’t like it but Kagome didn’t care. She had been more concerned about hiding her reaction from Sesshoumaru who had been showing up more and more often. And of course thoroughly thrashing InuYasha into the ground before wandering off.

“Do you understand why InuYasha is Beta?”

She started. “You said he is indecisive. Not a good leader,” she murmured.

“Yes. With a great deal of training he might be a suitable warrior but he is no leader.”

Kagome sniffed. “And how is he supposed to become a good warrior without someone who will teach him?” she asked. Sesshoumaru raised a brow and gave her a knowing tolerant look. Kagome’s eyes widened in shock. “Wait a sec, you mean you showing up and thrashing him is teaching him how to fight?”

“He will not learn otherwise. He is too wild to listen to his Alpha. So I must beat every lesson into him.”

As much as Kagome wanted to protest she knew Sesshoumaru was right. InuYasha wasn’t the sort who’d listen to reason. The only reason why he even listened to her was because she could sense the jewel shards and made liberal use of the kotodama.

She swallowed hard. “Then why do you call me Alpha?” she asked softly.

He stopped and turned around. “Because you are.”

Kagome stiffened. She could feel it again. His jyaki, his darkness pressing against her. She gasped. It was getting harder to breath. She could feel herself collapsing but she refused to pass out. She pushed back against his aura with her own, and remained standing despite her trembling knees.

He was standing so close she could almost feel the heat from his body, feel the silk of his white hakamas brushing against her bare limbs.

“You do not submit. You do not break. This is why you are Alpha little bitch,” he murmured against her lips before nipping at her jawline.

She gasped and allowed her head to fall back, unconsciously giving him greater access to the vulnerable flesh of her throat. He growled and took full advantage of it, nipping and sucking, leaving purpling bruises and red welts where he scraped too hard with his fangs.


PROMPT 3: Forced Submission (300 words)


Kagome could not resist when he pushed her down to her knees, clawed hands digging into soft flesh through the thin material.

“Stop it!” she whimpered.

“And why should I little bitch?” he murmured darkly. “I am Your Alpha. You are My Bitch.”

She looked up at him towering over her like a god, the very image of his name… Killing Perfection. She dug her fingers into his hips, to keep her balance, to keep from being pushed even more into the ground.

“I’m human, remember? You really don’t want me.”

She cried out when he raised one hand and twisted the fingers in her hair, dragging her close enough so her face was almost level with his groin.

“You are wrong little bitch.”

She gulped and forced her head back, ignoring the stinging sensation in her scalp to meet his eyes. They were hot but with no traces of red. This was Sesshoumaru, not his beast, not his driven instincts. He Wanted to do this. But why? She had to dissuade him.

“I’m human,” she repeated more softly.

“Correction little bitch, you are not human. Not anymore.”

Kagome stilled and stopped struggling. “What?”

He was kneeling before her now, his eyes lit with a fey light and mouth stretched into a smile. Kagome couldn’t stop her reflexive cringe. She had seen that smile once before… just before he went on a killing spree that bathed the lands in blood.

“You are not human little bitch.”

“Then what am I?” she asked, confused and slightly frightened by this new revelation.

“Immortal. Immortal and mine.”

And then he was forcing her head back, kissing her hard enough to draw blood. His other hand was at her hip drawing her towards him, forcing her thighs apart so she was straddling his lap.


PROMPT 4: Discoveries (340 words)


Kagome whimpered but discovered she couldn’t marshal enough outrage to even fight him. She was warm and slick and thoroughly soaked between her thighs and she knew he could definitely smell it. He might have started this by forcing her but deep down inside she did not want to fight. She wanted this. She wanted him. She shifted closer, spreading her legs so she could press up against him. She could feel his hardness through the layers of material, his hakamas and her panties.

He growled, a deep vibration that she could feel as much as hear. The sensation went straight to her core and she gasped as she climaxed, her forearms falling on his shoulders for support, her forehead resting against his breastbone as she struggled to recover. Her hips shifted minutely as clawed hands slipped up under her skirt, cupping her butt under her panties before cutting the narrow bands at each hip.

Cool air hit the warm heated flesh. She stared wide eyed as he dragged the scraps and scented the soaked material, tongue darting out to taste it. Small traces of red began to bleed into gold.

“You taste divine,” he purred before leaning forward to kiss her leisurely, more gently, very thoroughly. “I will enjoy sipping from you,” he announced before pushing her back firmly.

She gasped as her back hit the soft grass, more from shock than pain. What ensued made her cry out from more than shock. His tongue, his lips, his fangs… Kagome discovered the Western Lord was being more than honest when he said he would sip from her. And she more than enjoyed, she wallowed in the sensations. He stimulated erogenous flesh with so much pleasure her core was dripping, his fangs scoring the delicate flesh around her clit, his tongue swiping along her slit and into her opening seeking every trace of her fluids, his lips against her flesh. She cried out as she climaxed around the rough flexible appendage. She came again as he growled against her core.


PROMPT 8: Trapped (390 words)


She lay there panting, struggling to catch her breath, when he rolled her onto her stomach. She struggled to crawl away and fell flat when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards him. She was trapped. Like helpless vulnerable prey. She whimpered as he moved over her, straddling her knees then drawing her hips up. When she tried to push herself onto her hands he pressed down between her shoulder blades.

“No,” he snarled forcing her down with his jyaki. “Bitch, you will obey your Alpha.”

“You don’t want me!” she screamed “I’m human!”

He latched his mouth at the base of her neck and bit down, giving a gentle shake to prove he was in control. The muscles in her core clenched in reflex, coating her thighs in more fluid.

He purred pleased by her reaction to his dominance. He licked the bleeding wounds relishing the slight sting of her blood on his tongue.

“I said it before little bitch. You are not human. You are immortal now.”

“But how?” she whimpered torn and confused.

He growled. “It matters not to this Sesshoumaru. Your scent is no longer tainted by death. You have power, strength, and grace. You are well suited to be this one’s Alpha Bitch.”

“I don’t love you,” she countered softly.

He chuckled and dragged his tongue along the vulnerable flesh of her throat. “Love? Love is irrelevant. All that matters is that you submit to this one and this one alone. Do you truly wish to fight this Sesshoumaru?” he murmured in a darkly seductive tone as he rolled his hips against her backside, sliding his cock along her soaked slit.

That question knocked all her protests out from under her. The truth was that she didn’t. She wanted to submit to him, to be his. She had never admitted it to herself before because it had seemed an impossibility.


“Then submit little bitch. Submit and become this Sesshoumaru’s mate.”

She tilted her head to one side exposing the underside of her jaw and whimpered when he dragged his tongue over the sensitive flesh even as he shifted his hips and thrust into her. She winced as his cock forced her flesh apart, working into her inch by inch. She could not pull away in this position. She was well and truly trapped.


PROMPT 7: One Happy Miko (~2300 words) written Jan 15


Kagome did not remember losing consciousness. He had made her climax so many times she passed out from the sensory overload. When she woke up he had cut all her clothes off her and was wrapping her up in his haori.

“Wha?” she asked disoriented and bleary.

“Hush,” he ordered as he lifted her up bridal style.

Before she could protest he formed his orb around them and they were moving. The pressure made her pass out again, this time for a different reason. When she woke up she found herself lying on a pile of soft furs in a dimly lit room. A quick scan of her surroundings confirmed she was not in any place she recognized. She was in a cave, a rather nicely furnished and equipped cave given the furs, the pallet she was lying on, and the fire burning some distance away in a small depression.

She pushed her legs off the furs and managed to get to her feet. The cavern ceiling was high enough to be comfortable but low enough to be lit by the bioluminescent fungi covering the upper parts of the walls.

“Where am I?”

“This one’s den.”

She spun around and stared at the daiyoukai who was sitting on a soft fur on the opposite side of the room, away from the fire and her fur bed.

She stared at him confused. “This is your den?” she asked incredulously.

He gave her a look. “To winter or wait out the bad storms.”

She waved her hand. “Don't you have a palace? Aren’t you a Cardinal Lord? You never seem to have any issues paying for anything.”

He snorted. “Do you think this one cares for the folly of maintaining palaces and estates? That is a human practice.”

“But you’re the Western Lord. Where do you rule from? Don’t you have a household? Retainers? An army?”

“The shiro is for governing purposes only. Vassals maintain their own households. Some retainers live in the shiro but the Western Lands do not maintain a standing army. This one patrols the Western Lands and uses the closest available den in bad weather.”

Kagome glanced around. “You mean you have more caves like this?”

He inclined his head and rose to his feet before moving towards a set of stone shelves carved into the walls. The recesses were lined with kiln fired clay jars and sealed with wax. There were several small sacks piled up in the shelves as well.

Curious Kagome broke the seal of one jar. It was filled with dried legumes. She opened a sack next. It held rice. Another container held dried and preserved meat. She selected one of the metal pots and looked expectantly at the daiyoukai. He understood and walked towards the back of the cavern and showed her a small spring fed stream of fresh water.

As much as she wanted a drink she decided to hold off since she did not have any water purification tablets. Sesshoumaru would not deliberately poison her but it was uncertain how much knowledge he had of a human body’s limits. Sure he might have called her Immortal but it didn’t mean she couldn’t be killed. Kagome had learnt through experience that immortal only meant long life and youth, not invulnerability.

She filled the pot with water and returned to the fire pit and put a handful of rice to cook. She selected a measure of lentils and dried meats to add once the rice was half-cooked. A quick search of the shelves unearthed small jars of seasoning spices.

“How is this possible?” she asked the daiyoukai. “Wouldn’t vermin and animals have eaten or destroyed the supplies?”

“Each den is marked with this Sesshoumaru’s power. No lesser being would dare trespass. The foods are stored in spelled containers and sacks. They will remain preserved for five years before spoiling.” At her inquiring look he continued. “This one has no need for frequent meals but Jaken and Rin do.”

Kagome nodded surprised and pleased by his explanation. She had always worried about Rin, the little girl wandering around after Sesshoumaru, seemingly with no bags or supplies. But Sesshoumaru had paid attention and taken steps to ensure her well-being and health. And she was reluctantly impressed with how comfortable the den was despite the primitive first impressions. There were several pallets piled up against a back-wall piled high with many different furs and hides. Idly she examined them and was surprised to see there were even youkai furs and hides. The lesser animalistic ones.

“Where did you get the furs and hides from?” she asked impressed. She knew the taijiya saved the remains of their kills, using the bone, scales, and hides to create their armour and weapons, but she hadn’t heard of anyone else doing so.

“This one hunted and prepared them.”

She stared at him shocked by his claim. He looked amused by her fresh disbelief.

“They are this one’s kills, and this one’s responsibilities. The furs and meats are from this one’s kills, prepared and tanned during patrols. It is wasteful to leave kills that have meats and furs that can be used at some future date. Of course not all kills are suitable for consumption or tanning.”

“You mean you tanned them yourself? Not Jaken?” Blue eyes narrowed. “I don’t get it. Doesn’t your poison disintegrate them? Your whips destroy the hides?”

“Hunting kills are restricted to claws or ordinary steel,” he explained. “So this one does not overly rely on one particular weapon or attack. Like InuYasha,” he added pointedly.

Kagome flushed but had to admit he had a point. InuYasha tended to use the same attack, the same method, for all opponents: Brute force and then some. No finesse. She could easily see the daiyoukai adopting a personal handicap when hunting because otherwise he’d completely overwhelm his prey. When she really thought about it, that was probably why he lost his arm in the first place. He adopted a handicap and underestimated InuYasha’s ability to use Tessaiga with no practice.

She knelt beside the firepit and added the legumes, meats and spices before covering the pot, waiting for it to finish cooking. Sesshoumaru was turning out to be a better provider than InuYasha in every way. On their shard hunting trips she was the one who provided most of the food and supplies from the future. Miroku ran con games to furnish them with the rest. All of them participated in extermination side-jobs for coin or supplies but InuYasha had always been reluctant, because he was more interested in following rumours to the next jewel shard than helping anyone or buying supplies. During their travels she had to goad InuYasha into hunting small game or fishing to supplement their meals.

Sesshoumaru said it was part of his routine, when he patrolled and killed he harvested he meat and hides. Their group could just have easily done the same if InuYasha had been willing to wait while the meats and hides were prepared. They had done it in Edo village but had always left the bulk of the harvests for the villagers, since there were more mouths needing feeding. If they had taken a few days they could have easily supplemented their diet with a proper hunt, not just small game.

She was beginning to see what Sesshoumaru was saying, why InuYasha would never be Alpha. He didn’t have the wisdom or patience to see ahead and anticipate problems. Or the restraint to hold back.

She sat beside the fire in silence, waiting for the rice to finish cooking. Once it was done she offered some to Sesshoumaru who refused and instead watched her eat her meal quickly but daintily. Once her belly was full she began feeling the urge to bath. At least a basin and wash cloth wipe-down. She was uncomfortably aware of the dried stickiness between her legs.

“Is there a place I can clean-up?” she asked.

He guided her down a narrow corridor leading to a cavern with hot springs. She was happily stripping off the haori and stepping into the near-burning water uncaring of the daiyoukai watching. Her only regret was she had no clothes to change into. She leaned her head against one of the water-worn boulders and sighed happily, submerging herself up to her shoulders in the hot water.

“You look happy little bitch,” he murmured.

She looked up over her shoulder. He was kneeling on the edge of the pool on her left side.

“I am,” she admitted without a qualm. “InuYasha always made a fuss when I insisted on choosing campsites where we could bath. He always says hot springs are too stinky.”

Sesshoumaru chuckled. “They are. But it is not difficult to filter distasteful scents out. It only takes patience and practice. Even for hanyous.”

She looked pensive. “Do you think he knows that?”

“He should. It is how he tracks down prey and enemies,” Sesshoumaru pointed out. “This one cannot understand how the hanyou can tolerate his own stench. It is utterly distasteful.”

Kagome laughed. “You’re right! He does smell, doesn’t he?” She wrinkled her nose in distaste. “It takes a lot of planning and effort to make him take a bath.”

“Like an unruly pup,” Sesshoumaru pointed out slyly before raking the fingers of his newly restored arm through his own sleek hair. “This one selects dens that have fresh spring water and hot springs. Cleanliness is a strong personal preference.” He gave her a side-long look before beginning to remove off his own clothes. “Grooming is an important part of inu-youkai courtship and mating rituals.”

Kagome watched wide-eyed as the daiyoukai stripped off every bit of clothing and stepped into the pool completely nude, long silver hair floating around him in the water. The markings on his wrist wrapped around his arms and biceps and up over his shoulders before coming to a point in the middle of each collarbone. The ones on his ankles wrapped around his legs and thighs before wrapping around his hips and ending in points arrowed at his groin. A natural ‘look-here’ sign.

Kagome could feel her sore aching muscles beginning to quiver in reaction. She only hoped the strong mineral scent would mask her rising arousal. From his knowing look it didn’t. But he was not moving towards her. He leaned against his boulder and lowered his lashes, seemingly content with soaking. Kagome felt insulted. He was the one who had forced her under him, demanded her submission, to be his mate. And now that she had he was no longer interested in her? Her power began to rise reflexively, pushing against his. And he countered easily, holding her at bay without forcing her to submit.

What did he really want from her? “Grooming is an important part of inu-youkai courtship and mating rituals.”

“Do you want me to help?” she asked in a carefully diffident manner.

“Do as you please.” He inclined his head shallowly, like a prince granting a concession to a lower commoner. But she was not fooled. She could see the rising heat in his eyes.

She moved across the pool and straddled his lap, knees on each side of his hips. His cock was turgid and erect, hidden beneath the bubbling liquid from her eyes. She pleased to feel her instincts were correct. It took a bit of wriggling and adjustment but in seconds she had taken the mushroom-head tip inside her body. Then with a soft sigh she relaxed and sank lower, enveloping his hard length within her cunt. She whimpered as he stroked a particularly sensitive spot and pushed past her natural tightness. When he was fully seated within her, sheathed to the hilt, she met his molten gaze.

“You said do as you please,” she murmured. “And right now it pleases me to be filled by my Alpha.”

He growled and thrust his hips up, grinding his pubic bone against her clit. She gasped and moaned as he repeated the actions, twisting his hips so his cock stroked every inch of her channel. She clung to his broad shoulders and pressed her mouth against his shoulder, biting when he stimulated a particular spot inside.

Being Sesshoumaru’s Alpha Bitch was not such a bad deal. He was a better provider, calmer and more intelligent than InuYasha. And he definitely practiced better hygiene. She gasped as she felt her muscles clench and her senses start to come apart. His claws were digging into her hips, grinding her down against him as he thrust up, trying to push past the end of her.

He was roaring now. She could feel his warmth fluids flood her, delicate blood rich tissue stretching to impossible extents around his cock. He was much bigger at the base, just inside her opening. She whimpered, terrified he was going to tear her.

He licked her tears and whispered in her ear, “Do not pull away little bitch,” as he pulsed his hips up into her. She couldn’t help but match his movements, gently grinding down against him.

“What’s happening?” she asked when she could.

“This one has knotted with you.”

Kagome stiffened for a brief moment. Mortal male dogs knotted with female dogs in heat, so their semen would stay inside her and have the best chance of impregnating her. For a brief instant her mind panicked. Then she recovered her senses. Sesshoumaru knew what he was doing. He would not have knotted with her if he did not want to. She was either not fertile at the moment or he wanted children with her.

She leaned back to meet his eye before asking, “Am I fertile?”

“Not at the moment little bitch. But this one is most eager to pup his mate, to watch you swell and grow round with new life, with our young,” he murmured against her lips.

She shifted enough to press her lips against his, a chaste press of lip-against-lip at first. Then it quickly disintegrated into a heated battle involving lips, tongue and teeth.

Oh yes, being Sesshoumaru’s bitch was infinitely preferable.


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